3 Ways How To Make Lemon Covers For Squeezing On Seafood Or Fish Platter

          To make yourself a lemon cover for juicing is so easy! My favorite way to serve lemon with cover is to add it to seafood platters or on a fish platter. Lemon brights up the flavors of seafood. The purpose of lemon covers keeping lemon rind and seeds from getting into our food or drinks and at the same time letting the juice flow. They make not only a beautiful presentation but are functional on a plate. We can buy premade lemon wraps but homemade covers work great and look presentable. Most important we don’t need much time to make them! I am going to share 3 DIY ideas on how we can make disposable lemon covers for juicing and what food-safe materials options can be. Some materials are good to make disposable lemon wraps, and some are for reusable wraps. Take a look and I am sure next time you serve a fish or seafood platter you going to make a cover for lemon yourself. Lemon wraps or lime is easy to make, look presentable, and most importantly your guests not going to look for seeds in food or drinks. I like to cover my lemon or lime when used for juicing in everyday cooking too because much easier to cover a lemon than try to find seeds in a hot large dish.

Covers technique to make a lemon cover for juicing on the page:

  1. The lemon cover is made out of plastic wrap (my favorite).
  2. Lemon wrap out of cheesecloth (natural or rustic looks).
  3. Lemon wrap out of mesh (reusable).

*For the presentation and convenience to use the wrapped lemon we can serve it on a glass base. I place a dessert dish in the photo upside down and the base is perfect to place the lemon on it. Our lemon does not touch the crawfish and is perfectly clean for other use again.

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1. Lemon Cover For Juicing Out Of Plastic Wrap

Photo Lemon wrap plastic step 3

        My favorite method to make disposable lemon wrap is using plastic wrap. The reasons are plastic wraps in relatively inexpensive, it is easy to make, and are food-grade material. The juice flows so easily through my disposable lemon cover and the plastic doesn’t absorb any juice. Another reason I like using plastic wrap, I always have it in my kitchen.

 *I was using the plastic wrap method when I needed to squeeze lemon in the cooking process for a few years. But bought my lemon OXO cover for squeezing and storing and using it instead. The OXO lemon cover is reusable and all lemon sizes I use fit inside great. I don’t use it as the storage of my lemon. My personal preference is to store cut lemon in a plastic wrap or sandwich bag because I can see the condition of my lemon.

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Technique 1

  1. Cut a square out of the plastic wrap.

Photo Lemon wrap plastic

2. Make two ropes by twisting on the sides as in the photo below.

Photo Lemon wrap plastic step 2

3. Two ends tie together with two knots on the top of the lemon half.

*The top above the knot is better to leave not less than 1 inch, so when we squeeze the lemon our ties won’t untie.

Photo Lemon wrap plastic step 3

4. Make holes with a toothpick and it ready to go on a seafood platter.

Photo Lemon wrap plastic step 4

Photo Lemon Cover for juicing

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Lemon Cover For Juicing Out Of Plastic Wrap To Go Idea

        I like to use this idea to send covered lemon halves with dishes I made. I covered the lemon with plastic wrap and placed a wooden stick but didn’t make holes in the bottom of the lemon half. The wooden stick I add for convenience to make holes when they are ready to eat the fish or seafood dish. In the photo, I added the covered lemon half to broiled steelhead trout for my son’s family. Really convenient for them to use the lemon half and my family doesn’t have to search for lemon seeds in the dish!

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Lemon Quarter Cover For Juicing In The Shape Of Fish


       We can make lemon quarters covered with plastic like the technique above or in the shape of fish for fun lemon in the cover presentation. To make the fish shape idea came to me because a lemon quarter looks like a fish’s body. I took the photos with my phone to share the idea with the world!

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How To Make The Fish Shape Lemon Cover


  1. I cut a lemon in quarters.


2. I add seed on the side and it is the eye of the fish. Then I add a mouth for my fish for more resemblance to real fish. The tail we can cut to make a desirable shape. However, don’t cut much because at the end we will be squeezing the lemon quarter and the plastic should stay well on the lemon.


Then I add more details and you can see what I came out with. We can probably add also scales in addition as well. Fun lemon serving idea with seafood or fish dishes!


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2. Lemon Wrap Out Of Cheesecloth

        Cheesecloth is a great material to make lemon wraps because juice flows so easily through and the fabric does not observe much juice. The cheesecloth gives a natural look to the plate without any plastic. It can be a great option to serve lemon on seafood platters at a rustic wedding, for example. We can make different color ties out of fabric for an interesting appearance. For example, ties match the pattern of the tablecloth. Cut strips out of the fabric, twist it, and tie. Another option is to make ties with cooking strings, kitchen twine, or cooking bands. Some cooking bands are so colorful and we can find them in green and yellow colors.

*I saw some people decorate it with fresh rosemary. It looks presentable and gives a wonderful aroma but is not practical because the leaves of rosemary will be failing out of the cover when we try to squeeze the lemon or remove them from the cover.

Technique 2

  1. Cheesecloth is a fabric with an open texture and when we cut it on the sides we have fraying edges. I suggest don’t leave these edges on the top when tying the cover. The reason is pieces of tread can get in your food. The next simple step prevents the problem. The solution is to fold the edges towards the lemon before tying it. The edges will be inside the cover when we make the cover.

2. Then fold the cheesecloth above the lemon and tie it with the string.

Another very simple technique to make a lemon cover out of cheesecloth is to tie the knot with cheesecloth and cut the excess fabric on the top.

How to juice lemon tip 2 Photo

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3. Lemon Wrap Out Of Mesh

      Another material to make a lemon cover is mesh material. Most mesh fabrics are made out of polyester or nylon and it does not absorb any of the lemon juice and can be cleaned and reused if you have to. When you are getting the mesh make sure it is food-grade material and safe to use with food. Food-grade mesh is made to be used for filters and we can buy it on the Internet. Mesh is the best material to make reusable lemon covers.

*You can find sheets of mesh on the Internet easily, search “mesh food grade” and you have many options to buy.

Technique 3

  1. I cut a square of mesh and ribbon. If you make many, cut mesh for only one and make a sample. If the size is right, cut more.

Instead of ribbon, we can use baby hair ties and rubber bands, for example. They come in different colors and are inexpensive.

2. Put together four corners on the top of the lemon and wrap the ribbon twice around as I show in the photo. This way will be easy to make a knot (double) or a bow.

3. Cut the ribbon for a prettier presentation.

Very often lemon half or wedge is covered at a fine restaurant for customer convenience. Let’s do the same for our friends and family!

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How To Stop The Ribbon Fraying

      To stop fraying the edges of the ribbon we can with very simple techniques. The first is to cut the ribbon at the angle as in the photo I did. The second step is to seal the ribbon ends with a candle or lighter. It only works if the ribbon is made out of synthetic material. Synthetic fabric melts when burning and natural fabric burns to ashes.

*Other methods also exist to prevent fabric fraying but they are not my favorite to use on ribbons. We can use nail polish to prevent fabric fraying or special sewing glue.

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Premade Yellow Wraps for Lemon Halves and Wedges

We can also buy premade lemon wraps, they can be yellow or white in color. Lemon wraps for lemon halves or wedges are available on the Internet. They look like in the photos. Very often used by fine restaurants.

*The photos were taken by me at a New Orleans seafood restaurant Briquette on 9 September  2023.

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