15 Creative Ways to Use Plastic Wrap in Your Kitchen I Like to Share

        Plastic wrap has so many uses besides the cover plates and food. I am going to share with you my favorite plastic wraps hacks and uses. Some you might know, some maybe will be new for you. Some creative hacks I learned just recently on the Internet and after testing were added to the page. Plastic wrap is really a must-have in my kitchen. Check out tips on how to use plastic wrap.

Tips on How We Can Use Plastic Wrap:

  1. Easy removal with plastic wrap burger patty out of the mold.
  2.  Garnish bowls with plastic wrap ideas.
  3. Cover up a bowl with plastic wrap when using mixing to prevent batter splatters.
  4. Cover the table with plastic wrap when working with dough.
  5. How to juice lime or lemon without seeds.
  6. Plastic wrap is a great cover for cell phones or tablets in the kitchen.
  7. The idea is how to use plastic wrap to garnish butter.
  8. Plastic wrap is an extra grip to open jars.
  9. Shape butter in log or flower shapes with plastic wrap.
  10. Prevent spilling out of glass water.
  11. The plastic wrap keeps bananas fresh longer.
  12. Drain canned vegetables with plastic wrap.
  13. Cover surfaces to prevent cleaning.
  14. Lining a scale with plastic wrap to weigh food.
  15. Preventing sliding plate on the surface (cake decor tip)
  16. How to reuse catering trays with cling wrap

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1. Easy Removal Shapped Burger With Plastic Wrap

        To shape burger meat we need plastic wrap because it helps to remove hamburger patty out of the mold. The process is so easy! Every burger will be the same perfect size. I am shaping burgers in the photo with my dessert dish because it has the right size for my buns. To make different size burgers we can use different size dishes. Just make sure to cover the dish with plastic wrap, it is making so easy meat removal. Check out this easy and useful technique!

How To Use Plastic Wrap To Remove Hamburger Patties

  1. Cover the bottom of the dish with plastic wrap. Place hamburger meat inside the dish.

2. Press lightly the meat. I use the bottom of a small glass.

3. Place the dish upside down, make sure the plastic does not cover with the patty. Hold the plastic with one hand and remove the dish with another hand.

 All patties are the same perfect size!

I used wax paper on the table for purpose. To keep clean my countertop and to layer patties to prevent them to stick to each other.

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2. Garnish Food Idea With Plastic Wrap. Covering Molds For Easy Food Removal

        Plastic makes so much easy to remove some dishes from a mold and easy to garnish. In the photo, I garnished shrimp spread with a shrimp flower, place it in the refrigerator to set. When shrimp spread set, I just removed decorated spread with plastic from the bowl and place the dish on a plate. With plastic shrimp and spread don’t stick to a bowl and are easy to remove. For some dishes really impossible to remove from the mold without a plastic place in the mold.

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Shrimp Butter photo

Shrimp spread photo

       On the photos below, I make a border from cucumber for a nice presentation salad.

Cucumber Border Garnish-2 Photo

Photo Cucumber Border Garnish-1

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3. Cover Up Bowl When Using Mixer

         Love this plastic wrap use, really helpful in my kitchen when I use a hand mixer! I saw this tip online but people suggest use a paper plate that maybe works too. I like to use instead of paper plate plastic wrap. No matter what size of a bowl I used plastic is going to work if I use a paper plate I need to look for a large enough plate to cover a bowl. Another advantage is plastic wrap is clear and I can see the progress of the dough. Just make a hole in plastic wrap large enough, so the plastic does not touch the moving part. Sometimes when I have to open plastic a few times it does not stick to a bowl, I wet with water a bowl and it sticks again great.

     Take a look at the photo, I have a deep enough bowl for the amount of pudding but small splashes appear anyway. So my mixing is splatter-free on walls and counter top.


          This tip how to clean whisk attachments very clever and easy. Really useful when making icing with butter and need to clean attachments. When I saw this tip online, I thought why I didn’t figure it out myself!  Don’t remove an attachment before cleaning, place it in warm soapy water and use it. After soapy water just rinse and it will be perfectly clean.

         This tip so useful for immersion blender! I cut a few times myself when was cleaning it. Check out this page, I am using an immersion blender here ⇒ How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise

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4. Less Cleaning When Work With Dough Cover Table With Plastic Wrap

         I like to cover with a saran wrap table before work with some dough. Wet with water a table before applying plastic, this way plastic wrap stick to the table better. Some dough needs a few layers but in most cases works well with just one layer of plastic wrap. Especially works well when dough needs to stay in the refrigerator, just cover with plastic and I don’t have to clean the table.

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5. How To Juice Lime or Lemon Without Seeds


       How to juice a lime or lemon without seeds many methods. One of the easiest is to wrap lime in plastic wrap. Plastic wrap stops seeds from falling out of the fruit. If we do a fancy presentation for seafood or fish platter, we can make lemon covers out of 2 other food-grade materials. To see 3 techniques check out the link below.

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How To Make Simple Lemon Cover For Juicing Out Of Cling Wrap

       1. Wrap in plastic wrap lime or lemon and tight plastic on the top with a knot.

       2. Make holes with a round object, I used an apple skewer.

       3. Juice lime and as you can see on the photo, all seeds still inside of the plastic wrap.

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6. Use As A Covers For Cell Phone or Tablet When Cooking

        Very useful plastic wrap hack and my favorite I use in my kitchen is cover my cell phone and tablet. When I cooking and need to look for details of the recipe on my phone (tablet) or keep up with all my social profiles, I cover my phone and no any grease will be on my phone. It really works so well!

The ring on the back of my phone I got for Christmas from my lovely daughter-in-law. Love it! Very secure when put on finger my phone and keep a conversation without fear to drop it.

7. How To Use Plastic Wrap To Garnish Herb Butter

Photo Herb Butter Garnish and Recipe

       I used plastic wrap to easy remove butter from a mold when I decorated herb compound butter. To mold my butter I use a lid from my butter dish. Plastic wrap makes this task so much easy! Read more about this technique ⇒ Herb Compound Butter With Garnish Idea

Photo Herb Butter Rose Garnish

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8. Plastic Wrap As Extra Grip To Open Jars

       I use this tip when don’t have rubber gloves on hand. Sealed jars or bottles not easy for me to open, I am not strong enough. However, in most cases easy to tear a piece of plastic wrap and open a jar or a bottle with turning lid. Plastic sticks much better than a towel to a jar lid. Works great for me. I just place plastic wrap on the top jar and turn lid. So much easy to do it with a plastic wrap. Of course, cheaper for me to ask husband to do it but he is not always around.:)

Photo Plastic Wrap Makes Easy To Open Jars

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9. Shape Butter With Plastic Wrap

        Plastic wrap is so handy when we shape food. For example, I show how I shape herb butter in flower shape. Frozen butter we can easy to cut with a hot knife. Just place a blade into hot water and you can easily cut frozen butter log.

Visit this page for herb butter recipe and another garnish idea for herb butter ⇒ Herb Compound Butter With Garnish Idea

Photo Green Butter Recipe Making Log

Photo Herb butter

10. Prevention With Plastic Wrap Spilling From Glass

        I saw this tip on Instagram and it reminds me story. My friend by accident spilled her glass with a drink on her computer and ruined it. She called to me and complained about. I spilled water ones on my computer, but I was lucky because it was just water and not much in my glass. So when I saw this tip, I put it to test.

  Photo Uses for plastic wrap prevents spilling

        It really works! I attached generously plastic and on the glass and place it horizontally. The result you can see in the photo. It may not protect from spilling completely but definitely helps!   Photo Uses for plastic wrap prevents spilling 2

11. Plastic Wrap Keeps Bananas Fresh Longer

  Photo Plastic use to safe bananas

      When I buy a large bunch of bananas, I wrap stems in plastic wrap. Actually, some stores sell bananas already wrapped this way. I am sure they not going to go through extra expenses if it is not effective.

Check out my blog post about bananas ⇒ 17 Creative Notes Ideas On Bananas For Our Loved Ones And More

  Photo How to draw on bananas apple

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12. Drain Canned Vegetables With Plastic Wrap

      If I open manually canned food with a can opener, I don’t need any help to strain because the lid still attached to a can. However, so often time we have cans with loop opener and it does not stay on the can. If you don’t have on a hand can drainer (can strainer), plastic wrap helps here too! Open the jar and place plastic wrap on top. Make a few holes and drain liquid. No clean can drainer!

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13. Cover Surfaces To Prevent Cleaning

       Plastic wrap is great to use to cover surfaces to prevent cleaning. I cover up the top of my refrigerator, for example. It is not visible much but grease and dust will be on plastic and next time I can just replace it with a new one instead of deep cleaning.


14. Lining A Scale Plate To Weight Items Directly On A Scale

    Clear plastic food wrap is great to use to line a scale for small ingredients. For example, I need to weigh yeast on a small scale and don’t want to use a bowl. A plastic wrap is a great option. I can wrap my yeast in it and when ready to bake and all ingredients ready, just unwrap yeast.


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15.Using Plastic Wrap To Prevent Sliding Plate On the Surface


          Plastic wrap is great to use to prevent sliding when we place one plate on another plate. I use it to prevent sliding plates with my cake. The glass plate with the cake I place on Wilton decorating turntable for easy serving at the party but the problem was my glass plate sliding on my turntable. I place plastic wrap between plates and this simple step prevented sliding. Then I place in the cake carrier my 2 plates with the cake and safe transport to friend’s house.

*To cover the cake with crumbles, I used wax paper. The technique you can check here ⇒ 11 Ways How I Use Wax Paper In My Kitchen


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16. How To Reuse Plates And Trays With Cling Wrap


     Cling wrap is great for covering a plastic catering tray to protect it and make it reusable. For example, we can serve sandwiches on covered trays with plastic cling wrap. After the event, we can simply remove the plastic and reuse the trays.

 *Use matching paper napkins under plastic wrap, If we want to match your catering trays with the theme of the party.

Learn more about how I cover trays for events for easy cleaning and reuse ⇒ How To Decorate And Cover Catering Plastic Trays Wrap For Reuse


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     Photo Sharing is caring, reminder

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