Russian Cucumber And Red Radish Spring Salad Recipe

The salad with red radish and cucumbers is very popular in springtime in Russia. We can find radish any time all year round in the modern grocery stores these days. However, a long time ago red radish was a spring vegetable and available mostly in springtime and early summertime. It is the reason why the salad call spring salad. This salad is so simple and easy to make! Great combination of ingredients and of course, the dressing is sour cream. We have so many recipes with sour cream! I live in the USA and sour cream is slightly different here from Russian sour cream. You can buy to try real Russian sour cream in Europen or Russian stores in the USA. But don’t worry, doesn’t matter which sour cream we use. Both versions’ taste is so good! This salad is great to serve for lunch with any sandwich, or a great addition to dinner with meat or chicken.

*On the photo above I use a simple radish salad decoration.

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6 oz cucumber (160g or 1/2 large cucumber)

6 oz radishes (160g or 5 large red radishes)

30g green onion and green dill

2 tablespoon sour cream

Salt and pepper to taste

*Optional, hard-boiled egg. Very good for garnish or just add to the salad very well too. Greens can add unlimited to your taste. I used what I had available. I wish, I had more green dill in my salad when was taking photos.

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Cooking Direction:

  1. Slice cucumber.

Depends on what kind cucumber you have, I have English cucumber. I bought it from the store and prefer to peel before serving at my salad. If you cook for a special guest, I suggest removing the center with seeds too. I know, not much left cucumber will be. However, the English cucumber seeds area has a slight bitterness. I heard it from a few chefs shows. Of course, I tested myself (family helps too). I can tell for sure, yes it is the truth about English cucumbers.

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2. Slice radishes.

3. Slice greens.

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4. Mix all ingredients. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately.

Great simple spring salad!

Garnish ideas so many for this salad! It can be cucumber garnish, green onion, radish, and hard-boiled eggs is a great garnish too!

The salad I garnished with hard-boiled egg flower. I cut a slice of egg and to make the interesting shape I use a simple cookie cutter. No much to do but very cute garnish!

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Cucumber And Red Radish Spring Salad Restaurant Version

Radish Garnish Rose photo

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