How To Make a Watermelon Fruit Basket Easy

Photo How to Make a Watermelon Fruit Basket

        Watermelon in the shape of a basket is so cute way to serve for the party! So many watermelon basket ideas we can find online. I like the simplicity. It is not time-consuming to make and no mistakes because the design is not complicated. Of course, if you are talented, you can carve a basket beautifully and make a masterpiece. My basket I can call also watermelon ball with a handle, how simple it is, this design to anyone to make. However, I decorated my basket with colorful fruits and it is a fancy-looking basket, because of its vibrant colors. Check out the detailed technique to impress your loved ones with this old fashion but so cute way to serve watermelon!

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The Technique:

  1. Make a very thin slice on the bottom of the watermelon before start cutting it. We need stability for watermelon on the table.

Photo Watermelon Fruit Basket Step 2

2. I used clear tape as a guide where I will be curving watermelon.

Photo How to Make a Watermelon Fruit Basket Step 1

*We can also instead of clear tape use painter tape. It is easy to cut when it on the watermelon and we can skip some steps if we use it. However, not everybody has it at home as a clear tape.

Photo fruit basket painter tape

3. Cut out sides to make the basket handle as on the photo.

Photo Fruit Basket step 3

4. Cut out the watermelon under the handle. Try to make the cut as one piece. We can use this piece to make balls, so don’t make it too narrow.

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How To Make Watermelon Balls:

      To make balls out of watermelon I used a melon baller. It is a great multifunctional garnish tool to have in your kitchen! Balls look so cute in a watermelon fruit bowl with a handle.

*I suggest checking the page about melon baller because I give a few useful tips on how to choose the right one from my own experience.

5. Push the melon baller as far as possible into a watermelon.

Photo How to use melon baller on watermelon 1

6. Rotate baller.

Photo How to use melon baller on watermelon 2

7. Take out of the melon baller the watermelon ball.

Photo How to use melon baller on watermelon 3

8. I use the clear tape as a guide where will be the bottom of my zigzag design.

9. Cut a zigzag design on the top. Make the cut beside watermelon skin and remove the top triangles.

10. Basket is ready and now we start removing layer by layer the inside.

11. I make balls from the top at first.

12. The watermelon will be looks like in the photo below.

13. Then remove with ice cream scoop the top of the meat and continue to make balls as possible.

*Make out of watermelon meat excess smoothie or cocktail.

Photo Basket step 10

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14. Scoop out the inside.

15. To make an interesting look we can make different shapes out of watermelon by using small cookie cutters.

We can serve a watermelon basket with fruit salad or just watermelon pieces in different shapes. So impressive and fun idea to serve watermelon for kids!

To keep fruits cool in the fancy watermelon basket I use a ziplock bag with ice cubes. I place it under the fruits on the bottom of the basket. If ice cubes melt, the water stays in the bag.

How to use melon baller on watermelon

The watermelon basket on the photo below was served for the branch for my family. A bowl made out of watermelon is a great substitute for a glass bowl! We don’t have to clean it after the event. If you have leftovers fruits, freeze them and use them to make smoothies.

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Photo Watermelon Basket Peach

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