5 Best Tools To Get Capers Out Of Narrow Jars Without Draining Them

      Capers usually come in very narrow jars, some 1 inch in diameter, and taking some out without brine. How to get out capers from a jar without draining the brine? The easiest way to use a tool and if you look in your kitchen you might find the right one. Of course, we can find on the Internet fancy caper serving spoons specially made for this task but do we really need it? If you serve capers every day, it might be worth having one. I personally, don’t want to buy a caper serving spoon because it has so limited use and I have so many choices to use instead. We can easily find substitutes for the caper serving spoon around the kitchen.

5 Tools To Remove Capers From Narrow Jar:

  1. Melon Baller
  2. Vegetable Peeler
  3. Measuring Spoon With Handle (1/4 tsp 1.25 ml)
  4. DIY Disposable Capers Serving Spoon Made Out Of Smoothy Straw (easy, works great)
  5. Tweezers Are Great To Take Out One By One Capers For Garnish

*We can also try to use a morrow spoon, or mixing cocktail spoon, or the handle of a coffee spoon if the spoon is too big for the jar mouth, or narrow appetizer fork.

*The jar of capers I used for photos is 1.1 inches in diameter.

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Video 5 Substitutes For Caper Serving Spoons

1. Melon Baller Makes Great Capers Serving Spoon

       Melon baller is one is my favorite tools to take out capers from small jars. The smaller end fits in most very narrow-mouth jars with pickled capers. A  melon baller has at both ends look like a small bowl and each has a hole on the bottom. The hole in the bottom of the melon baller lets the liquid drain out and we have capers directly out of the jar without the brine or oil.

*I have 2 slightly different in size melon ballers and both fit well in a narrow jar with capers.

Capers with olives are a great topping for baked fish! The fish in the photo is from one of New Orleans’s restaurants.

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2. Old Fashioned Vegetable Peeler

      An old-fashioned vegetable peeler is a useful and versatile kitchen tool and many people have it. It can be used for more than just peeling vegetables and making garnishes. We can also use a vegetable peeler as a caper spoon as well! The peeler’s blade is narrow enough to fit in any jar. The slit on the middle of the blade allows the brine to drain easily out.

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3. Measuring Spoon With Handle Makes Good Caper Spoon

       A measuring spoon (1/4 tsp 1.25 ml) with a long handle is another option. It fits most small jars. It doesn’t have holes to drain brine. However, we can manage to take out capers with minimal liquid. Just hold the capers by the spoon against the side of the jar and most liquid will drain.

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4. DIY Disposable Caper Spoon Made Out Of Smoothie Straw

        The disposable caper spoon with draining holes I made myself out of a smoothie straw. It has a flexible top and is wider than regular drink straws. It took me to make this disposable caper serving spoon in less than one minute! It works excellent to pick capers out of very narrow mouth jars. Great DIY slotted caper serving spoon if you have jumbo flexible smoothie plastic straws on hand. They are also called bendable disposable milkshake straws and wide bendy boba drinking straws.

*We can make caper serving spoons out of a regular-size straw but I like the size smoothie spoon much more, it picks up more capers.

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How To Make Disposable Caper Spoon With Drain Holes Out Of Smoothie Straw


Cut off the top of the straw as I show in the photo. Make sure to leave 1 inch of the flexible part of the straw then cut it in half.


Stretch out the flexible part of the straw. We making look like a shovel so it will be easy to pick capers out of the jar.


Make holes in the bottom so the brine can drain out when you pick the capers.

My DIY caper spoon works so well to pick capers out of the narrow jar!

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5. Garnish Tweezer Is Great Tool For Garnish Food With Capers

Tweezers work the best if you pick capers for a fine garnish. With tweezers, we can pick up one by one the best-looking capers to decorate our fine dishes. Tweezers are easier to control than a spoon in a jar. Tweezers are inexpensive, easy to find, and can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen.

*In the photo I use pinwheel toast with cream cheese and salmon roses.

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Garnish Cappers With Tweezers Easy

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