Salad Recipes With Easy Garnish Ideas

      My recipes have step-by-step photos and salad decoration images with ideas. I like to follow some rules when garnishing salads what I learned many years ago in Russia. I use ingredients what include in the recipe to decorate salads or match by flavors. For example, parsley or green onion great easy salad decoration garnish is an addition to many salads even not include in the recipe. I like to use only edible garnishes.

      So many festive and creative ways to serve salads! We can serve most salads on lettuce leaves, cups or bowl made from the tortilla or make cute cups from vegetables like tomatoes and bell peppers and much more. Check out my ⇒ Food Garnishing Ideas

Photo Russian Salad herring under fur coat
Photo Russian Korean Carrot Salad Feature
Photo Shrimp Pasta Salad Recipe in Fish
Photo Salad from Cooked Cabbage
Cabbage Salad photo
Photo Russian Potato Salad Olivier
Photo Crab Pasta Salad
Photo Russian Meat and Beets Vinaigrette Salad Photo
Russian Salad Vinegret Photo

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