3 Cute Hard Boiled Egg Garnish Techniques To Decorate Food

Photo Flower without egg mold

           Hard-boiled eggs garnish is a great way to decorate breakfast plates, salads, sandwiches, toasts or serve eggs as-is with a drop of mayonnaise on the side. Slices or diced boiled eggs can be used as a great garnish for kids or to impress someone special in your life. Check out more ideas on what we can make from hard-boiled eggs for Valentine’s Day and serve fancy for the holiday table eggs. Fun and easy techniques!

On this page 3 techniques to garnish dishes with hard-boiled eggs:

  1. How To Make Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs Without Mold.
  2. How To Make A Flower Shaped Egg Without Mold.
  3. How To Cut Boiled Eggs Fancy With A Wavy Knife.

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     Very Important Tips To Know Before Make This Garnish!

  1. Always have an extra egg to use to avoid stress. If something goes wrong with one, you can use another. For example, not every egg we can peel easy and some after peeling are not possible to use to make the heart shape.
  2. Sometimes egg white can be fragile. The skewer can cut egg white instead of press on it. We can wrap the egg in plastic to prevent damage to the egg white.

1. How To Make A Heart Shaped Hard-Boiled Egg Without Mold

Photo heart out of boiled egg

      Great idea of how to make heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs without the cookie-cutter or any molds. We can use the heart made out of the boiled egg for garnishing breakfast for Valentine’s day or add a special touch for a healthy salad, for example. The egg can be sliced or we just cut it in half and have 2 hearts. So easy technique!

We Need

  1. Freshly made warm hard-boiled egg
  2. 1 wooden skewer
  3. 2 rubber bands
  4. Scissors
  5. Juice or milk carton

*I tried to use a cold egg from the refrigerator and it does not work great as a freshly boiled egg. It can be shaped but white of the egg very fragile and easy to damage.

Photo Heart from egg need

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  1. Cut rectangular from the beverage carton. Place the freshly boiled warm egg inside.

We can use instead of a beverage carton, side of large metal can or plastic if it rigid enough to hold sides of the egg. We can also use cardboard too, just cover it with food-grade plastic.

2. Place the wooden skewer on the top of the egg and secure it with a rubber band.

I used a corn skewer or candy apple stick. We can substitute it for writing pen refill.

3. Leave a rubber band for 5-10 minutes. Remove egg.

We can use instead of a rubber band sewing elastic, for example.

4. We can slice egg and have a few hearts or just cut in half and have two hearts.

I made my hard boiled egg in the heart shape without any mold! Fun and easy egg garnish idea to decorate any plate!

Photo Heart without egg mold

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2. How To Make Flower From Hard-Boiled Egg Without Mold

Photo Flower without egg mold

        The technique is how to make a hard boiled egg look like a flower without mold is easy! The flower made out of the boiled egg is so cute decor for a bento lunch box for kids, breakfast, salads, and much more. We can make it in advance and use this cute garnish from an egg when we need it. When I saw online this technique for the first time I tried to make the flower the same way how they show and was disappointed. Skewers cut my egg white and it didn’t work for me. With time I tried again and found the solution! So, when you look at my direction pay attention to one very important detail in step one. Check it out and impress your family and friends!

* We can make 2 eggs at the same time but it is not so easy. I tried myself and suggest making each flower separate.

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We Need

  1. Freshly made warm hard-boiled egg
  2. Plastic wrap
  3. Wooden pick up sticks
  4. 2 Rubber bends

In the photo, I missed 2 rubber bands. We need 2 rubber bands to hold skewers and plastic on the egg.

How To Make

  1. Place egg on plastic wrap. At first wrap the egg in plastic wrap and this way, skewers don’t cut egg white. Then wrap the egg in plastic with skewers. When I roll the egg I adjust skewers so my flower petals have the same size petals.

2. Secure the skewers with rubber bands on each side. Leave for 5-10 minutes and unwrap.

The flower made out of hard boiled egg is cute and great to decorate any plate for kids or make summer salad for the party!

How to make the egg look like a flower we don’t need much time but how impressive the photo looks with the fun ladybug sandwich!

Thank you, Julia, for the artistic photos! Some photos on the page made by Julia.

Photo Flower out of egg

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3. Fancy Cut Boiled Eggs With A Wavy Knife

Eggs wave handmade garnish tool Photo

        This wavy pattern boiled egg cutting technique is so easy. We need a wavy knife but if you don’t have one – make one! I often use this technique I have a few wavy knives myself but just for fun tried to make one from a can lid and see what I made here. It works great for a simple job like cut small vegetables or boiled eggs. Check out on this page ⇒ Hack How to Make Easy Channel Knife Substitute I have a photo of my handmade tool and much more.

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I like to use a wavy knife to cut eggs for stuffing. Takes the same time as eggs if we use a chef’s knife but looks more interesting to serve on the Holiday table. In the photo below I served stuffed eggs with black caviar.  These are just a few ideas for garnishing hard-boiled eggs. With a little creativity, you can come up with your own unique and beautiful garnishes.

Photo How to garnish deviled eggs with caviar

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4. Simple And Easy Way To Make Garnish From Egg Slice

    Photo Russian Okroshka Cold Soup

This is a super-easy way how we can make a slice of hard-boiled egg in the shape of a flower. We just need the right size cookie cutter or cut petals with a pairing knife. Small detail but so cute an egg garnish idea. My cold Russian soup okroshka and Russian radish salad I decorate with a simple egg slice garnish idea in the flower shape. Great easy egg decor for summer dishes!

Photo Russian radish salad

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