How to Make 2 Different Onion Flower Garnish

Onion flower with olives

       Onion flower can be a nice garnish with many dishes. We can use just one layer of onion for the flower as a bowl, the example in the photo above. Or it can be a nice little bowl for a salad for the single serving with a few layers, the example in the photo below. On the photo below, I served tuna salad sandwich with onion flower with green onion salad.

Onion flower stuffed with green onion salad

       I like to marinade onion for the flowers because of taste marinaded onion better than raw onion. The onion flowers are a great garnish for broiled meat dishes, roasted meat, appetizers, marinaded food and many other dishes for holidays.

We need:



Cutting Board

Slice of Bread

Onion Flower Photo


  1. Put a slice of bread under onion, this way your onion will stay in place. When we make a flower is important to check where the middle of onion will be on knife’s blade.
Onion Flower Photo

2. Make zigzag cuts with the knife around the onion, but only halfway deep.

Onion Flower Photo

3. Separate flowers.

Onion Flower Photo

4. We have already nice flowers, but we can make our flowers more beautiful.

Photo Onion Flower

5. Separate layers and put together again interesting way. This way flower more beautiful and looks close to peony!

Onion Flower Photo
Photo Flower from onion with olives


  1. Orange knife is going in a side of the onion.
Onion Flower Photo

2. The red knife is going under an angle to orange knife.

Onion Flower Photo

3. Flip orange knife and cut the same angle with the red knife again.

Onion Flower Photo

4. We have very nice shape and already can use for garnish! On second photo example from small marinated onion.

Onion Flower Photo
Onion Flower Photo

5. Separate layers of the onion and put together like in the photo. We have flower looks like a tulip!

Onion Flower Photo
Photo Flower from onion with green onion salad

Video How to Make Onion Flower Garnish

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