13 Clever Ways How to Use Aluminum Foil in The Kitchen

Fish Shape Plate from Foil Photo

       Aluminum foil is a versatile tool in my kitchen. I always keep the foil in my pantry, and I’d like to share a few useful hacks you might find helpful. These include tips for cake decoration, everyday cooking, and even garnishing food. While I use foil widely in my cooking, I always follow one simple rule: never cook directly on foil with acidic foods (such as tomatoes, lemon juice, or vinegar). Acid reacts with the metal, regardless of the foil’s quality. This rule also applies to aluminum pots, don’t cook acidic food in it.

    The best solution is to place baking paper between the foil and the acidic food. I remember during my culinary college days, we conducted chemical tests and observed this reaction, which left a lasting impression on me. During our tests, the metal flakes were very visible. Cooking acidic food directly on the foil can result in tiny pieces of aluminum ending up in our food. These flakes are often hard to see in food but can affect the taste if present in large amounts. The food will have a metallic taste.

To avoid aluminum in your food after cooking acidic food in foil, always use a layer of baking paper before wrapping food in foil, or use baking paper instead of foil entirely.

Foil uses on the page:

  1. How to use tin foil to make perfect garnish frills.
  2. Hack to catch grease with aluminum foil (So clever!)
  3. How to use tin foil to make a design on toast.
  4. Making baking pans out of foil.
  5. How to make a rose nail for cake decor out of tin foil.
  6. Aluminum foil to tie chicken legs.
  7.  Stabilize round-shaped vegetables on a baking pan.
  8.  Using foil to tie plastic bags.
  9. Sharpen cooking scissors with foil (don’t do this for sewing scissors!)
  10. Use foil for platting desserts with stencils.
  11. Foil preventing freezer burn.
  12. Fun shapes plate out of foil ideas.
  13. The foil prevents dripping out of the pot in the oven.

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1. How to Use Tin Foil to Make Perfect Garnish Frills

Photo Rosemary Lemon baked chicken

Frills we can use to decorate and at the same time protect our fingers from the heat. We can make many days before the event and use when will be ready. I wish I got this idea many years ago! This is a really great technique, foil makes frills flexible and easy to attach. We can decorate roasted chicken, turkey and dishes with handles.

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Photo Decorative frills for turkey bones 1

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2. Clever Hack To Catch Grease With Aluminum Foil

     I learned this clever hack from the Internet just recently: use aluminum foil to get rid of hot grease or oil from cooking. I tried this method while frying sausage to drain the grease, and it works like a charm! Here’s how I did it:

  1. Prepare the Sink: Place a sheet of foil in the sink, making a cavity in the drain area to collect the fat.
  2. Drain the Grease: Put a colander with the cooked meat on top of the foil, allowing the grease to drain into the cavity.
  3. Easy Cleanup: Once the grease has drained, carefully fold the foil and dispose.

This method eliminates the need for using and cleaning an extra dish to catch the grease, making the cleanup process so much easier!

*If we need to discard a large amount of oil or fat, cover a sufficiently large dish with aluminum foil and pour the oil into the dish. Then, discard the foil with the oil.

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3. How to Use Tin Foil to Make Design On Toast

Photo Heart design on toasted bread

We can make a simple design on toast for breakfast so easy by using foil and block some area on a slice of bread before toast it. It is simple but I have a few tips that may be good to know before start making a design on toast. As an example, I used a heart shape but it can be so many ideas! The limit our imagination!

Read more about technique this technique → How To Make Easy Heart Design On Toast With Foil

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4. Baking Pans Made Out Of Foil

A baking pan we can make out of the foil when we need a disposable pan and the certain shape of the pan we need. In the photo, I made a loaf pan. To make a foil pan we need heavy-duty foil because it holds the shape well. The pan I made with baking paper inside. I put upside down mold and cover it with baking paper. Then cover with foil. Roll out foil inside and remove my new loaf pan. My pan for baking is ready!

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5. How To Make a Rose Nail For Cake Decor Out Of Foil Tin

The rose nail is very commonly used in cake decorating. Some flowers are impossible to make without this useful baking tool. We can make it from foil in any custom size. I have a few more very clever ideas for cake decorating tools DIY and substitutes. Ideas good for beginners and experienced cake decorators. For beginners, before investing in cake decorating tools try these DIY and substitutes for some tools. For an experienced person can be a moment when you are in someone’s house and need these tools, so these tips will be a great help. Don’t ask how I know… I wish I knew about using turntables from the microwave as a cake turntable alternative many years ago. Read more → How To Make Your Own Cake Decorating Tools

Photo DYI Cake Rose Nail From Foil

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6. Aluminum Foil To Tie Chicken Legs Is Substitute To Cooking Twine

          What can we use if we don’t have cooking twine to tie chicken legs? I use often aluminum foil as a cooking twine substitute when preparing chicken for baking. Very convenient and handy if don’t have on hand food ties. This way the baked chicken comes out presentable and nice look for the presentation.

Foil Ties Used on Chicken Photo

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7. Stabilize Round Shaped Vegetables With Tin Foil On Baking Pan

      To prevent rolling vegetables and stick them to the cooking pan we can use a tin foil ring. Another benefit to using foil this way, the airflow under our vegetables helps to cook evenly. I suggest, make a very fluffy with air in its foil ring and when we place the pumpkin in it, the ring takes the vegetable shape. This is a simple step that makes the vegetable much more stable than just making a thin ring with the same amount of foil.

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8. Using Foil to Tie Plastic Bags

This simple tip foil uses useful when we need a bread clip. Some bags come with wire ties, some don’t but I always have foil on hand to tie my bag. I roll foil in the rope shape and use it as a bread clip in the photo.

Tie made from aluminum foil photo

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9. Sharpen Cooking Scissors With Foil

This tip I don’t know how effective because tried on my cooking scissors for heavy jobs and hard to see the difference after sharpening. However, good to have the option because I don’t have any tool to sharpen cooking scissors.

I am going to mention my experience with sewing scissors. Maybe it will be useful for someone. For great performance use sewing scissors only for fabric! Never use it for anything like plastic or paper. Newer sharpen it with anything except professional service.

My story. Someone from my family members used my sewing scissors on an unknown object, by this day nobody admitted. I immediately recognize the difference! I used professional sharpening after and nothing brought back the same performance and I end up with new scissors.

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10. Use Foil To Platting Desserts With Stencils


       A very impressive and easy way to platting desserts with stencils. With most, stencils are impossible to make it works without foil. Watch the video below how we can garnish French toast for breakfast fancy way with cinnamon. I used Ceylon cinnamon because it is much then cassia cinnamon or Saigon cinnamon. With this method, we can decorate the plate in advance. Just cover it with plastic but be sure it not touching the design. We can use this platting method with other powders like sugar or cocoa as well.

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11. Foil Preventing Freezer Burn

To prevent freezer burn we use aluminum foil on top of the plastic bag. Foil is a great substitute for freezer paper.

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12. Fun Shapes Plates Out Of Aluminum Foil Ideas

Fish plate made from foil photo

Cooking with aluminum foil can be fun if we make shaped plates. It is disposable and perfect for an indoor or outdoor party. Foil plates are so easy to make, just need different shapes of dishes as molds, so we can keep all our plates the same size. I used to make plates from standard and heavy-duty aluminum foil, both work great.

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  1. Place mold ( I used an oval plate) on a cooking foil and shape foil around the mold.

Fish plate from foil step 1 Photo

2. Roll foil around the plate.

Photo Fish plate from foil step 2

3. Shape the tail and our fish is ready to use.

Photo Fish plate from foil step 3

4. The same way we can make other shapes.

Fish Shape from Foil Photo

I baked fish with vegetables in my foil plate and garnished with a lemon. No much time to make and so fun to serve!

Fish Shape Plate from Foil Photo

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More Fun Shapes of Aluminum Foil Plates

1. Plate in swan shape.

Photo Plate in Shape of Swan from foil

2. Plate in a heart shape.

Heart plate from foil photo

3. Plate from foil in shape of the sun.

Plate in shape of the sun from foil photo

4. Plate in shape of a flower.

Plate in shape of flower from foil Photo

5.  Plate from foil in shape of fish.

Fish Shapes bawls from foil

13. Foil Prevents Dripping From a Pot in The Oven

Cleaning my oven is never a pleasant task after accidental food spillage. The simplest solution is to use foil. Just place foil under the pot.

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Most Aluminum Foil Boxes Have Locking Tabs For Our Convenience

 Most aluminum foil (plastic wrap) boxes have lock tabs on the sides to secure the roll in the box. This useful feature I learned just recently. It holds the foil in the place. It is a great feature to know about especially when we don’t have much left foil on the roll.

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