11 Ways To Use Baking Parchment Paper In The Kitchen For Baking And Frying

        Baking paper must have in my pantry because I use it very often for many tasks in my kitchen. I learned with time parchment paper can be different and have different temperature limits. It is important to know when we use it to bake food in the oven. For example, I had a baking paper with a limit of up to 450ºF and used it for many purposes instead of keeping it for bread baking only. I started looking for this parchment paper at stores and found only up to 420ºF temperature limits. So now I learned, better to have a variety of parchment papers for different tasks or papers with the highest temperature limit. You may say to me, “Everybody knows how to use baking paper.” Check it out and you may find new uses besides baking for this great pantry essential as parchment paper.

On the page:

  1. How to make pastry brush from the baking paper.
  2. Frying fish using baking paper on skillet ideas.
  3. Super juicy chicken breast in a pan on baking paper.
  4. Line with parchment paper baking pans to bake bread.
  5. Using baking paper for cake decorating.
  6. Lining foil with parchment paper (important when we cook food with acid)
  7. Baking food en papillote.
  8. Rolling cookie dough or cake layers with baking paper.
  9. Paper liners for muffins from the baking paper.
  10. Making candy wrap for homemade candies.
  11. Cover with baking paper the mason jar lid to prevent insects from getting in.

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1. How To Make Pastry Brush From Baking Paper

           A great alternative for a pastry brush is a brush made out of baking paper. A solution if you don’t have any kitchen brush at home but have to apply egg wash or butter on top of your pastry or another task around the kitchen. It works great for hot services as well. For example, to grease baking pans and casseroles. The homemade brush is a great substitute for a pastry brush also because the baking paper is food safe and strong enough for use as a brush. One advantage of a homemade brush is it is disposable and we don’t have to clean it after use on the butter or oil. As you can see in the photo, I have a few pastry brushes in my kitchen. However, I like to make my handmade pastry brush sometimes anyway.


  1. Cut 12 inches out of a roll of baking paper.

2. Fold in two.

3. Fold again in different directions in eight. I like to make a fold 1 inch on the bottom. It is a guide to make the bristles.

4. Cut bristles for the pastry brush.

5. Unroll and fold in half. Then roll into the brush. I secure the brush with a rubber band.

The pastry brush ready to use! A great alternative for a factory-made pastry brush if we don’t have one on hand.

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The photo below is my homemade basting brush. As you can see looks not so great but I can tell it worked great to apply butter to my scalloped potatoes. In this recipe, I apply butter to each slice of potato. The job is done! Great to know this trick on how to make a basting brush, if we don’t have any factory-made basting brush in your kitchen.

Russian old fashion way to grease pan for crapes. We can add oil to the batter and don’t have to grease the pan every time or just use a nonstick pan. However, I am going to mention, so may for someone it will be useful. To make a very fine layer of grease on a hot skillet we can’t use a silicone heat-resistant brush because will be too much oil. For example, to make crapes. The solution is pork belly square on a fork. If using thin bacon and hard to keep on the fork, I use silicone thongs. Usually in my family used salted belly fat. Pork belly fat gives flavor as well and doesn’t burn on a very hot skillet. Very common in Siberia and the far north of Russia. The pork belly square can be reused, just keep it in the refrigerator.

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2. Frying Fish On Baking Paper On The Skillet

How to fry salmon on baking paper

        I love to use parchment baking paper to fry my salmon for a salad. The key is medium heat and salmon has enough fat to fry without any oil or butter on it. I made tuna steaks on the stove and baking paper method too. I like another reason to use baking paper, much less to clean after cooking. We may have a few splashes on a skillet and better rinse after cooking. Other than that no cleaning after cooking, just throw away the baking paper. I like this cooking method to prepare fish for one or two people.

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3. Super Juicy Chicken Breast Every Time I Fry In A Pan On Baking Paper

        Easy technique on how to make a pan-fried juicy every time chicken breast. When I tried for the first time to fry on baking paper I was impressed with how juicy chicken breast comes out. I fry this way many times and every time success! I like to serve my fried chicken breast on a sandwich, salads, mashed potatoes… Great next day too!

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4. Line With Parchment Paper Baking Pans To Bake Bread

Photo Russian artisan style bread

        I like to use baking paper when making bread. It is so convenient to slide bread on a baking pan into a hot oven. I suggest checking your parchment paper use for the oven temperature limit. The temperature limit on many papers is different. I have my paper up to 420°F  and baked my bread at 430°F. As you can see paper changed color slightly and I can’t able to reuse it. If we use baking paper with the right temperature limit or higher, we can use paper again. Some bakers suggest baking bread at the highest temperature your oven can get to and it is important to know what temperature your baking paper designed for and use it the proper way.

How To Avoid On Side of Bread Folds Marks From Baking Paper When Baking In Dutch Oven?

    This is a great tip I learned from a Russian baker! We place bread in a Dutch oven on baking paper, so it is easy to remove it. On the side of bread, we can see marks from folded parchment paper. To make the paper stick to the sides of the bread, we can simply wet parchment paper with water and it will be like a wet cloth. I tried myself on boule bread shape! The paper will be very flexible but don’t wet too much. Bread comes out with much less noticeable marks from the baking paper on the sides.

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5. Using Baking Paper For Cake Decorating

Photo How to decorate cake with marsmellow idea

       We can use baking paper to make decor for a cake if we don’t have wax paper. Wax paper is less expensive and better to use for this task than baking paper. We place it on baking paper decor and put it in the freezer or refrigerator. When decor will be ready we just remove the paper and place it on the top of our cake. Baking paper is a great substitute for wax paper for this task.

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6. Lining Foil With Parchment Paper When We Cook Food With Acid

Fish plate made from foil photo

        Use baking paper as a lining if you cook on foil fish or other dishes with acid in them. It is the same reason why we don’t cook dishes with acid in aluminum pods. I remember when I was in culinary college we had a test in the laboratory to show the proof of how aluminum reacts with acid and I saw flakes of metal that can be possible on our food and our stomach. I suggest avoiding cook food with acid directly on the baking foil.

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7. Using Parchment Paper To Bake Food In The Oven

        The great way to bake fish is by baking it in a bag made out of parchment paper. This method to cook fish call fish En Papillote. We can prepare fish in advance and when ready to place it in the oven. Make sure inside the bag enough room for steaming. We can make 4 different shapes of papillotes that I know. On the photo above papillote in the square shape. Easy and simple to make.

Papillote In The Shape Of Fish

     I like the shape of the fish papillote. Fun to serve if we place it on the plate directly from the oven. A cute and fun way to serve En Papillote fish. keeps the steam inside and fun to serve, especially for kids.

Classic Papillote Shape

     This shape is classic En Papillote. You can see it very often at classic cooking books. It is French heritage passed to the cooking World and well adapted in many countries.

Gift Wrap Papillote Shape

     The gift wrap shape papillote is not common but so easy to make and works well too. In the photo, I made a mistake. The papillote should have more room inside, so the steam from fish has space to circulate. Other than that it is a great technique to fold baking paper for baking fish, meat, or vegetables.

Photo How to Make Parchment Bags Papillots Salmon

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How Easy To Stop Baking Paper From Curling Back

Photo Curling baking paper

         To stop the baking paper from curling back is so easy with one simple step. I use baking paper a lot and I wish I knew this simple technique a long time ago. Some parchment paper flattened easily, some don’t. Here is a super easy technique on how to prevent the baking paper from rolling back to the tube shape and make it more flexible.

How To

         1. Crash in a ball a sheet of parchment paper.

Photo How to stop curling baking paper

         2. Straight out paper and use it. The sheet of paper will be more flexible and easy to flatten on a baking pan.

Photo Flatten Baking Paper

If we need baking paper stick to the surface, spray very fine layer water on a baking pan and baking paper will stick.

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8. Roll Out Cookie Dough With Bakin Paper


    The best way to roll out cookie dough is to place it between two layers of baking paper. The dough does not stick to the rolling pin and we can easy to roll out the dough. For the cookie dough, we can substitute baking paper for a less inexpensive solution wax paper because anyway I need to remove the cookie and place it on a baking tray. However, to roll out the cake layers baking paper is the best. For example, when I bake a Russian honey cake. I need to place thin layers in the refrigerator and then bake them. So, if you need to roll out the large dough and then place it in the oven, baking paper is the best! On the photo below, My Russian honey cake for one of the Thanksgiving tables for my family.

Russian cake For Thanksgiving Dinner Photo

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9. Paper Liners For Muffins From Baking Paper


      If you run out of paper liners for muffins, use baking paper! We can make disposable paper molds.

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10. Baking Paper Is Perfect Wrap For Homemade Candy

      Photo candy wrapped

      Baking paper is perfect to wrap homemade candies! Candies do not stick to baking paper and every person has them in the pantry.

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11. Baking Paper Is Perfect For Mason Jar Lid Cover


      Baking paper is great for covering the mason jar lid to prevent insects from getting inside the jar. I cut a square of baking paper and screw on the mason jar ring cover on the top. I make a small hole in the top and place the straw through it. It doesn’t need to be fancy if we’re serving for a person working outside. In the photo, I served covered with a baking paper drink for my husband while he was working in the garage.


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