Russian Style Fancy Layered Chinese Napa Cabbage Chicken Salad With Grapes

       The napa cabbage chicken salad with grapes is one of my favorite fancy summer salads recipe! The salad is easy to make and the same time very impressive presentation and can make a great centerpiece on the party table. I like Chinese cabbage and this is one of my favorite salad recipes with napa cabbage. The recipe has a good combination of ingredients. It is a great lunch or light dinner option. The salad includes mayonnaise and with the simple technique of spreading the dressing, we can use a very small amount of mayo. The amount of each ingredient is approximate, you can add more or less of every ingredient to your personal taste. I measure ingredients when preparing salad for the page but usually add the amount without measurements. Give a try my fancy chicken salad with grapes that looks like a flower with amazing taste. Try this easy summer chicken salad recipe!

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200g cooked chicken

100g shredded napa cabbage

150g seedless grapes cut in half

70g shredded smoked gouda cheese

7 roasted pistachios

Mayonnaise and salt to taste

I used in the recipe chicken breast fried on baking paper. It is a great technique to cook in a few minutes chicken breast. Almost no cleaning skillet and amazing result!

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How To Make Mayonnaise Dispenser:

        To spread mayonnaise even on the salad make a simple dispenser out of a ziplock bag. Place the bag into a glass and fill it with mayonnaise. Cut off the corner and use it.

*Homemade mayonnaise is the best choice, takes a minute to make it.

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Cooking Direction:

  1. I garnished the plate with napa cabbage leaves at first, so the plate looks like a flower. Very attractive presentation!

2. A layer of shredded napa cabbage cover with mayonnaise. I like slightly salt the cabbage before adding mayonnaise.

3. Add chicken stripes on the top of the cabbage. Add mayonnaise on the top.

4. Spread on the top shredded smoked gouda cheese.

*Smoked cheese gives a smoky flavor to chicken and is great with grapes as well.

5. Place grapes halves and sprinkle shredded pistachio on the top of the chicken.

*On the bottom of the page tip, how to cut grapes in half at once easily.

6. Shread fine 7 pistachios on the top of the salad.

*In the original recipe use much more pistachios and chopped but I like shredded pistachios much better in this salad.

I tried to mix up the ingredients but I like the layered version much better. The salad is great the next day too. Nice fancy spring chicken salad presentation! Chill and enjoy!

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Tip How To Cut Many Grapes In Half At Once

        The easiest way to cut many grapes at once is to use 2 flat plates or 2 plastic lids. I saw this tip on the Internet and love this creative idea! I use on the photos 2 small coasters. I place grapes on the first coaster and cover it with a second coaster. Very important between my costers I need to have enough space to place the knife. If grapes are small we can just place the second coaster on the top upside down. Run the knife as on the photo and just in seconds all grapes halved at once. We can use this technique for cherry tomatoes as well.

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