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7 Ideas How To Cut Cucumber For Cocktails Fun And Cute

      Cucumber is a common garnish for some gin and tonic cocktails, cucumber martinis, and other summer cocktails. Cucumber is not only a pretty and fun garnish, but it is also bringing fresh flavor to the beverage. I have a few ideas on how we can cut the cucumber into a cocktail garnish and going to share them with you. To make some of these garnishes we need just use a paring knife but some garnishes need a garnishing tool to make it. Check out these easy ideas on how to make cucumber garnish for drinks.

    Garnishes For Cocktails On The Page:

  1. Heart Cucumber Garnish For Drinks
  2. Easy Fun Face Cucumber Garnish
  3. How To Make Cucumber Flower (video)
  4. Bamboo Cucumber Garnish (video)
  5. Spiral Curls
  6. Cucumber Balls Garnish
  7. Cucumber Waffles (video)
  8. Super Simple Christmas Tree From Cucumber
  9. Christmas Tree From Cucumber Ribbon

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1. Heart Cocktail Garnish Out Of Cucumber

       A heart from cucumber garnish is a great romantic garnish for different drinks nonalcoholic and alcoholic as well. This is the perfect cucumber cocktail garnish for Valentine’s Day to impress someone special! To make this easy but impressive garnish we need just a pairing knife and a cutting board, no special tools are needed.


  1. Slice the cucumber at an angle. The slice should be not less quarter of an inch. We need to have enough thickness for our skewer.

2. Cut the slice on a diagonal. Make sure each side looks like half of a heart. Turn the half around and the heart is ready!

3. Most of the time it works great. However, if the heart has not in perfect shape, try to use half from another slice.

So a simple and impressive cucumber garnish for a cocktail. The heart cucumber garnish is a great romantic garnish for a dinner of two and Valentine’s Day!

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2. Fun Faces Easy Cucumber Cocktail Garnish Technique

Photo Cocktail cucumber garnish smily

     This is so easy and fun cucumber cocktail garnish idea! One day I was cutting cucumber and try to make a design with a straw. So cool effect! We can make Halloween scary faces, fun smiley faces and more limit just our creativity! I always looking for easy cucumber cocktail garnish ideas and this is really fun and easy one! On the photo above, I garnished cucumber water.


  1. Cut into around 1-inch pieces cucumber. Make eyes with a straw. A mouth we can make with straw different size, garnish tool or just pairing knife. Make a vertical cut on the middle halfway through and attach to the glass. The cutest face what I like the smiley one. I use garnish tool to make the mouth but not necessarily have one. We can make just almost the same from a can lid. Just bend it in the desired angle.

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Photo Cucucmber cocktail garnish fun face

        I tried to cut a longer piece of cucumber and make eyes and mouth with a straw and after cut into 1-inch pieces what is much faster. My faces look so different on the top than on the bottom because straw is not solid but it still fun faces for Halloween!

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3. How To Make Cucumber Flower For Cocktails

Cucumber Cocktail Garnish Flower Photo

      Try to make cute cocktail garnish from cucumber ribbon in shape of rose from cucumber and you are going to like this easy and very festive cocktail decor. How to make cucumber flower is super easy garnish technique and can be used for food garnish as well. For the best appearance of our rose garnish better to use an English cucumber because we can make a longer ribbon.

We Need

Long cucumber

Vegetable peeler



  1. Cut from cucumber ribbon with vegetable peeler.

Cucumber Cocktail Garnish 1 Photo

2. The ribbon fold a few times, it saves time when we are going to make cuts.

Cucumber Cocktail Garnish 2 Photo

3. Make cuts inside the ribbon as on the photo below.

*We can make the cuts on the 45º angle instead of vertical cuts. It will be slightly different flower looks. However, we can’t able to speed up the process and fold the ribbon. If we fold the ribbon and make cuts in angle, after unfolding it the ribbon will have cuts in different directions.

Cucumber Cocktail Garnish 3 Photo

4. Fold the ribbon in half.

Cucumber Cocktail Garnish 4 Photo

5. Roll the ribbon into the spiral.

Cucumber Cocktail Garnish 5 Photo

6. The cucumber rose stays nice on the top of the cocktail if we have enough ice in the glass or use cocktail pic to hold the rose together.

Rose From Cucumber Cocktail Decor Photo

The cucumber rose is a great easy cocktail garnish idea! On the photo below I used plastic cocktail pic to hold the cucumber rose together.

    Rose cocktail garnish photo


Video How To Make Bamboo Garnish From Cucumber

4. Cucumber Bamboo Garnish For Cocktail

Photo Cucumber cocktail garnish bamboo

      How to cut the cucumber in the shape of bamboo, I saw on YouTube for the first time. Love the idea, great to garnish cocktails or sushi with cucumber! To make it easy we can use instead of leaves from cucumber we can use thyme for example. However, thyme not everybody has, so I show in technique direction the whole design from the cucumber. On the photo below I garnished sushi with cucumber bamboo cut in half.

Photo Sushi cucumber garnish idea bamboo

We Need

Small cucumber


Garnish knife V shape


  1. Cut off the dark green skin by not perfect stripes, it will be internode of our bamboo from the cucumber. Try to leave wide enough dark green stripes, so when we make narrow light stripe it will be noticeable.

Photo How to cut cucumber to shape of bamboo

2. I make a narrow stripe on the middle each dark green skin area and it is our bamboo node.

Photo Cucumber cocktail garnish bamboo 2

3. To make bamboo more realistic we need leaves. I cut out leaves from the dark skin cutoffs.

Photo Bamboo garnish from cucumber

4. I make small cuts in my bamboo to place leaves.

Photo How to make bamboo from cucumber

5. I made a cut on the base of my cucumber bamboo and place on the glass.

Photo Cucumber cocktail garnish bamboo


Video How To Make Bamboo Garnish From Cucumber

5. Double Spiral Curls Cucumber Cocktail Garnish

Photo Gin Tonic Cucumber garnish

     Cucumber curls so cute garnishing for gin tonic cocktail because it is a clear beverage. To make this fun and cute cucumber garnish we need fruit curler garnish tool. On the photo above I garnish beverage with double curl together but we can use them separately as well.

     Fruit curlers can be double curlers with two loops on it and a single loop. I am going to show how to make a double spiral from the cucumber. Single spiral curl we make similar as double. To make double cucumber spiral I used my tool from Wolfgang Puck garnishing set.

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  1. The handle is attachable. Place the handle on the shaft and insert the tool into a cucumber.

Photo How to make cucumber spirals 1

2. Turn in a clockwise direction and when see the loops of the tool remove the handle and take out the curler.

Photo How to make cucumber spirals 2

3. Use the handle to start taking out the spiral by moving it counterclockwise direction.

If you not going to use the tube of cucumber for stuffing, simply just cut cucumber into half and remove spiral.

Photo How to make cucumber spirals 3

4. Spiral can be used as a double spiral curl to garnish cocktails. Also, we can use separate curls. We can separate curls by twisting them in opposite directions.

Photo How to make cucumber spirals 4

Cucumber spiral curls look so good in a glass!

Photo Gin Tonic Cucumber garnish

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6. How To Make Cucumber Balls For Cocktails

Photo How to cut cucumber into balls

      Very cute and fun cucumber garnish for cocktails or for flavored cucumber water. To make balls out of cucumber we need garnish tool melon baller. Usually inexpensive tool and easy to use. So cute when we use flavoring water with different color fruits.

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      Deep melon baller all the way into the cucumber flesh and turn around. Our cucumber ball is ready.

Photo Cucumber cup with melon baller

      We can use skewers for cucumber balls or just add to a cocktail as is.

Photo Cocktail garnish with cucumber balls

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7. Cucumber Waffles Garnish for Cocktails

Photo Cucumber garnish for cocktail waffles

       To make waffles from cucumber we can use different tools. For example, we can use mandoline which has special blades but more simple and affordable way to make cucumber waffles is a crinkle knife. Not every crinkle knife is good to make this garnish. We need zig-zag look knife, not just waves. The technique is easy but needs little practice.

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Video How To Make Decorative Garnish

8. How To Cut Cucumber For Cocktails Into Christmas Tree

Photo How to cut cucumber for cocktail into Christmas tree

      The Christmas tree is so cute and simple garnish for any cucumber cocktail. We can make from carrot a star and place on the top of Christmas tree when we use a skewer but I like as is on at the glass. To make this Holiday cocktail garnish we don’t need much time at all! We just need a crinkle knife or other name for this tool wavy knife as we need to make cucumber waffles. Not every crinkle knife is good to make this garnish. We need zig-zag look knife, not just waves.

On the photo, I used a cinnamon stick for garnishing. I decorated it with cake sprinkles.

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Photo Cinnamon stick garnish with Wilton markers

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9. Cucumber Christmas Tree For Cocktails

Photo Christmas tree from cucumber garnish on drink Photo

      To make this Christmas tree from cucumber I used a vegetable peeler. How to make this cucumber garnish with step by step photos and video on my cucumber garnish ideas page. Read more here ⇒ 13 Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas With Many Photos And Videos

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