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15 Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas

               We can make so many beautiful and easy cucumber (pickles) garnishes for salads, appetizers, main dishes, and even beverages. My collection of garnishes from cucumber include step-by-step photos and a detailed explanation of how to make cucumber decoration for different dishes and drinks. Some techniques are easy, and some need a little practice but you don’t need the talent to make beautiful garnishes from my list. We can make cucumber flowers, hearts, Christmas trees, and much more. Some we can call easy cucumber art because it is a pretty but very simple technique.

On the page cucumber garnishes:

  1. Cucumber flower garnish from cucumber slices.
  2. Rose from cucumber ribbon.
  3. Christmas tree from cucumber N1
  4. Christmas tree from cucumber N2
  5. Waffle cut from the cucumber.
  6. Heart from the cucumber.
  7. Opposite cut a garnish idea.
  8. Pretty flower from the cucumber.
  9. How to make a border for salad.
  10. Another rose from the cucumber.
  11. Peel cucumber flower garnish.
  12. Cucumber flower made with handmade garnish tool.
  13. Slices in the shape of a flower (easy)
  14. Cucumber flower from the ribbon.
  15. Bamboo from the cucumber.

1. Easy Cucumber Garnish Flower From Slices

      Super easy cucumber flower garnish technique from slices. I love this technique, we can make cucumber flowers and they stay so well together because the bottom slice holds it. These flowers are great on a vegetable platter or appetizer platter. In the photo below I garnished buckwheat with mushrooms and meat with pickle flowers made with this technique. Almost no time to make but very cute garnish idea from cucumber!

Technique 1

1. Make 6 cucumber slices with a vegetable peeler.

Photo Easy Cucumber Garnish Flower Step 1

2. Make a small opening in one of the slices. It will be the bottom of the flower.

3. 5 slices roll together as tight as possible.

PhotoEasy Cucumber Garnish Flower Step 3

4. Place the roll of cucumber slices in the center of the slice with the opening. Cut the bottom, so the flower can stay on the base. Spread carefully the petals for a more realistic appearance.

Photo Easy Cucumber Garnish Flower Step 4

Our cucumber rose is ready! So cute and simple!

Photo Easy Cucumber Garnish Flower Step 5

Photo Easy Cucumber Flower Garnish

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Video Easy Cucumber Flower Garnish

In the photo above I serve my pinwheel toast cups with cream cheese and herbs, decorated with cucumber flowers.

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2. How to Make A Rose Flower from Cucumber Ribbon

Photo Cucumber flower from garnish food Photo

I like this cucumber garnish flower, it is so pretty and easy to make. Cucumber flower we can use to garnish vegetable platter, appetizers, or just add a touch to any plate where is cucumber appropriate for decoration.

For the flower, the best is long cucumbers because this way we don’t need to make many extensions. For the flower in the video, I used 2 ribbons from the cucumber.

Photo Flower from Pickle to Decorate Dishes

We can make a flower from a pickle but because the ribbon is not too long, we need to make many extensions. The flower comes out cute but the pickle garnish flower is not pretty like from a cucumber.

Technique 2

  1. Slice 2 ribbons with vegetable peeler from cucumber.
Photo How to make flower from cucumber 1

2. We make roll and cuff out of the roll,  this will be the center of our flower.

Photo How to make flower from cucumber 2

3. Keep turning cucumber ribbon around the center of the flower. Hold the flower by center and keep making as much you need curls.

*The extension is just place ribbon inside first one and keep turning ribbon.

Photo How to make flower from cucumber 3
Photo Cucumber flower salmon dish decoration

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Video How to Make Cucumber Flower

3. How to Make Cucumber or Pickle Christmas Tree

It is so cute and easy cucumber art idea how to make Christmas garnish! Christmas tree from cucumber or pickle garnishes we can use for appetizers, garnish drinks, as an addition to sandwiches, or every dish where cucumber makes a great addition. I show just a few ideas in the photos, our creativity is endless.

Photo Christmas tree from cucumber garnish on drink Photo

Cucumber tree with a star from carrot and attached to the glass with an olive.

Photo Cucumber garnish ideas Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is made out of pickle garnish with a star on the top from cheddar cheese. I garnished sandwiches.

Photo Christmas tree from cucumber on vegetable tray

Christmas tree with the star made out of carrot garnish for cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

Photo How to make flower from cherry tomatoRecommended ⇒ 5 Easy And Cute Tomato Garnish Ideas With Photos

How I Make a Star for the Tree

      We can cut the star for the Christmas tree with a knife. But I have a perfect cookie-cutter size for the task and used it. The star I made with Wilton Linzer cookie cutter set, so useful shapes to make small designs for garnish.

     I like the star as topping for the tree the best. However, you can try different ideas. For example, I try pickled corn slice on pickle garnish Christmas tree as the topping on the photo. Look cute but with a star better, in my opinion.

Christmas Tree from pickle with topping from corn Photo

Technique 3

  1. Make a very thin slice from cucumber (pickle) with a vegetable peeler.
Photo How to make Christmas tree from cucumber 2 Photo

2. When you creating the tree, keep at the end of tooth pick. This way you easy can see the size of the loops.

Photo How to make Christmas tree from cucumber 1

3. Spread our tree branches, attach the star and our tree is ready!

Photo How to make Christmas tree from cucumber

Photo Christmas tree Garnish from cucumber Photo

Cream cheese with pickled salmon and green onion garnished with cucumber Christmas tree. The star is made out of lemon zest.


Video How to Make Christmas Tree from Cucumber

Another Christmas Tree from Pickle

 I garnish small sandwiches with a pickle Christmas tree, base made from olives, the star from cheddar cheese.

*The olives as you can see aren’t shiny and it took me just 30 min to take the photo. If you cover with vegetable oil before the party, olives sray shiny much longer.

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*The green curls I made from the green onion.

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4. How to Make Christmas Tree From Cucumber

Photo Christmas tree from cucumber Photo

Another very simple Christmas tree from a cucumber. Great and impressive on appetizers!

Technique 4

  1. Make a ribbon from the cucumber. Cut the ribbon into 3 pieces. Place cucumber stripes under each other and cut a triangle. Place ribbons on a stick and add the star.
Photo Christmas tree garnish from cucumber step 2
Photo Christmas tree garnish from cucumber step 2

5. Cucumber Decoration For Salad Waffle Cuts

       Cucumber design cutting in the shape of waffles is so fancy and nice on many dishes. One more way how to cut the cucumber in different shapes to impress your family and friends with garnish! Great to use on salads, drinks garnishes, appetizers or just add to mane dish as edible cucumber decor. So pretty cucumber decoration for a salad instead of just simple slices!

       We can make waffles with a manufactured crinkle knife or you can make yourself a garnishing tool. On the market also available mandolines to make waffles cuts, it is a much faster and easy way to make a lot of waffles in a short time than manually with the tool. In the photo below I show a simple mandoline to make curly cuts and waffles.

Check out the idea ⇒ How to make handmade garnish tool

Photo Waffles Decor Potato Garnish Ideas for Holiday Table

Technique 5

  1. Cut with wavy crinkle knife cucumber. The first cut creates the pattern. Turn the cucumber from side A to side B or at a 90º angle. Make another cut as close as possible to the edge. Our cucumber waffle is ready to garnish any dish!
Copy Cucumber garnish waffle shape
Photo Waffle Cucumber garnish

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Video How to Slice Cucumber Fancy In Shape Of Waffles

6. How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber

Photo How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber Photo 6Heart from cucumber we can use for decoration salads, romantic breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great way to show attention to our loved ones. Cucumber is a vegetable that can be a good companion for many dishes. In the photo, I decorated the heart with mayonnaise*, to make it not only a more interesting look but taste better. We can use sour cream also, depending on what dish we are decorating.

*Technique how to decorate with sour cream and mayonnaise

Technique N5

  1. Cut cucumber at the angle like on the photo.
Photo How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber Photo

2. Slices of cucumber need to be same. On each slice, will be bottom and top and one side will be different from another. Lay your slices next to each other so they look the same.

Photo How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber Photo 3

3. Place our slices face to face to each other. Make the cut like on the photo.

Photo How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber Photo2

4. Open like a book and put together. Our heart is ready!

Photo How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber Photo 4
Photo How to Make Heart Garnish from Cucumber Photo 5

7. How to Make Opposite Cut Cucumber Garnish

Cucumber Garnish Photo

      This garnish design needs a little practice at first, how to cut with 2 knives but when you learn, it is super easy! When we use 2 knives, we get perfect cuts because a knife with a red handle doesn’t let go knife with a black handle to cut too far. Originally designed to garnish sushi, I like to use the technique to make cucumber as a holder for greens or just as is. Way to add extra veggies and more green color to our plate. Great cucumber design cutting what we learn ones and can use on different fruits and vegetables.

 * This technique is often used by sushi chefs, called cucumber triangle points cut.

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And onion ⇒ 2 Onion Flower Garnish Ideas

Technique 7

  1. Place the knife with a red handle on the middle cucumber look on the photo and make a cut with the black knife. Black knife in the same position. The red knife turns 180° angle in the direction on photo N1.

Photo garnish from cucumber

Photo 1

Photo Garnish from cucumber step 2 Photo

Photo 2

In photo 3, I used one knife but with 2 knives easier to make a perfect look design.

Garnish from cucumber step 2 Photo

Photo 3

If we use a wavy cucumber slicer, we can make a more interesting design like on the photo 4.

Photo Sushi Garnish with Cucumber Photo

Photo 4


Video Opposite Cut Cucumber Garnish Idea

8. How to Make Pretty Garnish Cucumber Flower

Here is a very pretty cucumber flower idea! Looks so beautiful on vegetable platters, appetizers or as decoration on the buffet. Really easy cucumber art on the plate! In the photo, I garnished the plate with a crab imitation appetizer. How to make a cucumber flower garnish doesn’t take much time and skills but looks so impressive on a plate. I can call this technique easy cucumber carving and most important everybody can make it. Just try and see yourself.

Russian Imitation Crab Meat Appetizer ⇐


1.Make a zigzag flower with a knife or garnish tool. With garnish tool much easier to make a flower!

2. Remove center with a knife or with a corer.

3. Create petals with a paring knife.

4. Make thin slices from cucumber, in my opinion, the best works 3 slices for this flower.

5. Roll slices together.

The cucumber flower on the photo below I made with the same technique but slightly different with round petals. I garnished the plate with red caviar on the blinis. So cute!

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Photo erving caviar with champagne garnished plate

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Video Beautiful Garnish With Cucumber In Shape Of Flower

9. How to Make Beautiful Border for Salad from Cucumber

Photo Cucumber Border Garnish-1

Salad decoration with cucumber this way is very beautiful and impressive! To make the border and easy to remove from a mold we need to use food wrap plastic. It is the key! Otherwise, the salad will stick in our mold.

Technique N7

  1. Place plastic in a mold. Arrange cucumber around and fill the mold with salad.
Cucumber Border Garnish-2 Photo

2. Remove salad from the mold and plastic. Decorate as desired.

Photo Cucumber Border Garnish

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10. How to Make a Peel Cucumber Flowers Garnish

Garnish from Cucumber Photo

The cucumber flower is a great garnish for the vegetable platter, to decorate salads, appetizers and other dishes. We can make the center of a flower from cherry tomato or olive. The technique how to make the flower from cucumber I explain step by step on orange. The technique includes video with many examples.

The technique ⇒ How to make a rose from orange peel

Cucumber flowers with cherry tomatoes

We can make a flower with a knife but with gadgets much easier. I use ribbon maker as a pencil sharpener, just instead of pencil use cucumber. I have 3 gadgets to make a ribbon from vegetables. On the photo green is Faberware ribbon maker and Joie ribbon maker, both works great for this task. NorPro great to make fine cucumber ribbon for salad decor but for flowers is to thin to hold shape. However, better for making carrot flowers.

How to Use NorPro Carrot Curler To Make Flowers

11. How to Make Rose Flower from Cucumber

Photo Rose for Garnish from Cucumber Photo

The cucumber flower is a great addition to Holiday vegetable platter, salads, and other dishes. The technique how to make the flower from a cucumber I explained step by step with photos on a lemon. The technique has video.

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12. How to Make a Cucumber Flowers With Handmade Garnish Tool

Gif How to make vandyke garnishower with handmade garnish tool 1 GIF

The cucumber flower so easy to make with a garnishing tool. You don’t have to buy one, just make one. Very easy to make!

Flower Garnish from Papaya PhotoRecommended ⇒ How to Make Easy Channel Knife – Garnish Tool

13. How to Make Super Easy Cucumber Flower Garnish for Salad

These cucumber flowers are so easy to cut with a handmade tool from a can or with a knife. Flowers are great on fresh salads, marinaded salads, or decorate other dishes.

⇒ How to make handmade garnish tool 

These cute cucumber wheels I like to use for marinading cucumber. I scratched the surface of the cucumber with a fork and then I sliced.

14. Flower From Cucumber Ribbon Garnish Idea

Cucumber ribbon flower photo

      To make a flower from cucumber ribbon is an easy and cute garnish idea. We can decorate with flower dishes and drinks. We can make combinations with other vegetables, for example with a cherry tomato on the center of the flower.

Cucumber Flower Garnish Idea

      To make a ribbon we need a vegetable peeler, so ribbon comes out even and thin enough to fold the ribbon in half.

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15. Bamboo From Cucumber To Decorate Sushi

Photo Sushi cucumber garnish idea bamboo

Looking for easy and cute garnish for sushi platter? Check out this idea!

The technique with step by step photos and video on this page → 7 Easy Ideas How To Cut Cucumber For Cocktails

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Another Technique How To Make Fan Pickle Garnish

Pickles Garnish PhotoSo cute and easy garnish pickle fans. Just make cuts on the pickle not all the way and spread it.

Photo Green Onion Curls GarnishRecommended ⇒ Green Onion Curls Garnish Technique


      I learned recently origin the well-known phrase “Cool as a cucumber” according to the internet dictionaries is so simple explanation. Inside of cucumbers in hot summer the temperature cooler approximately 20 degrees then outside.

Cool as a cucumber Food Garnish Gif1

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