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How to Make 11 Easy Lemon Garnishes

      Lemon garnishes on this page are simple and easy to make for everyone. It is a decoration for fish and seafood dishes, desserts, beverages, and much more. Lemon has so vibrant color and always brights up any dish. Another reason to use lemon decoration, for example on fruit platters, lemon brightens up the aroma of the fruits on the platter. Every garnish technique on the page has examples of how we can use it on real dishes or beverages and garnishes made from a lemon. Lemons are available all year round, so we can use them at any season.

 On the page lemon cutting techniques:

  1. How to make lemon fish garnish (great on fried fish)
  2. Bloom lemon garnish from lemon peel.
  3. Fun sauce boat dish out of a lemon.
  4. Lemon twist garnish.
  5. Fancy lemon twist.
  6. How to cut lemon in half fancy  or lemon opposite cut garnish (great on a seafood platter)
  7. Lemon wheels in the shape of flowers.
  8. The sun a lemon slices garnish.
  9. How to make butterflies from lemon wedges.
  10. Rose flower from the lemon.
  11. Cute and easy bunny from the lemon.

* One very important tip! If we use lemon for garnish, especially the peel, wash very well to remove chemicals from the lemon skin. Most of the lemon’s skin is covered with coating for longer storage.

1. How to Make Lemon Fish Garnish

Garnish from Lemon Photo

I love this technique because is a super simple lemon garnish idea. This garnish idea from lemon came to me one day and I thought why not give it a try and love it! We can decorate fried fish or baked fish dishes. So fun garnish from the lemon on pickled fish, for example on salmon lox open sandwich. A great addition to any seafood dish, for example on scallops. Another use for this fish-shaped lemon slices garnish is to use it for kids’ dessert for a fish-themed party. 

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1 Technique

  1. This is cut lengthwise like you cut wedges but is actually thinly cut slices. About  1/8 inch thick. Then cut the thin slice in half as shown. Make 1 inch cut like on the photo.

Fish Shape from Lemon Photo

2. Place one slice inside of the cut and shape a fish.

Photo Fish Shape from Lemon and Lime

 So easy and cute lemon garnish for fish!

Fish Shape from Lemon Photo

Video Lemon Garnish in Shape of Fish

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2. Bloom Lemon Garnish Design

         This lemon decoration technique to make a fun dish for tartar sauce is a fancy lemon garnish for a fish dish. Can be a cute addition to seafood platter as well. The presentation of tartar sauce in the lemon dish is so unique, it is a nice way to impresses your guest. Very important to choose lemon with a right shape. Check my photos. I don’t recommend to choose round shape lemon for this project.

2 Technique

  1. Mark petals on the lemon before making cuts, so all petals nice and even. If we don’t do it, hight possibilities last petal will be too narrow, happen to me many times. I use as a guide on my lemon a cookie cutter on the photo. I press it in and use marks as a guide. It is absolutely not necessary to use any guide, just make marks so petal will be even.

2. Cut out the flower with paring knife. It will be the base for our lemon flower bloom.

Photo Bloom Lemon Decoration Technique Step 1

3. Cut the bottom for stability on the plate.

4. Peel the lemon. Try to make lemon ribbon as thin as possible.

5. Remove pith if need it for more flexibility.

6. Roll the ribbon into a roll. Place into the center of the flower base.

This technique slightly different than simple flower from a peel. The small difference in techniques and flowers looks different too.

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3. How to Make Fun Sauce Boat For Tartar Sauce From Lemon

Photo Sauce Dish from Lemon with Tartar Sauce

         This lemon decoration technique to make a fun dish looks like a sauce boat to serve tartar sauce is a fancy lemon garnish for a fish dish. Can be a cute addition to a seafood platter as well. The presentation of tartar sauce in the lemon dish is so unique, it is a nice way to impress your guest. Very important to choose a lemon with the right shape. I recommend choosing oval shaped lemon with a pointed end for this project.

3 Technique

  1. Cut the lemon horizontally. The top will be the base for our lemon sauceboat.

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 1Photo

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 2 Photo

2. Cut around the lemon like shown on the photo, it is makes easy to remove inside with spoon.

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 3 Photo

3. Remove inside of the lemon with a spoon.

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 4 Photo

4. Attach the handle, I cut stripe from the top of the lemon. Fill with desirable sauce and serve. On the photo, I have tartar sauce and serve with fried fish.

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 5 Photo

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4. How to Make Lemon Twist Garnish

Fish Plate from Foil Photo

Twist lemon garnish doesn’t need any effort to make a beautiful decoration for our dish. One of the easy and fancy ways to cut lemons. Very common garnish at restourants. No time to make for this simple and nice garnish idea for food plate, dessert, cake and much more!

 On the photo, baked fish served in fish-shaped foil plate.

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4 Technique

  1. Cut a slice of lemon or lime halfway how I show on the photo.

Lemon Easy Garnishes Photo

2. Twist it and garnish is ready to go on the plate.

Lemon Garnish Photo

Lemon and lime combination makes a beautiful garnish.

Lemon and Lime Twist Garnish Photo

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5. Fancy Lemon Garnish Twist

Garnish from Lemon Photo

       The fancy way to cut lemon is garnish twist. Twisted lemon is so common restaurant-style decoration technique from a lemon for fish and seafood dishes. The twist is a very practical use for garnish with lemon because we can decorate so many plates with one lemon. We can make garnish like the fan or little simple twist and gorgeous addition to our plate is ready in a few seconds. I am sure, most people know this simple lemon garnish but it is so cute and I add it to my garnish collection on my website.

5 Technique

  1.  I like this super simple lemon garnish technique!

Lemon Garnishes Photo

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6. How To Make Lemon Opposite Cut Garnish For Food Plating

Photo Lemon Garnish Opposite Cut

       How to cut a lemon in half fancy is so easy technique. We also can call it the opposite cut lemon garnish we can use on any fish or seafood dish or for fruit platter presentation. So interesting shape! A very attractive and interesting fancy garnish to the seafood platter instead of just cut in half! The lemon half cut this way gives the plate more dimension and makes the plate look attractive. It was kind of confusing at first, how to place knives to make cuts right but when you try a few times it should be not a problem. We can use this technique for other vegetables and fruits as well.

Photo Lemon Garnish Fried Fish

I use this technique to make cucumber and onion garnishes.

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6 Technique

  1.  Place knife (black handle) inside the lemon. Make the cut with a knife (red handle).

Fancy Garnish from Lemon Step 1 Photo

2. Turn knife with black handle, don’t move knife with a red handle, just make same cut on the other side of lemon.

3. Separate the lemon halves and our garnish is ready!

How to make fancy garnishes from lemon Photo

This lemon garnish looks even better if we place green dill or parsley in the center.

This quick and easy lemon garnish makes a very nice dish presentation!

Decorative Lemon Garnish Photo

Video How To Cut Lemon In Half Fancy For Garnish

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7. Simple Lemon Cuts Flowers Garnish

Photo Flower from lemon

     I the simple lemon garnish slices on the photo I made with a handmade garnish tool. We can make cuts with a paring knife to make a design but it so hard to make so fine cuts. You don’t have to buy a fancy garnish tool, make it yourself! On the market, you can find a garnishing tool called a channel knife but if we make garnish a few times a year, no reason to buy it. The technique is super easy!

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8. The Sun Cute And Easy Lemon Garnish For A Tea

Photo Sun from lemon garnish cup tea

        This sun lemon garnish on a teacup is so cute and easy to make to impress your friends or family. So cheerful garnish! This is a great technique for cocktails as well.

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9. The Butterfly From Lemon Garnish

Photo Butterfly lemon garnish for cocktails

      The butterfly from the lemon is so easy to make and great decor from lemon for desserts, kids dishes, drinks and much more. My favorite way to use this lemon decor on a glass because the decor can be used for ice water. Just a simple touch and looks so impressive, especially for summer party. From one lemon we can make a few butterflies for a festive party garnish. After I learned how to make butterfly from lemon, I can make it from differents fruits as well with the same technique. We can make butterfly garnish from mango, kiwi, peaches, melons and much more.

Learn how to make butterfly from lemon with step by step photos and video → How To Make Lemon Garnish For Cocktails Or Lemonade

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10. Beautiful Lemon Garnish Flower

Mango Plate Decor Photo

The flower is a great decoration for the seafood platters, desserts, and much more. The technique how to make a flower step by step with video is so easy to follow.

⇒ Read more about the technique 

11. Cute and Easy to Make Bunny Garnish from Lemon

Photo Rabbit from Lemon Kids Food Garnish

The bunny is so easy to make and a very cute decoration for Easter or for kids food. We can make bunnies from so many fruits, vegetables, and other food. Check it out. Great technique!

⇒ Bunny Garnish for Kids Easter Food Decoration Idea

12. A Lemon Peel Flower Garnish

Garnish Shrimp from Lemon Peel Photo

The flower from the lemon. We can make the center of a flower from olive and decorate fish or other dishes. The technique how to make the flower from a lemon I explain step by step on orange and also you can watch the video.

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Lemon Tips

  1. The best way to store lemons or limes in ziplock bags in the refrigerator.
  2. To get the most of the juice out of a lemon (lime), roll it under your hand before is going to cut.How to juice lemon tip 1 Photo

3. Lemon is great to serve with seafood or fish dishes and the best way to cover it, so seeds not going to get in the dish. Check out 3 ways to make food-grade covers for lemon or lime for juicing.

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