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Easy Shirt With Tie Out Of Paper Gift Bag

Purple Gift bag With tie

        I love this easy idea for men’s shirt-style out of paper gift bags! Easy to convert any gift bag or gift sack into a men’s shirt look like, we need just a ribbon for the tie and scissors. A great birthday gift bag idea for him or a very impressive gift bag for Father’s Day or Men’s Birthday Party. I chose the easiest tie knot for my bag, so if you never tie ties don’t worry, it is easy! The shirt gift bag has shoulders and a collar and looks realistic and fun.

What We Need:

We can use different-sized gift bags from very large to small and ribbons choose depending on bag size. We can use gift bags with handles. Cut off the handles and make a tie from the ribbon as I show in the direction.

What I used for my demo tutorial:

4 1/2 inch x 9 1/2 inch paper gift sacks (bags)

5/6 inch wide lemon ribbon


1/2 inch double sided tape (optional)

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How To Make Tie Gift Bag:

Add goodies to the bag before tying the ribbon tie! 

  1. Roll the top 3-4 times. The fold is slightly wider than the ribbon. This fold will be a collar for the shirt gift bag. Then make 2 cuts on the sides as I show in the photo, it will be the shoulders for the shirt.

*In this step, we can start with a ribbon fold-in but I left the ribbon out in the photos for now.

2. To create shoulders I fold the sides into triangles toward each other.

3. I rolled the ribbon in and my shirt gift bag with shoulders but needs a collar.

4. I fold the right side and left side of the fold with a ribbon towards each other. The ribbon has a shiny face side and back side. The back side of the ribbon I marked with the red pen. I wanted the front of my tie to look shiny.

5. Make a loop around the left side of the ribbon and pass the right side of the ribbon under itself. I pressed with a knife the area where a knot for my tie would be.

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6. Pass the tip of the right ribbon into the loop and pull down. With the left hand hold the knot and with the right hand pull the ribbon down.

7. Cut off the bottom of the tie as long as you like.

This step is optional. I like to secure the tie on the bottom with double-sided tape. In my opinion, it looks more presentable because the tie stays in its place.

I used different ribbons to transfer these gift bags into men’s shirts with tie bags. Ties for gift bags can be with design and without.

Video How To Make Men’s Shirt With Tie Out Of Paper Gift Bag

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