11 Uses Of Vegetable Corers In My Kitchen

       On the photo my most used and favorite corers. I use vegetable corers very often in my cooking. Corers are so useful to garnish food and of course to prepare fruits and vegetables for cooking. It is easy to use and save our time! If you are planning to do food canning, corers must have, especially apple corer. When shop for corers keep in mind how you are going to use it. For example, my 0.5-inch corer is not strong enough for hard fruit and vegetables. You can see in the photo the corer slightly bent. I bought my corer many years ago if I am going to buy now new one definitely choose stronger one.

        So many types of corers exist, I am going to feature a few what I have in my kitchen:

  • 0.5-inch vegetable corer
  • 1-inch vegetable corer
  • Apple vegetable slicer and corer
  • Pineapple peeler and corer
  • Pepper corer

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0.5 inch Corer Uses To Garnish Food

Corer 0.5 inch Photo0.5-inch corer is the perfect size to make a center for most of my garnish flowers! Also, I used to make strawberry mushrooms steam. Mushrooms are so cute on desserts! just a few examples, how we can use this useful tool.

1. Corer Use For Stuffing Celery Boats

     Stuffed fancy celery boats with carrot flowers and cream cheese. So easy to make and a very impressive appetizer idea.

Read more about how to make these beautiful flowers ⇒ How to Use NorPro Carrot Curler To Make Flowers 

Photo Garnish appetizer celery with carrot

2. I Use Corer To Make Strawberry Mushrooms

       We can make so cute kids dessert garnish with vegetable corer from strawberry, kiwi, and apple! Strawberry mushrooms is a great garnish for kids desserts! My 0.5″ corer is the perfect tool to make the stems of the mushrooms.

Check the technique with photos and video ⇒ How to Make Strawberry Mushroom 

Photo Strawberry Mushrooms Made with Corer

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3. Corer Uses To Make The Center For Parmesan Flower

          Flower from parmesan great garnish for meat and cheese platters, cheese balls or other appetizers. The center I made from cheddar cheese with the 0.5-inch corer.

We can make these flowers in advance. The technique is super easy. Read more ⇒ How to Make Parmesan Flowers

Photo Parmesan Flower Garnish Center Made with Corer Photo

The center of the flowers I made from cheddar cheese

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4. I Use Corer To Make Stem For Mushroom From Radish


    The corer is a great tool to make a stem for fly agaric mushroom from the radish. The corer simplifies the process to make the mushroom. Great for kids party idea! Check out the technique!

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How To Use 1 inch Corer To Garnish Vegetables And Fruits

       The 1 inch is great to remove the center from apple for stuffing and canning, make stuffed potatoes and of course, garnish food! 1″ I consider as must to have for any kitchen. Choose a good one and it will be an investment! You can see just a few examples of using this simple tool.

5. Core Apples With Vegetable Corer For Presentation

With 1″ corer so easy and fast we can remove the center from apple. We all like apples and its great way to prepare them for stuffing, baking or just fancy serving. If we serve for kids and peel it anyway, make the rose!

Check out ⇒ How to make rose from orange peel

Garnish Rose from Orange Peel (Apple)

6. How To Make Potato Mushrooms Garnish With Vegetable Corer

I made a stem for the potato mushroom so simple but very impressive garnish!

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Photo How to make mushroom from potato

7. How To Make Stuffed Potatoes With Vegetable Corer

Photo Potatoes stuffed with meat how to use corer

Great tool to make cavities for stuffed potatoes. Very easy to make but very tasty!

Russian meat stuffed potato recipe

Meat stuffed potato

8. How To Make Stuffed Cucumbers With Vegetable Corer

Stuffed cucumber with cream cheese and celery, garnished with carrot flowers. It is a cute and impressive appetizer! We don’t need great knife skills to make the carrot flowers, I use my carrot curler. Very inexpensive but useful garnish tool to have.

⇒ How to Use NorPro Carrot Curler To Make Flowers

Photo How to use one inch vegetable corer

Photo How to use 1 inch vegetable corer

Photo How to make flower from carrotRecommended ⇒ 7 Easy Carrot Garnish Ideas

9. How To Make Cucumber Flower With Vegetable Corer

      To make this pretty cucumber garnish flower I use 1-inch corer too.

Check out how to make this flower ⇒ Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas

10. Decorating Salad With Vegetable Corer

         On the photo, I make cut off with a cookie cutter flowers and the center with the corer. So nice cute summery salad garnish!

Photo Vegetable Corers I Use in My Kitchen Salad

       From cucumber or other vegetables with a corer, we can make perfect circles to garnish salads, appetizers or other dishes. The flowers I made with a cookie cutter and the center remove with a vegetable corer. However, not necessary to have a cookie cutter, just make horizontal stripes outside of cucumber with a channel knife and our cucumber slices will look like flowers.

Photo Cucumber flowers garnish

    The center of cucumber has slight bitterness and it improves the taste of salad if we remove it. I heard this from one of the chefs online and checked myself. Yes, slightly bitterness I noticed. I checked English long store cucumbers. I made a test just for curiosity. I don’t say, I remove the center of cucumber every time I make a salad but it good to know.

To see more cute and easy to make cucumber garnish ideas, visit ⇒ 13 Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas With Many Photos And Videos

How to use 1 inch vegetable corer

Photo. How to make flower with garnish Tool step 1Recommended ⇒ Food Garnishing Tools Instructions With Photos. Handmade tools easy ideas too!

3. How To Use Apple Divider and Corer

Apple divider and corer is a well-known gadget in most kitchen. How to use apple divider I learned a long time ago and had a few in my life. Most important blades mush to be sharp and strong. Real test when we do canning and have to deal with so many apples. Canning, baking and just simple serving apple as snack or dessert, the tool divided the apple into 8 wedges and separate core in same time. If we have to deal with many apples really time saver tool!

Unusual use for apple devider in baking. I saw this idea on Instagram and don’t have a photo yet. We can use apple devider to make flower look cookies or other baking goods. Just make round shape cookie and place apple devider on top. Press, but not too hard, don’t cut throught, just make a design by pressing. Our cookie will be look like a flower with 12 petals, so clever idea!

Photo Apple divider and corer

Photo Apple with peanutbutter

Apple with peanut butter

Apple Corer Can Be Used To Serve Radish In The Shape Of Flower


       Apple slicer and corer is a great tool to make flowers out of radish for a vegetable tray! Check out all details on how to make it ⇒ 7 Easy And Fun Radish Garnish Ideas For Vegetable Platters

Apple Corer Shopping Tip

       When shop online, check newest people reviews about the product and trustful seller. The best guide. For example, I checked reviews for my apple slicer (which I love and want to buy for someone) and people saying new one not working well like old one! So items can look the same, but quality possibly can be different! Don’t be attracted by super cheap items, unless it has really good reviews.

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4. Pepper Corer

The pepper corer came to my kitchen as a great deal with Wolfgang puck 12 piece garnishing set. The set has 2 corers small and large. I like to use the only large one. I was searching for an avocado scoop loop tool and found this set for a very low price online. I was impressed with the quality for the money I paid for. Really great garnish tools set to have an absolutely great gift for someone who likes to cook.

Review Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set

Photo Wolfgang garnish toolset corer

Recommended ⇒ 7 Easy Pepper Garnish ideasPhoto Garnish vegetable tray pepper decor

5. Pinneaple Corer Slicer

The pineapple corer slicer is a must to have if you like pineapples. I can say more, I like NorPro pineapple slicer corer and it works great. However, if I shop again I buy a little more expensive OXO pineapple slicer. OXO is better, I learned this when bought it at Beth Bath and Beyond store as a gift for a family member. English is my second language and it is hard to explain, but I try my best. When we turn NorPro the corer goes together with the handle. The OXO handle when we turn back, just moves without a corer and starts moving with a corer when we turn it clockwise. I am going to mention again, that corers have different price but both work great for what they are made for!

Update: I bought one for myself OXO corer because my NorPro broke after a few years of use.

Read more → How To Use A Pineapple Corer Slicer With Garnish Ideas

What Pinneaple Corers Didn’t Work For Me

      I don’t want to say about all plastic pineapple slicers, maybe some works great on super ripe pineapple. I bought one made from plastic online and from what I saw at stores, have the same problem. The bottom of the corer is not sharp enough to cut out the pineapple core. I tried 1 time and it just mashed around pineapple flash and not going down.

Photo NORPRO pineapple corer slicer 1

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Photo How to slice pineapple with Norpro slicer step 4

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