Russian Stuffed Eggs Recipe with Garlic

        Photo Russian Stuffed Eggs Recipe with Garlic

         I call this recipe Russian stuffed eggs because it is a very common recipe in Russia, where I am from. The recipe has just a few ingredients but it is very tasty like probably any deviled eggs! I made the recipe all my life for as long as I remember. Just recently my husband asked to make Russian-style deviled eggs for the family Thanksgiving dinner because he likes them. I didn’t plan to feature the recipe on my website but because of this opportunity took photos and share the recipe with you. I wish, I better photographer! The photo below is from our family Thanksgiving dinner.

Photo Russian Deviled Eggs

        I garnished eggs with so many variations of toppings. For example, parsley single leaf for each egg on top, simple and nice. Paprika, the topping you can see in the photo on the bottom of the page. Parsley flakes, potato chip crumbles, and much much more. Give a try this great finger food!

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Russian Stuffed Eggs Recipe

Russian stuffed eggs with garlic


6 eggs

2 oz (60g) soft cheese

1 clove garlic

3 teaspoon mayonnaise

Black pepper to taste

*I used Creamy Swiss spreadable cheese 3 wedges, each wedge is 0.75 oz (21g)

Photo How to make homemade mayonnaise recipeRecommended ⇒ Homemade Mayonaise Recipe and Very Detailed Technology Of Preparation.  Super easy to make. If you don’t want to use raw eggs, use pasteurized eggs.  I base the info on my old Russian textbook from culinary college. 

Cooking Direction

  1. Cut eggs in half and remove egg yolks. Make purred garlic with a knife or use a garlic press. Mash with a fork very well yorks, cheese, mayonnaise and paste from garlic. Add black pepper and salt to taste.

2.  Very convenient and much faster than with a spoon to use a plastic bag to fill eggs with mixture. Just cut one corner and is ready to use! I like to use glass for convenience to fill the bag. I used the baking tip to make a design but without a tip, just a bag works great too.

*With tip better to use freezer bags they are much stronger than food storage bags.

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Stuffed Eggs Simple Garnish Ideas


       The photo of my stuffed eggs garnished with paprika I made for my husband’s friend’s garage party. To garnish plates I used curly lettuce not only for decor the plates but it is the practical use as well. My eggs are on the lettuce and don’t touch directly the plastic.

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        In the photo below, I cut eggs with a wavy knife called also french fries knife. We can use a french fries knife, so eggs have an interesting design on the edges. Read more about french fries knife → 11 Ideas How To Use A Crinkle Cutter To Garnish Food

Photo Russian Stuffed Eggs Recipe with Garlic

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The same recipe, just without garlic great to serve with caviar. Very impressive and delicious way to serve red or black caviar. Salty caviar and eggs so good pairing! Caviar makes casual appetizer into fancy and luxury treat!

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