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How To Make Cheese Ball Into Turkey Thanksgiving Garnish

        The turkey-shaped cheese ball I saw in our local grocery store and love the idea to decorate how we can decorate a thanksgiving cheese board! So easy to make, every ingredient they used to garnish the cheese balls goes great with most cheese balls. On the cheese platter, they used store-made precut cheese and the store made a cheese ball. As you can see, the store-made cheese platter is so attractive and an eye-catching simple appetizer because of the middle turkey-shaped cheese ball. So clever and easy idea of how to garnish cheese ball for thanksgiving. We can use also instead of crackers different ingredients and I am sharing 6 more options to make a tail. Each idea has a photo.

      The creative way to make edible Thanksgiving table decorations! I make my Thanksgiving cheese tray slightly different. I used a store-bought cheese ball as well but cheese cut myself by using a simple garnish tool – a crinkle cutter.

If you looking for your Thanksgiving cheese tray fresh ideas, check cheese Tete De Moine. This cheese is so fancy and serves in a very unusual way for cheese. Tete De Moine serves in rosettes. This fancy cheese is a really great addition to any Holiday fancy cheese tray or platter.

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Ingredients We Need

  1. Cheese ball
  2. Round shaped crakers
  3. Pecan
  4. Almond slices
  5. Red pepper

*Make sure you choose the right shape pepper. The pepper should have a stem located deep enough, so you can able create a nice hook-like cut.

The Garnish Technique

  1. Cut from red pepper hook-like piece. It will be our future turkey head and neck.

Make sure you choose the right sweet pepper when shop at the grocery store, so you can use it easy to make the hook.

Pepper Turkey from Cheese Ball

2. To make the tail, I used rice crackers, pecan, and slices of almond.

Turkey shaped cheese ball idea Photo

3. Many ways how to make Thanksgiving cheese platter! I am going to cut cheese with a crinkle cutter. The shape of cheese looks great to serve for any Holiday cheese platter.

Photo Christmas Tree From Cucumber With Wavy KnifeCrickle cutter also call french fries cutter. I love this simple garnish tool. Read more about → 11 Ideas How To Use A Crinkle Cutter To Garnish Food

Shaped cheese for tray Photo

Easy and fun decor for Thanksgiving cheese platter idea!


Video How To Make Thanksgiving Cheese Board And Turkey Shaped Cheese Ball

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1. Cheese Ball Turkey With The Tail Made Out Of Cheese

Fun cheese ball in shape of turkey

       On the photo above I used to make the tail for my turkey cheese instead of crackers. To make neek and the head I used orange bell pepper. I added 2 pecan wings on the sides. Very important to choose cheese thick enough so the feathers stay vertically easy. I tried to use sandwich precut cheese and it didn’t work for me because of the thickness of the cheese.

       To make my Thanksgiving cheese ball decor I cut primitive style the feathers from cheese and it looks cute to me. If you are artistic person, you can make fantasy fly. I like easy garnish ideas.

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      Thanksgiving cheese garnish

The oval shapes on the top of the feathers, I made with simple handmade garnish tool. I banded it and make cuts. The lines I cut with paring knife.

Read how to make the garnish tool → Kitchen Hack How to Make Easy Handmade Garnish Tool

      Handmade Garnishing wavy tool Photo

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2. Cheese Ball Turkey With The Tail From Pretzels


       Another idea to make the tail for the turkey is pretzels. As you can see the turkey looks cute and impressive with this tail on the cheese and cracker tray.


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3. Cheese Ball Turkey With The Tail Made Out of Carrot


       This turkey cheese ball I garnished with feathers made out of carrot. So bright and healthy to make a tail for the turkey cheese ball. Great garnish for a Thanksgiving cheese board! If you are interested in how I make designs on the feather out of carrot, check out the carrot garnish page, the link below.

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4. Cheese Ball Turkey With The Tail Made Out Of Bacon


       The tail from bacon for the turkey is tasty and fun to garnish cheese balls. Another great idea for Thanksgiving cheese board decor. Bacon chips are fragile and make a few more than you need for turkey tail, so you have a few extra. Broken bacon chips we can keep for salad or other purposes.  The technique of how to make bacon chips in the microwave takes 2 minutes. Of course, time depends on your microwave and the thickness of the bacon. I used thick bacon strips.

*We can make the turkey tail prettier as one piece. Just shape the tail before baking it. However, I like separate bacon strips because easy to take one by one and enjoy for guests.

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How To Make Bacon Chips In Microwave

   1. I place bacon strips between 2 layers of paper towel and cover with a plastic lid. The plastic lid I used to keep the top layer of paper towel in place. Cook bacon for 1 minute.



   2. I changed the paper towel after 1 minute and cook 1 minute more.


   3. Wipe off fat from the bacon strips with a paper towel and let the bacon cool off. Bacon will be soft after we took it out. After bacon cools off we have perfect and crispy bacon chips to decorate the cheese ball.


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5. Cheese Ball Turkey With The Tail Made Out of Bell Pepper


       Turkey shaped cheese ball is so cute if we make the tail from bell pepper. I just cut orange bell pepper in oval shape and make a tail out of them. Turkey so cute but next time I make the tail little longer for more realistic effect.

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6. Cheese Ball Turkey With The Tail Made Out of Celery Stalk

    Turkey shaped cheese ball celery

     The tail on the photo above for turkey I made out of celery. So cute and easy to make the garnish. The very healthy tail choice to add to the cheese platter.

Check the technique how to make the feather out of celery → 5 Easy Celery Garnish Ideas With Photos

Cheese Ball Turkey Decorated Cheese Board Thanksgiving 2019 At My Daughter-In-Low Mom’s House

    Thanksgiving 2019 Cheese ball turkey

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