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Cream Cheese Shrimp Spread Recipe With Fancy Serving Idea

Shrimp spread photo

Shrimp spread garnished with shrimp

       The recipe is a classic New Orleans spread called shrimp butter from the cookbook La Bonne Cuisine (Cooking New Orleans Style). The cookbook is recommended by my friend. Like most people, I make my twist on this recipe. Instead of grating the onion, I added onion powder. My family loves this simple appetizer and I make it often. I like to serve breakfast with toast or as an appetizer with crackers. We can substitute freshly cooked shrimp for shrimp or crayfish from a can. Just reduce the amount of salt. However, freshly cooked shrimp is so much better.

      *Check the technique on the bottom of the page on how we can garnish spread with shrimp in the shape of a flower.

Photo Cream Cheese Shrimp Spread Recipe

This type of spread may be presented in many ways. For example, in the photo below I make a spread in the shape of sea starfish and garnished it with small pieces of chopped shrimp on the top.

Shrimp Butter with Toast Photo

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8 oz cream cheese (Philadelphia)

4 oz butter

4 tablespoons mayonnaise

4 1/2 oz cooked shrimp

2 tablespoon lemon juice

Green onion (chives) and fresh dill by taste and availability

Salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste

Shrimp Butter photo

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Cooking Direction:

  1. Shrimp needs to be processed in a blender until smooth. Refrigerate shrimp paste until the butter and cheese are ready.
Shrimp Butter photo

I tried fine chopped shrimp in this spread, absolutelly different taste and I personally don’t like.

2. Remove cream cheese and butter from the refrigerator until it reaches room temperature, about an hour or so. When cream cheese and butter are soft mix them with a fork very well.

Shrimp Butter photo

3. Once cream cheese and butter have been well mixed, add mayonnaise, cooked/processed shrimp, lemon juice, green onion, fresh dill, and garlic powder.

Shrimp spread photo

The best to use homemade mayonnaise, just a few minutes and it is ready! The recipe is not so much as important to make mayonnaise as important to know the technology of preparation. Read very detailed directions with many tips on how to make → Traditional Mayonnaise Recipe

4. Add pepper and salt to taste.

Shrimp Butter photo

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How to Serve Fancy Cream Cheese Shrimp Spread For Party

So many ways to serve spread fancy! It can be served on Melba toast, which is available in most grocery stores or you can make your own. You can easily make Melba toast in different shapes. Just toast bread cut lengthwise and toast again. You can read more details and other garnish ideas for the toast here ⇒ Origin of Melba Toast and Peach Melba Dessert

We can serve with toast on the side and it is the easiest way!

Shrimp Butter

Great appetizer or snack for hot summer days!

The Technique

  1. Cover a bowl with food plastic wrap. Cut the shrimp in half and place it in the shape of a flower, pink side of the shrimp on the bottom.
Shrimp Butter photo

2. Fill a bowl with the spread.

Shrimp Butter photo

3. Press out any air. Keep in refrigerator.

Shrimp Butter photo

Remove from the plastic, and take out the spread. Our shrimp flower is so cute on the shrimp spread! Keep in refrigerator. Let spread soften for one hour before serving.  Enjoy!

Shrimp spread photo

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VIDEO Cream Cheese Shrimp Spread

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