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11 Ideas How To Use A Crinkle Cutter To Garnish Food

            I have a few crinkle cutters in my kitchen. A Crinkle knife or wavy knife is a very handy garnish tool for food presentation. Each of these tools has a different purpose in my kitchen. I am going to share with you how I use them in my kitchen. So many ways how to use a crinkle cutter. I use it as a knife to cut wavy patterns on fruit and vegetable what is a very common use. Also, we can use it to make some like a gnocchi tape pasta or make cookies what is not common use at all but the surface of the wavy knife is so great for these uses. Just place dough on the blade and roll it and the patterned dough is ready! The more common way I use this kitchen garnish tool of course for food decor!

           Take a look at a simple Christmas tree and waffles food decoration techniques and I can say this tool you must have, of course, if you like to decorate food. So impressive on appetizers platter or on finger food just look a few examples on this page below!

Crinkle knife uses:

  1. How To Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Cucumber With Crinkle Knife.
  2. Christmas Tree – Simple Cake Decor With Crinkle Cutter.
  3. Fancy Cheese Cuts With A Crinkle Knife.
  4. Fruits Cuts With Crinkle Knife To Decorate Desserts.
  5. How To Make Vegetable Waffles With Crinkle Knife.
  6. Salad Garnish With Crinkle Knife – Vegetable Wedges.
  7. French Fries With Crinkle Knife.
  8. Potato Wedges For Roasting With Crinkle Knife.
  9. Vegetables With Crinkle Knife For Stew Or Soups.
  10. Cut Wavy Butter To Serve On Bread Or Toast.
  11. Cut Wavy Carrots For Vegetable Mix.

Crinkle Cutter I Mostly Use To Garnish Food Is OXO Good Grips Crinkle

Handmade Wavy Garnish Tool Photo

       On the photos above my crinkle knives and one is handmade. Handmade crinkle knife I made for fun from a can lid, just to see how difficult to do it and how well it is going to work. Super easy to make a patterned knife and if you like you can try to make much more kitchen garnish tools from a can lid! Just garnish tool DYI tip here. However, factory-made crinkle knives compared to chef knives are inexpensive and of course, for long use better buy.

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             I have to say my favorite OXO good grips crinkle cutter! Another name for this tool is the wavy French fry potato cutter. I have had it for over 5 years. I like it because it has a great very noticeable pattern when I make cuts and also I can make my favorite waffles garnishes, which is impossible with my other wavy knives. The best crinkle cutter use is to cut fancy wavy vegetables for vegetable platters or make waffles garnish from vegetables. I can’t able to make waffles garnish with my other wavy knives.

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1. How To Make A Christmas Tree From Cucumber With Crinkle Knife

     Photo Christmas Tree From Cucumber With Wavy Knife

       Cute and simple, very easy to make and great food decoration for the Christmas party made with crinkle knife! Choose a crinkle knife with a zigzag blade, not wavy. I use my OXO tool. The Christmas tree will be so cute as you can see in the photos. We can decorate with cucumber Christmas trees individually on small appetizers or make just one tree in the center. For the best effect better serve on a darker background. For example, on smoked salmon. In the photos below, I served on rice crackers and my trees blend in. We can also serve vertically on a toothpick our cucumber Christmas tree garnish. If you have a wooden skewer with a star on the top, it works great too.

I already have 2 Christmas trees from cucumber, easy to make and fun. See it here → 13 Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas With Many Photos And Videos


Christmas Tree From Cucumber With Crinkle Knife

      We can serve our Christmas tree garnish flat or on a toothpick. Everything depends on your personal preferences. The technique is super simple and doesn’t need much time.

Technique 1

  1. Cut a wavy circle with crinkle knife.

2. Cut on angle each side of the cucumber slice and our Christmas tree is ready to decorate any appetizer.

Technique 2 – Vertical Serving

1. Make a wavy slice and place on a toothpick before making a tree.

Our premade cucumber Christmas tree almost impossible to thread on a toothpick. It is very fragile.

2. When wavy cucumber slice on a toothpick so easy to make cuts on sides.

Photo Cucumber Christmas Tree With Crinkle Knife 2

3. The top of my tree I decorated with a star from carrot but we can make from cheddar cheese as well. Or even better, if you have skewers with a premade star or snowflake on a top.

The star I made with a cookie cutter from my cookie set. Read more ⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

Photo Wavy cucumber Christmas tree

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2. Christmas Tree – Simple Cake Decor With Crinkle Cutter


        With a crinkle knife, we can make a super easy Christmas tree to decorate the cake. I didn’t have much time to make decor and come up with this simple idea. I make this decor for my Christmas cake in 2021. Just one tip to make this decor work well. Make sure your trees are rigid enough. My trees were fine sometimes but when everybody was ready for desserts, my trees were standing not straight anymore. If I toasted them slightly in the toaster oven, my decor stay straight much longer.


     To make my Christmas tree I use one of the layers of my cake. I cut the segment and my Christmas tree is ready!

       Before placing trees on the cake, I make 3 holes with a knife in my cake. I sprinkle each tree with sugar powder and insert them into holes. The cake decor is ready and it took me to make my Christmas trees less than a couple of minutes.

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3. Fancy Cheese Cuts With A Crinkle Knife

      Shaped cheese for tray Photo

    A crinkle knife we can use to cut cheese for cheese platters or appetizers instead of boring cubes. Great way to serve cheese as a snack for family and friends. We can make a small canape with cheese in this interesting shape and much much more. On the photo below, I decorated a cheese platter with hedgehog made out of pear and grapes. So cute and fun way to serve cheese for a kid’s party.

      Photo Hedgehog From Pear With Cheese

     I cut cheese for Thanksgiving cheese platter on the photo and decorated it with a cheese ball that looks like a turkey. So easy and fun idea for Thanksgiving Holiday table. Cheeses with different colors look so nice on the cheese platter with crackers and nuts.

Turkey Shaped Cheese Ball Photo

Feathers carrot garnishRecommended ⇒ How To Make Cheese Ball Into Turkey Easy Thanksgiving Garnish. I have 6 tail ideas on this page and detailed techniques on how to make it with photos.

4. Fancy Fruits Cuts With Crinkle Knife

      Photo Peach flower garnish Idea

     The easiest garnish to use is a crinkle knife to cut fruits for fruit platters of desserts. In the photo above, I used kiwi fancy cuts to garnish chocolate pudding for my husband. I very often use a crinkle knife to decorate ice cream too with other fruits. The kiwi slices give more visual interest to the dessert because zigzag design.

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5. How To Make Vegetable Waffles With Crinkle Knife

     Photo Waffle Cucumber garnish cut

     We can make waffles garnish with crinkle knife and it is a very attractive garnish for so many dishes. Need little practice but it easy to make a few for a salad plate.

This design is so good to decorate canned vegetables, make potato waffles and much more. 

Photo Salad in Jar Waffle Garnish Carrot Easy 

     Photo Chayote Squash salad recipe garnish with carrot


  1. The first slice will be just slice. Turn cucumber ninety degrees or from A to B. Next slice make as close as possible to edge. The technique you can see it very clear in my video.

Copy Cucumber garnish waffle shape

Photo Waffle Cucumber garnish

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Video How To Slice Cucumbers In Shape Of Waffles With Crinkle Knife

6. Fancy Salad Garnish With Crinkle Knife – Vegetable Wedges


      I like to use crinkle knife to make salad fancy. No much effort! Just use instead chef knife this tool to make wedges from different vegetables. On the photo, I garnished my chicken salad with wavy cucumber wedges. Tiny change makes my salad immediately looks more interesting. You feel like a person who made this salad for you put more effort to make your meal than just slice vegetables. A really cool tool to cut vegetables for a salad!  

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7. French Fries With Crinkle Knife

Photo French Fries with Wolfgang Puck garnishing crinkle chopper

        For French fries potatoes, I like to use a wavy crinkle knife because it just slightly changes the shape of the potatoes. Actually, another name for crinkle cutter is french fries cutter.

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8. Roasted Potato Wedges With Crinkle Knife

      I make potato wedges with a crinkle knife and they immediately became fancy potato wedges. Takes the same time to make if we cut with a chef knife or crinkle knife but absolutely different effect. Works great for potatoes and sweet potatoes. Really, a great way to serve potatoes for Holidays. I use both shapes of blades of wavy knives for baked potato wedges.

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9. Vegetables With Crinkle Knife For Stew Or Soups


      If we cut carrots and other vegetables for stew with crinkle knife instead of dicing, vegetables look so nice! I like to use for this purpose a wavy crinkle knife instead of a zigzag one. The wavy crinkle knife is my favorite for slicing vegetables for stews or soups.

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10. Cut Wavy Butter To Serve On Bread Or Toast

    Photo Cut Wavy Butter

        Butter pats cut with crinkle knife are so nice to serve on the breakfast table. Great with porridge, bread, toast, and much more! Just slice butter with a crinkle knife and butter ready to serve. We can make it in advance. Simple and cute way to serve butter.

*If butter frozen, warm up the knife with warm water for easy cutting.

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11. Cut Wavy Carrots For Vegetable Mix

    Salmon Patties Garnished with carrot Photo

          Crincle cutter is a great tool to cut carrot for the vegetable mix. So bright and nice addition!

Photo How to make flower from carrotRecommended ⇒ 7 Easy Carrot Garnish Ideas

12. Creative Way To Cut Watermelon Pizza With Crinkle Knife

    Photo Watermelon pizza

      Watermelon pizza is a new trend these days on the Internet. Crinkle knife makes this watermelon dessert presentation more interesting and not casual. Really great little touch for presentation.

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