How to Use Wilton Lily Nail Set to Make Easy Appetizer Garnish from Parmesan

Photo Parmesan Flower Garnish Center Made with Corer Photo

Wilton lily nail set to make flowers from parmesan cheese. Flowers I use to decorate cheese and crackers platter, meat and cheese platter or other appetizers. It cost a few dollars but when you try to make a flower from cheese, it is priceless! With the set, we can make our flower so detailed and beautiful. We can make parmesan flowers without this set, just make a ball from foil or use to shape shot glass. This set just makes so much easy the task.

Wilton’s lily nail set comes 4 pack set – 8 pieces. I use only 3 larger sizes of nails.

We need:

  1. Lily nails set
  2. Shredded parmesan cheese
  3. Baking paper
  4. Foil
  5. Potato to make a holder
  6. 0.5″ fruit corer
Wilton Lily Nail Set 1 photo

Wilton Lily Nail Set

from Wilton company 403-9444


  1. Potato works perfectly to hold our lily nail! I wash it and dry with paper towel. Cut off the bottom, so it does not roll over. Cover potato and both nails with foil.

Wilton Lily Nail Photo

2. I used a cookies cutter to shape cheese. We can sprinkle with cheddar cheese and it will be a beautiful touch to our flower.  Place parmesan cheese on baking paper and decorate as desired.

If you don’t have cookie cutter, we can use other technique I described here ⇒ Parmesan Cheese Basket and Butterfly Garnish

How to make flower from parmesan 3 photo

3. Bake 2-3 minutes 400ºF (very convenient to use a toaster oven) or you can use a skillet on a stove as well. I shaped flower petals with knife tip when cheese melted.

How to make flower from parmesan 2 photo

4. Let cool a few seconds and place on the nail and shape with the top nail.

How to make flower from parmesan photo

Photo How to make flower from parmesan

The center of the flower I made from cheddar cheese with my 0.5 corer and decorated crackers tray with my flower.

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So simple and cute food garnish!

Flower from parmesan on crackers platter photo


Flowers from Parmesan Garnish Photo

1. To make different petals of flowers we can use different sizes and shapes shredders for cheese.

2. We can use tiny pieces parsley or other herbs to decorate flowers.

Take a look at this cheese flowers → How To Serve Monks Head Cheese Or Tete De Monte

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