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How To Make Fun And Cute Lemon Garnish For Cocktails And Lemonade

1. How Make Butterfly From Lemon Garnish For Cocktails

         The butterfly is so a cute garnish idea from a lemon for a summer theme party! Great decor for a glass lemonade, a variety of cocktails, mocktails, fruit salads in glass, and much more. Great garnish on the glass to impress your guests and loved ones. I like the technique because the butterfly comes out symmetric and looks nice because we cut out the first shape and divided it into two. Easy to follow directions because I am sharing the technique with step-by-step photos.

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  1. We need a quarter of lemon for one butterfly.

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 1

2. Cut off a slice between the skin and fruit. On the top of the wedge.

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 2

3. Cut off the bottom of the lemon wedge.

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 3

3. To create the shape of butterfly wings, I make V-shaped cut out from the top of the lemon wedge.

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 4

4. Cut through on the bottom butterfly.

To make this way cuts I have 2 reasons. First is to hard to cut equally with nice result into the half with one cut. The second reason is we can leave between cuts the skin and when open butterfly like a book, both pieces stay together. It very seldom can be possible with lemon but may work with other citrus fruits.

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Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 5

5. Turn around and cut the top same way.

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 6

6. As you can see butterfly comes out so symmetrical.

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 9

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7. Make a cut in angle as on the photo to hold the lemon butterfly on a glass.

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 7

8. Place on glass and enjoy!

Photo Butterfly From Lemon Step 10

Butterfly from lemon is so great garnish on glass! We can also use this technique to decorate other dishes as well. Our limit is our fantasy!

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Photo Lemon Garnish for drinks

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