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Garlic Butter Shrimp Recipe Easy and Tasty

Garnish Shrimp from Lemon Peel Photo

The garlic butter shrimp recipe is a great way to cook shrimp to use in other dishes or as is as a snack. This garlic butter shrimp can be used as cooked shrimp to make New Orleans butter appetizer , served as one of the main entrées, peel and add to almost any green salad. Garnish with lemon and a lot of green dills!

I just tried recently interesting technique instead of traditionally adding salt to shrimp, I add salt butter. According to a Russian famous chef, this way we never oversalt shrimp (fish), shrimp take the right amount of salt from butter. The dish is super easy just follow my direction. How to fry shrimp right takes little experience because it toughens easily, cooked shrimp must be very soft. The time depends on the size of the shrimp and if cooked shrimp peels easily, it cooked right. The basic rule is don’t cook shrimp too long. We live in Louisiana and shrimp is a local ingredient on our market, so I practiced a lot to cook this delicacy. The best result is, of course, take for cooking fresh shrimp, not frozen. We have 2 kinds of shrimp, depending on the season and my favorite is brown shrimp for this dish.

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Louisiana White Shrimp

1 pound raw shrimp (headless and cleaned)

2-3 cloves of garlic (thinly sliced)

1/2  cup vegetable oil

2 tablespoon butter or clarified butter

Salt, pepper, and dill to taste

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Cooking Direction:

  1. Heat the oil in a 12″ skillet and then add butter. I use clarified butter.

2. Whan the butter is melted, add the sliced garlic. Let it cook for a minute or so before adding the shrimp.

Shrimp, adding garlic to oil

3. Add the salt directly to the oil for the best result.

Add salt to oil for frying shrimp

4. Now add the shrimp but only one layer at a time. Fry for 2-4 minutes depending on the size of shrimp. When it turn completely pink fry 1 more minute and remove from skillet.

*I left the shells on for added flavor, but they may be removed before cooking if you prefer. Be careful, to not overcook shrimp or shells will be difficult to remove in this case.

Shrimp in butter photo

5. When shrimp are done add pepper and green dill just before serving.

Don’t forget to add your premade  lemon fish garnishes before serving!


Adding pepper to shrimp

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Video Garlic Shrimp Recipe

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    A brilliant simple recipe Gala. I love this approach because you really highlight the natural flavour of your gorgeous fresh shrimp, instead of covering it up with lots of other things. Thank you for sharing this technique!


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