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How To Make Flower From Butter Garnish And Other Shapes

         Butter garnish flower or shaped butter is a decorative and festive addition to many dishes. On the page, you can see 5 ways to shape butter.  We can make shaped butter in advance and use it when you need fancy ways to serve butter. We can store shaped butter in the freezer and use it when we need it. On the page, you can see how I freeze butter garnishes. It doesn’t take much effort to make food decor from butter for a great food presentation. Check it out and use it for holiday or just to impress your family and friends.

On the page butter garnish shapes:

  1. Flower-shaped butter
  2. Heart-shaped butter with fondant cutouts
  3. Decorative butter pats with Mellon baller
  4. Wavy designs butter shapes
  5. Butter shapes with cookie cutters

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1. How To Make Pretty Butter Garnish Flower

      Photo Sweet Potato Garnish with Flower from Butter Photo

         The technique of how to make flowers from butter I learned from a chef in Russia many years ago. She was working at a restaurant and they used this technique to serve caviar sandwiches. The technique is easy but important to use the round-shaped knife. I used flowers made out of butter on porridge, on liver pate (see photo below), on stakes, on toast, baked potato, and much more. This garnish looks great on baked sweet potato, because of contrast, actually on every dish whatever you use butter we can use flowers from butter. The beauty is melting fast on hot dishes but still noticeable and makes a pretty presentation. I also decorated green butter with the flower and you can see the technique in the video.


We need:

Knife round shape and refrigerated butter. The shape of the knife is important, it makes petals looks like on the photos.

Butter need to be good quality, so it is flexible enought. Than less milk solids in butter than better to make flowers.

1. Make curl from butter and it will be the center of your flower.

Photo Butter Garnish Flower from butter step 1

Photo Butter Garnish Flower step 2

2. Create shorter curl with the shape like petal and attach to center.

Photo Butter Garnish Flower step 3

3. Continue attaching petals around the center.

Photo Butter Garnish Flower step 4

4. When you will be satisfied with your flower looks to turn it upside down and secure the bottom of the flower by the smoothing surface. So, your flowers are not going to loose petals when you store in a bag.

5. Place on cutting board and freeze it. Frozen flowers store in a plastic bag and keep in the freezer.

Photo Butter Garnish Flower in Freezer

I decorate liver pate with other designs from butter but my favorite is butter flower on the top.

Photo Flower from Butter Dishes Decor

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      We can decorate caviar sandwiches, tiny flowers look great on pink and black caviar. We can leave a few pearls of pink caviar and freeze it for the future garnish. So, when the time to serve fish you can decorate the center of your flower with pink caviar. For example, butter and mashed potato almost the same color, so flower much better looks with the pink center and caviar match seafood dishes perfectly (of course, if you eat caviar).

Russian Caviar Serving with Butter Photo

      I use flower-shaped butter to garnish herb (green) butter – a great addition to a holiday table.

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Photo Herb butter recipe

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Flower from butter

Flower from butter Photo


Video How to Make Butter Garnish Flower

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2. How to Make Heart Shaped Butter With Foundant Cutouts

       To make the hearts garnish with butter on caviar sandwiches, I used fondant (cake decor) cutouts in the shape of the heart. It is so convenient because it has pushed out features. The butter needs to be cold to make hearts with this tool. I tried to use a cookie-cutter but if butter softens and when we push it out the heart comes out not in perfect shape. For the sandwich, I make small waves designed on butter with a knife on the top, so it has a pattern for more visual interest.

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3. Decorative Butter Pats With Melon Baller

    To make nice butter pats shapes on the photo I used my melon baller. This garnish tool also call a butterball maker. Super easy and nice for a fancy breakfast or for a Holiday table garnish from butter. We can make shaped butter in advance.

If you need to make perfectly shaped butter balls, just deep the melon baller bowl by the point it is deep completely into butter. Than start rotate and the ball from butter is ready. Very important to have a right melon baller, it must have a hole in the bowl for easy removal! A melon baller is very useful tool and inexpensive. Check my few tips →  How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

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4. Wavy Design Butter Shapes

       The simplest way to serve fancy-shaped butter is to cut it with a crinkle knife. This method use often at restaurants to serve butter for breakfast. So easy instead of knife use crinkle cutter. Don’t have one? Make one! I tried myself to make a crinkle cutter from a can lid and it comes out pretty good for simple uses like cut butter. More detail check on the page “How To Use Crinkle Cutter”

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5. Butter Shapes With Cookie Cutters

If you would like to make different shapes from butter for garnishing as options we can use candy, chocolate molds, or cookie cutters. Also, you can shape butter in molds from box candies. If using cookie cutters to shape butter, use very cold butter. We can garnish with shaped butter liver pate, spreads, to serve toast, and much more!

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Shapes from Butter

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Flower From Butter Looks Great On Baked Potatoes!

Photo Baked Potato Decor Flower from Butter

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