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Crab Meat Pasta Salad Recipe With Bell Pepper Garnish Idea

Gala's Crab Pasta Salad Recipe
The crab meat pasta salad recipe is good for every day and for special occasions. Easy and beautiful garnish idea from bell pepper for Holiday table. Pepper is great edible garnish along with greens like parsley and green dill for this salad. Most important, it is one of the ingredients in the salad recipe. The recipe I make myself. I bought crab meat and start looking at what to make, read a few recipes, make a few changes and here is I have my crab pasta salad. I like this recipe because we make a few dishes with same ingredients. Crabmeat is expensive, but when we make the salad with pasta, it became an affordable dish for the family.

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16 oz crab meat

1 red sweet pepper

3 stalks celery 5′ long

5 tablespoon green onion

4 eggs

4 cups cooked elbow macaroni

3-4 tablespoon mayonnaise

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Salt pepper on taste
Nutmeg is optional

Photo Crab Pasta Salad

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Cooking Direction:

1. Dice pepper and celery  (in my opinion, a good size for dices is the diameter of macaroni).

2. Chopped green onion, add salt, and smash just gently to release more flavor.

Photo Crab Pasta Salad

3. Smash (you can use fork) or fine chop, if If we use to serve only as salad, I suggest dice eggs.

Photo Crab Pasta Salad

4. Instead of butter add mayonnaise to cooked macaroni, so they don’t stick to each other.

Photo Crab Pasta Salad

5. Inspect crab meat for remains on the shelf, especially, if you serve for kids.

Photo Crab Pasta Salad

6. Add lemon juice to mayonnaise.

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Photo Crab Pasta Salad

7. Mix all ingredients together.

Photo Crab Pasta Salad

8. Add salt and pepper. I like to add green dill to salad when it is available.

Photo Crab Pasta Salad

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Bell Pepper Garnish Idea

         Make a flower-like on the photo from the pepper before dice the pepper, it makes a very beautiful and impressive garnish for our dish! Just instead of strength cut on the bottom make scalloped cuts or zigzag cuts. To make scalloped even cuts we can use handmade garnish tools. Super easy to make from a can lid.

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Photo Flower from Bell Pepper


Photo Crab Pasta Salad


Video Crab Meat Pasta Salad Recipe

Variation of Serving The Recipe

We can serve on a toast the crab meat salad if not include pasta.

Crab Meat Salad on Toast

   Very good combination of ingredients without pasta to make stuffed eggs. Delicious appetizer!

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Green Onion Curls Garnish

Stuffed Eggs with Crab Meat


  1. My suggestion if we serve a large party appetizer with crab meat, garnish the top of the dish with crab meat. This way people can see crab meat includes in this dish. It is important because some people don’t like exotic seafood, others have allergies. It a good rule to follow for every exotic seafood dish.

      2. If you are going to make the recipe only for pasta salad, eggs better to dice.

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