8 Fun And Easy Ways How To Plate And Serve Watermelon Slices

      How to plate and serve watermelon slices in fun ways? Simplicity is the key! All designs on the page take a few minutes to prepare. I saw a few watermelons serving ideas on Pinterest and get inspired to make my own page on my website. Watermelon is bright and beautiful as is and if we add a few own touches, it definitely became a conversation piece at your party or a casual everyday meal. These are ideas that everyone can try, no artistic or carving skills needed. Great ways to serve watermelons as dessert for kids or involve children to serve for parents, grandparents, or friends.

On the page:

  1. How to make a stroller out of a watermelon slice.
  2. How to serve watermelon slice in the shape of the balloon.
  3. Fun ladybug out of watermelon idea to serve for kids.
  4. Watermelon slice in the shape of fish.
  5. How to plate watermelon slices in the shape of a boat.
  6. Butterfly out of watermelon slice idea.
  7. Watermelon slices in the shape of the sun.
  8. Watermelon pizza cut with crinkle knife.

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1. How To Plate Watermelon Dessert For Baby Shower In The Shape Of Stroller

        Super easy and impressive way to plate watermelon individually for baby shower party or make just one and use as decor for basic watermelon presentation! We don’t need to add so many details to the watermelon stroller the resemblance is so clear. I use only one round slice of watermelon to make the stroller. The idea I saw on Instagram but from different fruits and very small. I tried from a watermelon slice and as you can see, it is looks great and resembles with a stroller well.

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We Need

  1. Watermelon round slice
  2. Bisquit cutter
  3. Knife

* Instead of bisquit cutter we can use a glass as a pattern and cut the circle with a knife. For this methtod I like first to cut out the red part of watermelon triangle. The next step cut into half and after make circles. 1 inch of thickness watermelon more easily make straight cut than 2″.

How To Make

  1. Cut the triangle out of the round slice watermelon. For the best look the top of the stroler make the angle as I show on the photo.

2. Cut the curcle out of the triangle cut of the watermelon with biscuit cutter and devide in two, so we have 2 wheels.

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2. How To Serve Watermelon In The Shape Of Balloon

We Need

  1. Watermelon round slice and small piece for the bottom
  2. Chocolate
  3. Baking paper

How To Make

  1. Make simple cone from baking paper. Add a few pieces chocolate and melt in the microwave. Cut out small piece of the watermelon as on the photo. Make tread like design with chocolate on the bottom of the balloon.

3. Ladybug Watermelon Design For Kids

We Need

Photo Ladybug Watermelon Design For Kids 3

  1. Watermelon
  2. Blueberries
  3. Black grapes or cherry

How To Make

  1. Make a round shape from a watermelon. I used bisquit cutter but can be glass with sharp edges works well too. I can’t change blueberries size , so work with watermelon size to adjust to my blueberries size, so my ladybug looks nice.

Photo Ladybug Watermelon Design For Kids 1

2. I made the head for my watermelon ladybug from black grapes.

*We can make head for ladybug from cherry or large blueberry as an options.

Photo Ladybug Watermelon Design For Kids 2

So cute watermelon presentation for kids dessert! Very easy to make and so cute!

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Photo Cute Ladybug From watermelon

4. How To Plate Watermelon In The Shape Of Fish

      To serve fish from watermelon individually on the plate is a great simple idea for fishing party theme, kids party or other events.

We Need

  1. Watermelon round or oval shaped slice
  2. Knife
  3. 1 inch corer

How To Make

  1. Cut the end of the slice and turn around. This is the fish tail. Cut out the eye of the fish with 1 inch vegetable corer or just use knife. Make small triangle cut to make the mouth of the fish.

Photo Watermelon in shape of fish

*To make eye with vegetable corer faster and it makes nice round shape.

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5. How To Plate Watermelon In The Shape Of Boat

Photo Wartermelon slice in boat shape

      The boat from watermelon idea is easy and fun presentation for kids! For more resembles with a real boat I use cup cake topper pick. We can add more detailes to this plate with other fruits and berries. Really fun idea to serve watermelon on a plate for summer party, fishing party of kids party.

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We Need

  1. 2 slices of watermelon
  2. Knife

How To Make

  1. I cut 2 slices of watermelon.

Photo Watermelon boat from wedges

2. One of slices is body of the watermelon boat and other is the sail of the boat. I make a small change for the sail of boat, just cut the bottom off as on the photo. For the body didn’t make any changes.

Photo Watermelon in boat shape

My plate with watermelon boat design is ready! Super easy and fun way to serve watermelon on the plate!

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Photo Watermelon slice in the shape of boat

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6. How To Make Butterfly From Watermelon To Serve On A Plate

Photo Plating watermelon in shape of butterfly

We Need

  1. Round slice of watermelon.
  2. Knife.

How To Make

  1. I cut the watermelon round slice into 3 pieces. On the sides the wings for my butterfly. The body for butterfly on the middle. Next step to add small details to make butterfly more realistic. I cut out the antennas for my watermelon design from the narrow piece and shaped slightly the wings as you can see on the photos.

Photo How to plate watermelon in the shape butterfly

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7. Plating Watermelon In The Shape Of The Sun

Photo The Sun From Watermelon

      The sun from watermelon is so easy and well known idea to serve watermelon interesting and fun way. I just cut out small triangels on the watermelon rind. So cute easy presentation for an individual plate with watermelon.

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8. Cute Watermelon Pizza Cuts With Crinkle Knife

     Watermelon pizza is very popular trend this days. Crinkle knife is a great solution to make watermelon pizza cuts fancy and different. This garnish tool so useful in my kitchen, so of course I am going include in my list how we can use it to serve on a plate watermelon!

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  1. I use the OXO crinkle knife to make my watermelon pizza slices.

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