Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Cute Garnishes

Photo Fun For Kids Watermelon On Stick

        I have a large collection cookie cutters in my kitchen, some over 25 years old. I often time use cookie cutters on my website to make cute toasts, sandwiches and use elements to garnish food and I decided to share what cookie cutters I used as a vegetable and fruit cutter in different shapes. We can make some designs with a paring knife but some designs impossible or time-consuming to make shape without cookie cutters. One day my friend asked me about a butterfly, she said it so cute and she wants to know what cookie cutters I used as decorative fruit cutters so she can use in her kitchen too. After her request, I start this page. Here are a few my favorite cookie cutters sets what I use to garnish food on my website.

*On the photo above I used butterfly cookie cutter from Fox Cookie Cutter Set, info below.

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1. How To Use Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set To Garnish Food

Wilton Linzer Cutter Photo

        The set includes 6 small shapes to make inserts in small sandwich cookies. I did make cookies yet but inserts use a lot to make garnishes. They are so nice to have to make carrot flowers for salad, a star for Christmas tree from cucumber or pickle and much much more! Wilton company has a few different designs of the cookie cutters set. You can find the set at any large online retailers. I bought at “Bed Bath and Beyond” local store. I like to use this set as a shape cutters for fruit and vegetable.

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Christmas Tree Star Made With Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

This Christmas tree from cucumber so cute on small appetizers! We can make on each individually or just place one on the center. To make cucumber ribbon we need vegetable peeler but I am sure almost everybody has it. The star on the Christmas tree from cucumber I made with the star shape cutter from Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set. It makes so perfect shape star and no time at all!

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Photo Christmas tree from cucumber on vegetable tray

Carrot Shapes Garnish Made With Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutters

On the photo, I decorated celery boats stuffed with cream cheese appetizer. The carrot shapes in triangles, hearts, and stars from carrot I made with the star, triangle and heart shape cutters from Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set.

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Photo How to use Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

The Carrot Flower Made With The Flower Cutter

So cute garnish for a summer salad! The flowers from carrot I decorated my cabbage salad I made with the flower shape cutter from Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set.

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Photo Carrot garnish ideas cabbage salad

1. How To Use Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

Size of Cookies Cutters

Small shapes approx. 1″ and the large shape is 2″

Photo Linzen Cookie Cutter Size

  1. 2 small ears inside are for holding inserts.
Wilton Cookie Cutter Set Photo

2. Place any of insert inside round cookie cutter and turn clock wise.

Wilton Set Cookie Cutter Flowers Photo

4. Our cookie cutter is ready to use.

Photo Wilton Cookie Cutter Set Star and Heart

2. How I Use Fox Flowers and Butterflies Cookie Cutter Set To Make Garnishes

Photo Fox Run Cookie Cutter Set

The Fox cookie cutter set I use often to make butterflies. So great and right size for desserts, especially for summer! It is so cute! I took out 4 of my favorite cookie cutters. However, you may like others. So many people, so many tastes.

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The strawberry butterflies I made with a butterfly cookie cutter

Photo Garnish from Orange Flower Photo

Rose from Orange

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The kiwi butterfly I made with a butterfly cookie cutter. Kiwi has so interesting pattern with dots, so it makes so cute butterfly!

Photo Garnish Mango with Mango Flower and Butterfly from Kiwi

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The banana butterfly I made with a butterfly cookie cutter. I like to use my cookie cutters as a shape cutters for fruit!

The butterfly I made with a butterfly cookie cutter from a lemon zest.

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