5 Garnish Ideas How to Make Your Cocktails Extra Festive with Cinnamon Sticks

      The cinnamon stick is a very common cocktails garnish. For example, cocktail gin and tonic, mullet drinks, and exotic cocktails. Can we decorate the cinnamon stick itself to make it look fun? Yes! I have a few ideas to share with you. I am not an expert about drinks and cocktails but I am very passionate about garnish. So, I learned what professionals use and come out with some of my ideas.

      Cinnamon sticks or call also quilts can be of 2 types. Layered and very fragile are Ceylon cinnamon sticks. The most common cinnamon sticks for drinks are woody cassia quilts which are actually mostly used in photos as beverage decor. Not every technique that I use for cassia sticks can be used for Ceylon sticks. However, it so much depends on the quality of our Ceylon cinnamon sticks.

1. Cinnamon Tree (Ceylon and Cassia Cinnamon sticks)
2. Rim Cinnamon Stick Garnish Ideas (Cassia)
3. Cinnamon Stick Garnish With Edible Markers (Cassia)
4. Engraving Cinnamon Stick Garnish Idea (Cassia)
5. Ceylon Cinnamon Stick In Ice (Ceylon)

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1. Cinnamon Tree Garnish Ideas For Cocktails

Photo Cinnamon Cocktail Tree Garnish Idea

        The most common and very simple cocktail decoration is a cinnamon tree garnish. This garnish idea good for both types of cinnamon sticks – cassia and Ceylon as well. We just stick different greens depends on a cocktail in cinnamon stick and decorate our beverage with mint, basil, rosemary, curry and much more. Cinnamon tree garnish looks like a real tree. The cinnamon bark is cinnamon tree bark and will be floating, so best for pretty presentation place it in the glass with ice, so ice holds the stick in a place where you want. Another method just freeze the stick in the ice. More details in method 5.

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2. Rim Cinnamon Stick Garnish Ideas

        A cinnamon stick in a cocktail is pretty by nature, especially if has texture on it. However, we can bring more fun and color to it by using the same rimming technique as for glasses.  It brings more fun and color to cocktail and definitely will be noticeable touch. We can use colored sugar, sprinkles for cakes, shredded coconut, lemon or orange zest, dry herbs or fresh herbs and much more. It depends on what drink you serve and what ingredients you have on hand.


       To decorate the cinnamon sticks I used honey. The technique is the same as we rim glass. Cover the tip of a cinnamon stick with honey and sprinkle with cake sprinkles, glitters or colored sugar.

We can use very concenrated sugar syrup instead of honey.

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3. Cinnamon Stick Garnish With Wilton Edible Color Markers

       It is so much fun when we can write messages on sticks! “I love you!” “Have fun!” “Enjoy!” and much more. Super easy and no time at all. The best way when we write something around food, to use edible markers. I used Wilton edible markers to write on my cinnamon sticks on the photo. On the photo above I used a green marker and add mint on the top of my cinnamon stick. I suggest using food-safe markers because we don’t want ink in beverage our loved ones.

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Wilton edible markers are easy to wash off with liquid. Notes will be perfect as long as they stay dry.

Photo Cinnamon stick garnish with Wilton markers

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4. Cinnamon Stick Garnish Ideas – Engraving Technique

        A cinnamon stick for cocktails we can make personalized, say something or decorate with designs. It depends on how creative a person is. I am sure you can do much better than I am! I just made heart and face. I appreciate if you send me a photo of your creation and I can share on my website.

       The cinnamon stick is the bark of a cinnamon tree (cassia or Saigon) so we can use the same technique as for wood. I bought for my husband Christmas gift engraving tool and he never opened it. When I was working on my Cinnamon page, I give a try this simple and inexpensive tool. I have to say I don’t know how it works on other materials but for cinnamon sticks, it does a great job.

What we need

Cassia cinnamon stick without knots

Tool Engrave-It Pro Cordless Engraver

Cinnamon sticks with knots are fragile. I tried ingrave one with knot and learned hard way but now I can share with you so you know.


       I engraved a super simple design, smiley face and slightly made traces as hear on the top. Took a tool and do it. For more complicated designs I suggest to scratch the design at first with some sharp tool and after trace it. This way the tip of Engrave-It Pro Cordless Engraver stays on the track. The tool is shaking when it working and not easy to drow without making a trace at first.


       To make the design more noticeable, sprinkle with sugar powder or colored sugar powder. On the heart, I sprinkle red sugar powder and try to get into the design as much as possible powder. When done whipped of around excess of powder.

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5. Ceylon Cinnamon Stick Garnish Idea In Ice

Photo Ceylon Cinnamon Stick Garnish Idea In Ice

        Ceylon cinnamon sticks for cocktails we can place as is but they are so fragile and so many wooden small pieces will be in a glass. This idea to garnish with a Ceylon cinnamon stick works better. The ice holds the cinnamon stick in the same place when we freeze it. This is a simple but elegant way to garnish a cocktail with cinnamon. The cinnamon will release its flavor as the ice melts, adding a subtle sweetness and warmth to your drink.

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What we need

Ceylon cinnamon stick

Paper cup



     1.  The cinnamon stick is going to stay in place how we want if we fix it with a clip like in the photo before pouring the water into the cup.


   2. When water froze I removed the clip. To release from the cup cinnamon stick just warm up the cup from outside with my hands.


   3. I added a small touch the mint leaves in the cinnamon stick and my garnish now is cinnamon tree garnish.


   4. My cinnamon stick with ice was floating. To make it stay I added additional ice into the glass.

    Photo Cinnamon Cocktail Tree Garnish Idea

  With a little creativity, you can easily turn a simple cinnamon stick into a beautiful and delicious flavoring garnish for your cocktails.

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