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13 Ideas How To Make Heart-Shaped Food For Valentines Day

Photo The heart from orange for cocktail

          The best garnish for Valentine’s Day is a heart and I am sharing a few simple ideas to make a heart out of different food and ideas to make a heart. All heart-shaped food garnish ideas are easy to make and for most of them, we don’t need special kitchen tools. We don’t need to be artistic to add this small touch to our dish and express love to our loved ones. Check these easy food garnish ideas for Valentine’s Day to express love to your family and friends!

On the page heart shapes food garnish ideas and links to pages where there are more details about the techniques:

  1. Shaping hard-boiled egg into the heart without mold.
  2. Strawberry shaped into a heart. (VIDEO)
  3. The heart design on toast for a romantic breakfast (easy).
  4. Heart-shaped toast without a cookie cutter.
  5. Heart-shaped cocktail garnish idea out of the citrus peel.
  6. Salmon fillet shaped into heart garnish, no waste meat. (VIDEO)
  7. Heart-shaped watermelon, no waste of the fruit. (VIDEO)
  8. Heart garnish idea out of the cucumber.
  9. Heart garnish out of avocado.
  10. Heart-shaped breakfast food.
  11. Butter shaped into a heart.
  12. Heart idea out of carrot.
  13. The banana bruising idea for Valentine’s Day.

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1. Shaping Hard-Boiled Egg Into The Heart Without Mold

   Hand-boiled egg shaped into the heart is so impressive garnish for Valentine’s day breakfast or romantic meal (salad with egg). The technique is so easy and we don’t need to have any mold to make this cute heart-shaped decor. We need just a wooden skewer and plastic wrap. Check the technique ⇒ 3 Easy Hard-Boiled Egg Garnish Techniques No Molds

    Photo Heart without egg mold

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2. Strawberry Shapped Into Heart

     Strawberry is a great dessert garnish for Valentine’s day! Strawberry has a red color and it is so pretty with any fruit on the platter! We can make strawberry looks like a heart with 2 techniques. We can shape the heart from a large strawberry and it is so impressive garnish to serve fruits. In the photo below, I served cottage cheese with fruits for breakfast. Read more about how to make the hearts ⇒ Easy Strawberry Garnish Ideas

Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideas

Or we can just make much more simple hearts from this great berry!

Russian blini garnish with strawberry hearts Photo

Russian Pancakes Blini


Video How To Make Strawberry Heart

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3. Heart Design On Toast

      Photo Heart design on toasted bread

       Great and super easy technique on how to make heart design on a toast in a toaster oven. We can make other designs too. I am using foil to block the part of a slice of bread and when we have a cute heart on toast. We can make other simple designs on toast too. A great and simple idea to bring romance and fun at breakfast time for your loved ones!

Read more how to make the heart design on a toast ⇒ How To Make Easy Heart Design On Toast With Foil

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4. Heart Shape Toast Without Cookie Cutter

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5. Heart Shape Cocktail Garnish Idea Out Of The Citrus Peel

Photo The heart from orange for cocktail

The heart from orange peel garnish is so impressive on glass! Most important is to make the orange heart stay on the glass without any picks. The heart garnishes a great way to dress your party for any holiday! How to make this glass decor  read here → 5 Lime And Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Ideas

Photo How to serve orange like a flower PhotoRecommended ⇒ Cute And Fancy Ways to Serve Orange and Mandarin

6. Salmon Fillet Shaped Into Heart Garnish

       A great technique to shape salmon fillet into the heart for Valentine’s Day! We can use other large fish as well if the meat is flexible enough. It is so simple but most important we don’t have leftovers from shaping our fillet into the heart. I have a video as well on this page. Watch the video ⇒ Heart and Fish Shaped Garnish From Fish Fillet

Photo Fun Heart Shape From Fish Fillet


Video Salmon Fillet Shaped Into Heart Garnish Idea

Fried salmon without oil PhotoRecommended ⇒ Pan-Fried Salmon Without Oil Or Butter On Baking Paper

7. Heart Shaped Watermelon – No Waste!

Photo How to cut watermelon

The heart in the middle of watermelon so easy to make and no waste of fruit meat! When I saw this idea on YouTube I didn’t believe I didn’t see it before. Really we can make any shape and it is so much fun for the party table!

Read more about techniques here → 2 Easy Ideas How To Cut A Watermelon For Party


Video How To Cut Watermelon With A Heart On The Middle

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8. Heart Garnish Idea Out Of Cucumber

The cute heart out cucumber is so easy to make and great fine touch to any dish! To read with photos how to make easy the heart out of cucumber technique click here ⇒ 11 Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas

Photo How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber Photo 6

9. Heart Shaped Breakfast Food

         The heart for breakfast is the most popular decor for a lovely Valentine’s day breakfast table. The easiest way to make the heart-shaped toasts or eggs in a hole (heart shape) is by using the cookie cutter. Of course, we can use this technique to cut other food besides bread as well. For example cheese for a toast or platter. What we can do if we don’t have a cookie cutter in the shape of the heart? The great solution is to make it out of the plastic bottle! In two easy steps, we can make the perfect plastic cookie cutter shaped in the heart with no staples. Check out the technique here ⇒   5 Easy DIY Cookie Cutters Ideas Out Of Plastic Bottle

Photo Heart Shaped Breakfast Food Toast

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10. Heart Garnish Idea Out Of Avocado

The cute heart out of the avocado I serve with mozzarella and tomatoes salad. Great idea for Valentine’s Day dish, light and healthy. Great to combine with chicken or seafood to my taste. Check the heart technique ⇒ 7 Fun And Cute Avocado Garnish Ideas

Photo Avocado heart garnish

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11. Butter Shaped Into Hearts

       Butter shaped into hearts for breakfast of holidays so easy to make with fondant (cake decor) cutouts in the shape of the heart. The tool works great because it has a feature to push out the butter. I tried to use a cookie cutter but butter needs to be very cold and when we push it out the heart comes out not a perfect shape if butter softens. Read more about garnishes with butter ⇒ How to Make Butter Garnish Flower

Photo How to serve caviar and vodka

Photo butter cut outs garnish for caviar step 2

Garnish caviar sandwiches with butter

Photo Dessert garnished with melon ballerRecommended ⇒ How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

12. Heart Garnish Idea Out Of Carrots

 We can make hearts from carrots with cookie cutters. Place a few slices on top of each other and cat with a cookie cutter. Read more details about this cookie cutter set ⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

Photo Russian stuffed cabbage Golubzi

In the photo, I use a small cookie cutter from Wilton Linzer set.

Photo How to make flower from carrotRecommended ⇒ 7 Easy Carrot Garnish Ideas

13. The Banana Bruising Idea For Valentines Day

       The banana bruising is so popular these days to bring smiles to our loved ones! We don’t damage the fruit and it will be perfectly edible after we decorate it. No ink, we use banana darkening ability to send the message! For example, your husband is working for Valentine’s day add a banana with a lovely message to the lunch box. More ideas and details about the technique are in the link below.

Photo How to draw on bananas appleRecommended ⇒ 17 Creative Notes Ideas On Bananas For Our Loved Ones And More

      Photo How to write on bananas

Paper Napkins Shaped Into Hearts

       Hearts from paper napkins so a cute idea for Valentine’s Day or other occasions as well. Doesn’t take much time to fold and looks so good on contrast paper plates.

Check step-by-step direction with photos ⇒ 2 Heart Napkin Fold Ideas For Valentine’s DayPhoto Paper napkin in shape of heart

Flower Garnish from Papaya PhotoRecommended ⇒ How to Make Easy Channel Knife – Garnish Tool

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