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Russian Salad Vinegret Photo

Vinaigrette (vinegret) is traditional Russian salad with cooked beets and other vegetables recipe. Every Russian household has own version of the recipe. I am going to share my family version of the salad.

How to cook vegetables for vinaigrette?

The vegetables can be steamed, baked, boiled or cook under pressure. Vegetables cook with skin and peel after cooking.

Boiling Method

            To boil (cook with skin) add vegetables to boiling water, this way we save more vitamin C. When vegetables are done drain the water. Place the pod with vegetables back on the stove and let dry for a few minutes and watch all the time. Don’t burn! Just dry. This technique helps reduce moisture on vegetables.

*Don’t use light pots to boil beets because too hard to clean.

Steaming Method

Steaming is convenience and quality compared to boiling. In electric steamer just perfect because we can place all vegetables at the same time.

Roasted or Baked Method

The best to keep flavors and vitamins! Taste baked vegetables better if you would like to be close to the perfect result.

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          You can omit green peas or add instead beans, like red beans, chickpeas, try your favorite and see how you like most. Can omit sourkrout, just add more pickles instead. Chives or green onion is my personal choice because I like more than sweet onion. Instead, chives we can use purple onion (150 g) or yellow onion or combine chives and onion together. Dice onion or thin slices. I recommend marinade for 5-10 min in wine vinegar with little sugar and few drops of oil before adding to salad. You can add also 1 or half sour apple. So many variations for this salad!

To Cook In Advance

To prepare this salad in advance, my advice is dice vegetables the day before and mix day of serving.


7 oz cooked beets

12 oz cooked potato

2 oz cooked carrot

6 oz skinless dill pickles

7 oz sauerkraut ( wash with water before add to salad )

4 oz green peas

Bunch of green onion (chives)

Salt Pepper to taste

Russian Salad Vinaigrtte Photo

100 ml or 0.2 oz sunflower oil

1 teaspoon mustard (Dijon)

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon wine vinegar

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Cooking Direction:

  1. Dice beets in green peas size.
Russian Meat Vinegret Chop Beets Photo

2. Dice potato in size of green peas also.

Photo Russian Beets Salad

3. Peel pickles. Dice pickles in size of peas.

(I like, USA –  Kosher Dill “Claussen” and same brand sauerkraut)

Russian Salad Vinegret Photo

4. Dice carrot in small size.

Russian Salad Vinigret Photo

5. Chop green onion and parsley.

Russian Salad Vinegret Photo

6. Mix vegetables. Taste before add salt, because pickles and sourkrout have salt. Pepper as you like.

Chill and serve. Best taste same day.

Russian Salad Vinaigrette

Video Russian Beetroot Salad Recipe

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