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How to Make Parmesan Cheese Basket and Butterfly Garnish

Photo Butterfly Garnish from Parmesan

         Parmesan garnish is beautiful and edible festive food decoration for parties! Just look at the photos! We can shape it in baskets, doilies, butterflies, flowers, hearts. On the photo, I garnish cheese ball on the crackers tray. Technique same like for basket.

    It can be prepared in a few days before our event like parmesan chips. We can garnish cheese and crackers tray, finger food, salads… Fantasy is only our limit! In my opinion, the best salad for parmesan cheese baskets is Ceasar salad.

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I practiced with cheeses Uniekaas Parrano, Gruyere, Asiago, Sartory and Fontina (my favorite cheese to use in a potato gratin). All these cheeses work great to make baskets and other shapes! These cheeses are very expensive as well parmesan but we need a small amount of cheese to make a delicious garnish for a crackers platter or a cheese platter.

Leaf from Parmesan Crackers Garnish Photo

I tried to use also prepacked grated cheese and it gives different effect in design. It almost powdered, so we have more flexibility in designs.

We can bake different green herbs in parmesan cheese and it will be a very beautiful effect. Herbs what I tried to use for my garnish keep green color very well. I used parsley (photo below), salary leaves, green onion. Fresh rosemary is too strong and overpowers parmesan or other cheeses to my taste. However, dry rosemary is compliment garnish buckets from cheese Asiago. Simply because when I bought Sartori Rosemary Asiago cheese it was garnished with dry rosemary.

Herbs Parmesan Cheese Garnish

I used cheddar cheese stripes on the photo of parmesan basket below.

Garnish from Cheese Parmesan


I am using in my cooking only freshly grated parmesan cheese. Freshly grated cheese is much better flavor than pre-shredded to my family taste.

Check out my review ⇒ OXO Cheese Grater for Parmesan   (I like OXO grater because we can keep cheese in grater in the refrigerator and don’t wash after each use)


I provide as much as possible details about the technique. However, I suggest first to practice for a family table before to make a parmesan garnish for your guests, so you get to feel how cheese is behaving. To avoid stress and disappointment. When you will be familiar with the technique, you enjoy making parmesan garnish.

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1. Parmesan Basket Garnish

Photo Basket from Parmesan Garnish


  1. To keep the same size our design we can by marking the bottom of a baking paper with pencil or we can use cookies cutter to shape cheese.
Photo Basket Parmesan Cheese Garnish
Photo Basket Parmesan Cheese Garnish
Photo How to make parmesan backet

2. Place our baking paper with shredded parmesan cheese on cookies pan and bake for a few min (400ºF) to slightly change color on the edges.

Time varies on a type of oven.

*Very convenient to make individual garnish from parmesan in a toaster oven. You can use a skillet and make it on a stove top as well.

Photo Basket Parmesan Cheese Garnish

3. Let our future parmesan basket cool off just a few seconds. Place on a mold. If I use to decor cheddar cheese, I turn upside down one time more. The top is more beautiful and I like a pretty side on the outside of the basket.

*Very convenient to use foil, when we have just one mold. We can shape cheese and leave to cool off separate from the mold, so mold can be used for next cheese basket.

Photo Parmesan Cheese Garnish
Photo How to make parmesan basket

Our basket is ready to serve in few minutes.

Photo Basket from Parmesan

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2. Parmesan Butterfly Garnish 

Photo Butterfly Garnish from Parmesan


1. Place cheese and shape in a butterfly with your fingers (large butterflies can be used cookies cutter). Decor as desire.

Photo butterfly from parmesan

2. We can make round shape wings like the example or place on an angle on the photos.

How to make parmesan butterfly
Photo how to make butterfly from parmesan

Our butterfly from parmesan is ready to garnish party cheese tray!

How to make butterfly from parmesan

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3. How to make a stovetop parmesan basket garnish:

We also can make parmesan baskets individually on a top stove in a skillet. Use any skillet, I used cast iron skillet on the photos. We need baking paper.

Photo Parmesan Basket Garnish (4)

  1. Place cheese on baking paper and cook on low heat to slight change in color condition.
Photo Parmesan basket garnish

2. Place another piece of paper on top and turn around. Cook for a few seconds more. If you would like only one side golden skip this step.

Photo parmesan basket garnish

3. Shape it on a glass or use perfect for this purpose Wilton lily nail set.

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Photo Parmesan Basket Garnish (3)

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Video Parmesan Cheese Garnishes

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