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How to Make Rose Out Of Lemon To Garnish Food

Photo How to make lemon flower

       The most beautiful lemon flower garnish technique I know! We can make it from a lemon or other fruits and vegetables! I show the example with step-by-step photos on how to make citrus garnish flower, but we can use this technique to make a flower from orange (watch the video at the bottom of the page), tomato, cucumber, pickles, radish, mango, avocado, peach, strawberry, cherry, peach, plum, cooked beet, cooked carrot, salami, ham, cheese. The list is endless. On the photos under my video at the bottom of the page examples of how pretty flowers we can make!

      I learned this simple technique many years ago. The technique is slightly different than we usually see on the Internet. Rose comes out so realistic and we don’t need any artistic skills. It is a great decoration for dishes for a holiday or to impress your family and friends. A fruit platter is so beautiful when we garnish it with the vibrant color flower from lemon or orange.

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We need:

  1. Cut the lemon in half and slice as thin as possible. We can make 2 beautiful lemon flowers from 1 lemon.


  1. Cut the lemon in half and slice as thin as possible. We can make 2 beautiful lemon flowers from 1 lemon.

2. Place 4 larger slices under each other and it will be our base for the flower. If I need to place on the flat surface my rose, I make a “ring” from a slice of lemon. It makes also easy transfer flower from cutting board to plate.

3. Spread slices and roll close to each other.

4. Place on base and spread petals our flower from lemon for more realistic look.

 Rose from lemon is a great garnish for fruit platters, fish dishes, and much more! The lemon rose is so beautiful!

Photo How to make lemon flower

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VIDEO How To Make Flower For Garnish

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Garnish from Radish Rose photo

Rose from Radish

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Rose from Strawberry

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Flower from Beets

Rose from Beets

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Photo Garnish from Orange Flower Photo

Rose from Orange

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