How to Make Homemade Breadcrumbs Without a Food Processor

       So many uses for stale bread! We can make bread dressing (stuffing) for turkey, chicken, crown roast, fish, and seafood. Bread pudding from some bread just delicious dessert! Most common use stale bread in my kitchen is breadcrumbs.

       How to make breadcrumbs and reasons to make own in addition to store bread crumbs? We can buy at the store, easy and no time to make, some brands taste is very good. However, any household has leftovers from bread, crackers, buns, rolls…

Photo How to Make Breadcrumbs

        We buying bread what we like, so breadcrumbs will be a taste of our favorite bread products and this is a plus. To make breadcrumbs can be a good project for kids in the kitchen.

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Where I Keep Bread Leftovers

         Sometimes we have left over just a few pieces, what I do? I freeze them at linen bag (I tried zipper bag, but a lot of condense moisture and bread has a lot freeze on it) and keep adding leftovers as go by the point ready to make breadcrumbs. Or another way, just cut in smaller pieces like 1″ and collect on a baking sheet and let it dry naturally, one inconvenience to me, it always on my way in the oven. Place in an oven the best to prevent pets have a feast without invitation.

When I ready to make bread crumbs, take from freezer and defrost on a towel to dry off moisture and slightly dry in the oven after.


How to Make Breadcrumbs

           Next step, up to you. You can use a blender or other similar appliances, easy and fast. From my experience, it is more flour than crumbs come out. Old fashion way, place in plastic bag bread and roll with rolling pin or use kitchen hammer to crash. I like to sifted crumbs in flour sifter, so approximately same consistency of my crumbs. Large pieces of breadcrumbs can prevent a smooth covering of product.

Homemade Breadcrumbs Photo


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How to Store Breadcrumbs

        I store breadcrumbs like flour, in an airtight jar in the pantry. Very important keep it out of moisture, crumbs need to be well dry. The explanation is very easy, bacteria and need water to be active.

       Some people store breadcrumbs in the freezer, this method good, in my opinion, but I never try. In my opinion, it absolutely not necessary for well dry breadcrumbs, if you are going to keep in the freezer.

How to Use Breadcrumbs


Photo OXO Ice Scoop To Make Patties

            To coated patties or other food with breadcrumbs, I use a flat plate (paper plate very handy) and put the approximately amount of crumbs I am going to use one time. Leftovers of crumbs I  always throw away to prevent contaminating.

            When I coated cutlets with breadcrumbs, I let stand covered for 5 min to dry and rapid covering again by point surface is completely dry. When we ready to cook, our product will be well protected by a cover and keep valuable juices.

Stale Bread in Linen Bag Photo


        If you would like to use the old way to store bread (stale or fresh) or other dry food, like beans, peas, onion, garlic in a fabric bag. The best bag is linen, a fabric made from the flax plant. Why linen? Linen is a great absorbent, antibacterial fabric, and very strong fabric proven by our ancestors by hundreds of years. Linen is a real gift from nature, it can absorb a lot of moisture. Moisture one of the reasons, dry food is getting spoiled. When we store in a linen bag, it absorbs moisture from food and let food breathe. One linen specifics is wrinkled easy, but to me it one of its beauty. One of the places where you can buy linen bag (my bag, of course, I made myself) is international handmade and vintage online market (motherland of this site in the USA). I recommend this site because I was a seller of my craft products from 2006 and of course, a buyer at the same time.

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    Thanks so much Gala for these wonderful, thrifty tips about saving, storing and using breadcrumbs! As always, your blog is filled with wonderful ideas to repurpose bits and pieces that all too often go to waste:-)


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