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How To Make Easy Heart Design On Toast With Foil In A Toaster Oven

Photo Heart design on toasted bread

          Making a heart-shaped design on a toast is a very simple technique. My favorite design is a heart. I am going to show below how to make a heart design. However, we can use this technique to make other custom designs as well. It can be messages, letters, flowers, smiley faces, and much more. At the bottom of the page, I have 2 more design ideas on how to decorate toasted bread. Try for the first time a heart shape or smiley face because it is the easiest and more useful design, in my opinion. If you are a creative person, you can cut any design you want. I just suggest don’t make a design with small details and very large, because bread under design will be not toasted. We can make a cute toast for kids or loved ones for Valentine’s Day and other occasions. A very nice touch for easy romantic and fun breakfast food. It definitely will be a great conversation piece!

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We Need

  1. Heavy-duty foil
  2. Cookie cutter in the shape of the heart
  3. Pointed wooden stick
  4. Scissors
  5. Bread
  6. Toaster oven

       I used a cookie cutter as a pattern to make a heart on the toasted bread. However, we can use other patterns as well.

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How To Make

  1. Place on a slice of bread the pattern. I used a cookie cutter. This step is important because before cutting foil we need to be sure the design fits well on the slice of bread.

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2. Trace the shape with a sharp object. I used a caramel apple stick.

We can make the perfect heart shape so easy out of the plastic bottles, no steples to hold it together, just 2 steps and done! Check out this technique on how to make a homemade heart shape plastic cutter yourself.

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3.  You can cut out the whole heart and use it as is. However, I like to make a more delicate design.

Make sure you use heavy-duty foil.

4. Cut a quarter of an inch ribbon around the heart as on the photo. Open up like a book and we have a heart shape.

5. Place foil on the top of a slice of bread and toast it. I use a toaster oven. We cover up with foil partially toast, so the area under foil on the toast will be not toasted.

6. Remove the foil from toast and serve.

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We don’t need any fancy toasters with inserts to make the heart design. So easy and fun way to express your love for your family and friends!

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Video How To Make A Heart Design On A Toasted Bread

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1. Fun Face On A Toasted Bread Idea

      Another super cute and very easy design on toasted bread can be a smiley face. Great for kids! As you can see not much to do! Took me much less time to make it than a heart art on the toast. Toast with a smile brings fun to the table and is so good with chicken stock or soup! Of course, it can be a great addition to a perfect breakfast as well too.

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How To Make Smily Face On A Toasted Bread

     I cut 2 small circles and the mouth shape from heavy-duty cooking foil. Toast the slice of bread to desired crisp. We can make other emojis on toast too. It will be easy if we make a circle out of foil and make the cutouts. Possibilities with toasted bread craft are endless and the limit is only our creativity and fantasy!

Photo Toast Smile

      Comedy and tragedy in my kitchen :)

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2. Ghost On A Toasted Bread Design

        Great and easy idea to decorate toasted bread for Halloween. I make a ghost on my toast. I also make eyes and mouth on foil pattern but because it is so small wholes, the face is not noticeable on my ghost. As I already said, don’t make small details. I just add 3 dots from cream cheese and my ghost has a face!

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Picture Kitchen Humor If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours

        On the photo above is Melba toast. To make a super-thin slice of toast is easy if we know the technique. Make sure check the technique!

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    I love this idea Gala. So easy and cute! I know this will put a smile on everyone’s face. My son is having school friends over tomorrow, & I’m going to surprise them with the smiley face. Thank you for sharing!


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