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How I use OXO Rotary Cheese Grater for Parmesan Cheese

OXO Cheese Grater Photo

 The Grater so Convenient for Parmesan

       Do you like freshly grated parmesan cheese? We do and I found a solution to have it on hand and don’t clean after each use my grater. I keep my parmesan cheese in my OXO grater in a refrigerator. This way I only clean when I ready change plastic bag. So convenient! It may better graters exist on the market but I find my favorite one because of one feature – the lid on a side! My cheese stays inside of grater and I need it always ready.

OXO Rotary Cheese Grater Photo

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 My Story

OXO Rotary Cheese GraterWhen I saw OXO rotary grater at a local Kohls store, I really like the feature of the closing side and I bought it. I am very happy for over 3 years. I left my positive feedback on Kohls.com two years ago to share with people my experience. This Christmas I was shopping at Kohls.com and when come across the listing of my OXO Grater. It has less than 3 stars, so it turns people off buying this really good product. It really good to use for parmesan and I decided to share on my website with you.

*Shopping tip. I used my coupon at Kohls store and didn’t pay full price.

*When you will be shopping for OXO Rotary Grater pay attention to construction. I read on Amazon.com customers reviews and saw photos and so many people complain about a handle another very similar one. See the photo below.

Photo from Amazon Grater don't buy

You can find the greater at most large online retailer stores and shop for the best price.

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Construction of Grater:

The grater has 3 parts.

  1. Body
  2. Lid
  3. Drum with handle
OXO Cheese Grater Photo
OXO Cheese Grater Photo

How to reassemble OXO grater for cleaning :

  1. Push the button in the direction of the arrow. It will release side lid and grater drum.

2. When we open the grater take lid off first.

3. Keep pieces of cheese no more than half level in the grater, this way top part not much moving around and easy to use.

OXO grater how to use photo

4. I can adjust for right handed or left handed people my OXO rotary cheese grater.

For left handed person

For right handed person

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Video Review How I use OXO Grater in My Kitchen

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2 replies
  1. Angelyn Bison
    Angelyn Bison says:

    A rotary is not just for pasta night; reach for it on baking day, too. Rotary graters are fabulous for grinding nuts! They come out superfine and delicate, much better than what you get from a food processor.”

    • Gala
      Gala says:

      Angelyn, I agree! Graters are great for grinding nuts and chocolate if we need flakes. Graters what I like to use to make flakes. Of course different graters but I personally don’t use for other tasks, my rotary graters (I have 2 for cheese and just bought zyliss for chocolate and nuts). I can call it a garnishing tool as well! If we need small pieces nuts the best time saver for this task is a manual onion chopper. I had a few in my life and each has some + and -.
      See on the bottom of the page photo of one of my choppers → https://galainthekitchen.com/recipes/decorate-banana-bread-recipe/


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