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How To Bake Beets In The Oven And More

Roasting Beets in the Oven Photo

       The best taste beets are baked beets or roasted. It will be the tastiest beets with rich flavor compared to other cooking methods like steam and boil, I tried all methods myself. We can use baked beets in salads or side dishes or just eat as is with a few drops of wine vinegar and vegetable oil. Oh, beets are so good this way! If you have your beets with the greens attached, use the greens in salads or cook beet greens like spinach in other dishes. I have cooked beets all my life and with time I improved the baking method. I am going to share with you the best way to cook beets as I bake them.

  * Why are roasted beets’ shelf life longer than steamed or boiled? We cook in the oven without water and it increases vegetable shelf life. It applies to any vegetable.

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Preparation Beets for Cooking

        Very important to pay attention to how to prepare beets because it will affect the taste of the final product. To eat raw or cook we need clean beets very well because it is a root vegetable. Clean beets very well with a brush under cold water. However, for better result soak beets in water for 10- 15 min, of course, depends on what soil beets grow in. Soaking in water helps to dissolve soil. Very important clean well root vegetables! Remember soil contents sand, silt, and clay and all these components taste not good. If we cook with soil left on it, beets have a taste of soil even we cook with skin on. Cooking beets with skin the best way to preserve vitamins. Trim leaves off and leave approximately 2” of the stem and don’t cut the root, so beets not going to lose valuable juice when cooking.

Preparation beets for cooking photo

      Use gloves when working with beets, because they are very strong natural red coloring. You can wash away beet coloring with soap but easier to use gloves. I use inexpensive disposable gloves. They are not strong to work with but very good for working with beets and very useful in my kitchen.  

*If you don’t have gloves, use for this purpose just simply a plastic bag to cover your hands. 

Disposable gloves to clean beets photo


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Vegetable oil



Cooking foil

Baking paper

*Use disposable gloves when working with beets to protect your hands from beets staining.

Cooking Direction:

1. Coat beets with vegetable oil, salt, pepper, and nutmeg individually.

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We can also coat beets a few at the time in a plastic bag. Put spices and oil to the bag with beets. Close the bag and move beets in the bag so they coat evenly with oil and spices.

Photo How to bake beets

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2. Place beets in baking paper and foil. Cover very well with foil, see on the photo.

*I use baking paper to protect my beets from cooking directly in foil, it is optional.

Photo Roasting Beets in the Oven 2

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3. I like to use a muffin baking pan and foil to roast my beets in the oven. Place beets on the middle rack in the oven and bake approximately 45 minutes 450°F (230°C). Use beets doneness by pick with fork or wood skewer. If not done, bake more.

How long to roast beets is depends on your oven and size of beets. I have usually different size beets in the same time, so when smaller done, I can easily remove them from the oven because they individually packed.

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4. Cool off beets. Cut top and bottom of beets and slide skin off. It is come off very easily if beets cooked. Good to use in salads or just eat as is with a few drops of wine vinegar.

Roasted Beets in the Oven Photo

Baked beets are delicious! Beets great to use in salads, side dishes, some soups or serve as is.

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Roasting Beets in the Oven Photo

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How To Peel Cooked Beets

      You can peel warm or cold beets with this method. Cut the top and bottom off from beets and push skin off. Much more easy to peel cooked beets than uncooked. With well-cooked beets, a  skin comes off very easily. We don’t have to use a vegetable peeler or knife. As you can see in gif below, it is so easy. I just again, suggest using gloves when you work with beets.

If you are not ready to use beets in a dish, the best keep skin on. This way beets not dry out and keep well freshness in the refrigerator.

I show how To Peel Cooked Beets Easily GIF

How To Tell When Beets Are Done Cooking

     To check beets doneness use fork or wooden skewer. Poke gently beets on top without destroying the bottom of vegetables. If skewer goes easily through, beets are ready.

 Let cooked beets cool off. Cut the top and bottom and push skin off. With well-cooked beets, a skin comes off very easily.

How To Store Cooked Beets

     Cool off the beets to room temperature. Place in a plastic bag or container and keep in the refrigerator. The best to keep the skin on beets for longer storing and peel when ready to eat. 

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Video How To Bake Beets In Oven

Two Other Ways to Cook Beets

Photo How to prepare beets for cooking

Steaming Beets

        Steam at an electric steamer is very convenient and almost no preparation for this method. 45 min or so, depends on the size of the beets. Without direct contact with water, we save more vitamins and nutrition. If we need to cook also carrot and potato, just place together, but leave room between them. Cleaning steamer much easier, than pot after boiling beets. Pick with wooden skewer or fork gently on top through the middle without destroying the bottom of vegetables, so it not going to lose juice. If fork going easy in, beets are ready. I use a steamer for beet if I don’t want to run my oven. 

Steaming Beets In Instant Pot

      I have Instant Pot and love it! I tried to steamed one time 3 large beets in it (I thought it takes less time) and don’t like this method. The reason too hard to manage when I need to check my beets doneness. If electric steamer of the pot I can open and check, in my Instant Pot I need to do quick release steam and if beets not done, I need to close it again and as result, it is not faster way for me…

Boiling Beets

         Place beets in boiling water (to save maximum vitamins ), water must cover beets. Boil in a covered pot over medium heat for 45 minutes or more depending on the size of the beets.


Don’t use nice light color enamel pot to boil beets. It will be not easy to clean the pot. 

How to Use Beets Greens

Beets Leaves PhotoRules to cook beet leaves same like to cook spinach. We can eat raw and cooked beets greens. I make stuffed beet leaves with meat, use in salads and soups.

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