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7 Fun And Easy Radish Garnish Ideas For Holiday Table

     Radish is the perfect vegetable to make different radish flower garnishes. The radish cut has contrasting colors red and white and the flowers come out so pretty. Radish is a great summer garnish for salads and vegetable platters, and I saw some people decorate cheese platters too. I see it all the time on Instagram. So, it inspired me to make this page so I can show options on how we can cut radishes for a veggie tray and more! To my taste slices of radish add not only beauty and more color to this simple appetizer, but it is also a great combination with other vegetables. Check out a few more beautiful and easy radish garnish ideas!

      Radish garnishes on the page:

  1. How To Make Easy Radish Flower For Veggie Tray (Apple Slicer Tool)
  2. Lily or Vandyke Radish Garnish
  3. Flower Out Of Radish Peel
  4. Rose From Radish Slices
  5. How To Make Easy Radish Flower For Veggie Tray (Apple Slicer Tool)
  6. How To Make Chrysanthemum Out Of Radish
  7. Slices In Shape Of Flowers (Stars)
  8. Fly Agaric Mushroom From Radish
  9. Radish Mouse Food Decor For Kids Dishes

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1. How To Make Easy Radish Flower For Veggie Tray With Apple Corer Slicer

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      Making flowers with an apple corer and slicer is an easy way to cut radishes for dipping fancy! We can cut a whole radish and skip the step to cut the radish in half. However, I like how the flowers look if I cut in half a radish first. It is one more use for the apple slicer. A great tool to have in your kitchen! Below is the photo of radish flowers in the vegetable bouquet. I make it just for fun but we can use it to serve vegetables on wooden skewers as well or make bouquet salad.


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We Need

  1. Radish
  2. Apple corer and slicer
  3. Two long wooden skewers (not necessary)

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How To Make

  1. Cut the top and the bottom of the radish then cut in half and place between the skewers.

*I do my flowers without skewers, just stop in time so don’t cut too far. Try without skewers first.

2. Skewers stop the cutter from cutting the radish through.


A simple and very attractive way to serve radish in the shape of a flower on the vegetable tray for dipping or as a plate decor! The apple corer slicer is a great tool to create flower-shaped radishes for large parties without much effort.

Video How To Make Radish Flower With Apple Corer Slicer

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2. How To Make A Water Lily Out Of Radish

       The radish lily garnish is the easiest flower from radish I know. Super simple and everybody knows! Very often I use it to decorate vegetable platters or as a great cute addition to appetizers platter. To my taste, I like a simple lily (without petals) use for a vegetable platter when I use a few radishes on the plate – see photo below. The lily with petals I like on a single serving. Great classic radish garnish!

* To cut zigzags on edges of fruit and vegetable halves also call vandyke garnish.

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Photo Radish Idea

We Need

  1. One radish rounded shape
  2. Pairing knife

We also can use a channel knife garnishing tool to make cuts. I have one but can’s suggest buying it because is the limit of the angle. Instead, check this idea on how to make your own from a can’s lid. The metal is food grade and so easy to make. Check out the direction with step by step photos and video → How to Make Easy Channel Knife Garnish Tool

How To Make

  1. Cut with pairing knife zigzag in the middle of radish. Make sure the knife goes half way inside the radish.

2. Separate two halves and simple lily garnish is ready!

3. If you have time you can add a small detail to the flower, so cut extra petals. The flower comes out a much more interesting look and resembles more lily flowers too.

So easy and pretty garnish!

Great to serve and at the same time decorate the vegetable platter with simple radish flowers!


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3. Blossom From Radish Peel

Photo Flower from radish peel

        The blossom from radish peel is a great idea if you have limited radishes. For example, we can make a blossom from a peel but the center of radish is used in a salad. Great garnish for small vegetable platters or appetizers. It is another creative way how to use radish as a garnish!

We Need

  1. Large radish
  2. Pairing knife

How To Make

  1. Start making this garnish from the top of the radish where were leaves. Cut the leaves off and make a horizontal cut at first. The round horizontal cut should be attached to the peel. Start peeling the radish with waves. The reason is the round on the bottom we will be used as the base for the radish peel.

2. Roll the peel, so it has the shape of the flower. Roll carefully because radish peel is fragile.

Photo Radish Peel Rose Garnish

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4. How To Make A Radish Rose Garnish

Radish Garnish Rose photo

Rose from Radish

          This radish flower is so cute decoration for the small vegetable platter, appetizer platter, finger food, cold sliced meats, salads, and much more. The flower petals are so impressive because of the contrast of colors. As you can see in the photo looks like the real rose. I like the radish flower so much and decorate the front page of my website.

We Need

  1. 1/2 of radish oval or rounded shape
  2. Pairing knife
  3. Cutting board

How To Make

  1. Cut radish in half. Slice radish as thin as possible. 4 slices I will use to make the base from petals for the flower.

Sometimes the radish slices are not flexible enough. Place slices in salty water for 15-30 minutes to soften it.

Photo Radish Flower Step 1

2. I am making for flat surface my radish flower and need something to hold the flower together. I am using a slice of cucumber but it can be a slice of radish as well. We need to cut off the center inside of the cucumber slice.

If we use a radish flower to decorate the salad, we don’t need to use a slice of cucumber or radish. Just make a small cavity in the salad instead of using a slice of cucumber.

Photo Radish Flower Step 2

3. Place 4 slices under each other inside the cucumber slice as on the photo.

If we place 4 slices as the base, the flower will be much easy to shape and make pretty.

Photo Radish Flower Step 3

4. Roll the rest of the slices together.

Photo Radish Flower Step 4

5. Place the roll of slices in the center.

Photo Radish Flower Step 5

I decorated a small vegetable platter in the center with my radish rose. It makes a fancy presentation for a simple vegetable platter. So cute and fun idea for the summer.

*To make wavy slices I cut vegetables with a wavy (crinkle) knife.

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5. How To Make Chrysanthemum Out Of Radish Garnish

      Chrysanthemum radish garnish is an attractive vegetable plate decoration. The garnish is a great way how to cut radishes for pickling and this garnish idea comes from Japanese cuisine. I can say we need little practice to cut this garnish right. Because if we cut too thick our flowers will not attractive. If we cut too thin the petals will be fragile and the flower easy to come apart.

We Need

  1. Radish
  2. Two long wooden skewers
  3. Small knife

How To Make

  1. Cut the radish root off. Try to cut as less as possible red skin off. This way our flower will be more appealing on the top.  Cut 4 petals at first, it will be easy to cut them slightly under the angle. Our chrysanthemum radishes will look more like real flowers because of the petals coming out of the bottom, not straight.

2. Slice the radish as shown in the photo. Pay more attention when cutting close to the last petal. Make sure you don’t cut off any of the petals.

3. Turn around the radish and slice again.


 4. The Chrysanthemum radish flower is ready. The best way is to soak the flower in ice water for 30 minutes before serving them. Keep radish flowers in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

*On some radishes, we can just spread the top off and the flower is ready to serve but it does not always work this way with every radish.

The beautiful flower out of radish is always complimentary decor for any vegetable platter because of the unique color of the vegetable!

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6. How To Make Fancy Radish Slices In The Shape Of The Flower


          Making fancy slices from radish garnish is a super easy technique! Great look on sandwiches, small appetizers, salads, and much more. We can make it with a pairing knife but not easy to make fine cuts with even small knives. I suggest making a handmade channel knife. The channel knife we can make from food proof and sharp enough metal for this job. I use the lid from canned food to make the tool and it is easy and works great. I have a video and page dedicated to how to make a channel knife. Check the link below!

Flower Garnish from Papaya PhotoRecommended ⇒ How to Make Easy Channel Knife – Garnish Tool

We Need

  1. Radish oval or rounded shape
  2. Pairing knife or the lid from canned food

How To Make

  1. Cut the top and the bottom of radish.

2. Slice the radish. Fancy radish flower slices are ready.

      I garnish the salad with slices of radish and the stars to compare. The radish stars garnish on the salad plate looks more interesting than just slices, in my opinion. The difference will be noticeable much more on small appetizers and sandwiches.


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7. How To Make Mushroom From A Radish

Photo Fly Agaric Mushroom From Radish

         Mushroom from radish is fun decor for a kid’s party table. It is a great garnish if we pair it with cucumber as you can see in the photo or just add a few to a vegetable platter or plate with small appetizers. Fly agaric mushrooms from radish are so easy to make, especially if we use a corer to make a stem. Check out the technique and you might use it in the future!

We Need

  1. Radish oval or rounded shape
  2. Pairing knife
  3. Straw (check alternative below)
  4. 0.5-inch vegetable corer (optional but makes much easier the process)

How To Make

  1. Insert corer halfway inside the radish from the top where are leaves. Make the cut around in the middle of the radish. Make sure, you make a cut where is the corer inserted because the corer stops a knife from cutting off the stem.

I used corer to make my mushroom from a radish because it makes much easier and faster the process. However, we can simply just cut the stem with a paring knife.

Photo Strawberry Mushrooms Made with CorerRecommended ⇒ Uses of Vegetable Corer in My Kitchen. The corer is a great tool to have and check out a few ideas on how I to use it.

2. Remove the bottom and the shape of the mushroom ready.

3. Make marks with a straw on the top of the mushroom. With marks from the straw, our mushroom spots will be the perfect round shapes.

We can also make metal straw from a beverage can and secure with tape. We can make also other things from beverage cans. For example, we can make disposable icing tips to decorate cakes, and much more.

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4. Cut inside marks from the straw with a pairing knife.

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8. Radish Mouse Food Decor For Kids Dishes

         Super cute and easy technique on how to make a mouse out of a radish! We can decorate the vegetable platter with these cute mice radish garnish, a cheese tray for kids, veggie cup appetizers for kids’ parties, and much more. In the photo above I use cheddar cheese and make holes with 2 different sizes of straws, so the cheese looks photogenic. This trick we can use to make cheese garnish more attractive and noticeable. The mouse is so adorable on the wedge of cheese and has no time to make it. A great addition to the summer party table! Kids going to love it!

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We Need

  1. Radish oval or rounded shape with root attached
  2. Pairing knife

How To Make

  1. Cut 2 thin slices from the bottom of the radish. It will be ears for our radish mouse. Make a slice on the top of the radish as on the photo.

I see a slightly different way to make ears but to me this the best way to make ears. Huge ears compare to the mouse’s body makes the mouse so cute.

2. Place ears inside the cut.

We can make also eyes from black sesame seeds, poppy seeds or just simply cut out small eyes as an option. In my opinion, it is not necessary to add eyes because the radish just with ears resembles a mouse so clear without any eyes. I don’t recommend to make eyes from black peppercorns or cloves. The reason these spices are not edible and unpleasant if someone try to eat a radish mouse. With kids, we never know and better stay on the safe side.

So cute radish decoration for kids’ food! The radish mouse is so cute, especially if we serve it with cheese!

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