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How To Make 3 Easy and Beautiful Flowers Garnish From Chinese Cabbage Napa

Flower Peony From Chinese Cabbage Napa

        Bright green Chinese cabbage Napa is so eye-catching vegetable to make flower garnish for a buffet table or decorate vegetables. Most simple and beautiful cabbage garnish idea I ever made! I was preparing cabbage for a salad and didn’t plan to make a garnish. After I cut the bottom of the cabbage was impressed with the result. My cabbage on the cut looks like a flower. And when I spread the leaves slightly, I had a flower in my hand! Some fruits and vegetables are made by nature almost like a flower, just little touch and they are going to bloom on our hands. Chinese cabbage napa is one of them! We can use our garnish cabbage flower to decorate salads or it will be the awesome centerpiece of any vegetable platter or tray. Check the photos at the bottom of the page for an example of a very impressive presentation! Very beneficial for us that we use the bottom of the cabbage and usually we do not use it in cooking. The flower technique at the top of the page I call aster. So much looks like a white aster flower! So a pretty and impressive vegetable decoration. Check out the techniques of how to make flowers out of cabbage napa for a fancy presentation!

Check How to Make 3 Chinese Cabbage Flowers (A Step-by-Step Guide)

  1. Simple flower made out of napa cabbage
  2. Rose flower out of napa cabbage – simple carving technique
  3. Aster flowers out of napa cabbage are the perfect garnish for any occasion

     We can make 3 different flowers from Chinese cabbage napa to bring a very attractive addition to a festive table or just impress someone special. Each flower is slightly different but all are so pretty! Very interesting from different Napa cabbages flowers come very unique looks because each center has a different pattern. Like in a garden, it looks like flowers the same but when we look closer, each has something personal. The same with this leafy beauty.

Flower from Chinese Cabbage Photo 2

♥ Thank you, Mother Nature, for your creation of the beautiful flower to garnish food! 

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1. Learn How to Make These Beautiful And Simple Chinese Cabbage Flowers in Just 3 Minutes!

      This is a super simple Chinese cabbage garnish flower and at the same time cute with no effort at all! I start with this technique because it really not much to do to make this impressive garnish. We can make a large flower for a large size dish and a smaller flower as well for a single serving. It can be used as a garnish for some dishes or decorate a vegetable platter.

What you need:

Napa cabbage

A sharp knife

Cutting board

Technique 1

  1. Cut the bottom off cabbage. We can make a day before the event in advance, just keep in a wet paper towel and a ziplock bag but step two do right before serving.
Photo 1 How to make flower from cabbage napa

How to make flower from cabbage napa

Photo Step 1 How to make flower from cabbage napa

How to make flower from cabbage napa

2.  Remove outside leaves to the desired size of the flower. It comes out beautiful as the large flower and small flower for a single portion of salad or other dishes.

Photo of Easy Garnish Flower From Chinese Cabbage Napa

3. Spread leaves to make our cabbage flower beautiful. It is going to bloom in your hands!

Photo 3 How to make flower from cabbage napa

How to make flower from cabbage napa

 The cabbage garnish flower comes out as a really beautiful centerpiece for the dish, as you can see in the photos. Make sure to watch my video!

Photo of Garnish Flower From Chinese Cabbage Napa

How to Make Flower From Chinese Cabbage Napa Photo 3

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2. How to Make Garnish Flower Rose from Chinese Cabbage Napa

Photo Pretty flower from chinese cabbage napa garnish

        This cabbage garnish flower is so pretty on the vegetable platter! Great decor for a buffet or just a family dinner (picture at the bottom of the page from my friend’s family table)! I saw these flowers before but thought it needs so much carving talent to make and didn’t try. We don’t need any special tools, just a medium size knife, and cutting board. When I saw in the YouTube video how simple to make this beauty, I went to the store and tried it the same day! A video is a much more clear explanation than just text and photos. So, I was inspired and made a video about this technique. I can do it, you can do it! Just try! The flower can stay great in water in the refrigerator overnight. This is really easy Chinese cabbage garnish.

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What you need:

Napa cabbage

A sharp knife

Cutting board

Technique 2

  1. Wash very well cabbage and dry it. Cut the bottom of the cabbage.

2. Remove leaves to adjust the preferable size of the flower.

3. Cut each leaf towards the bottom. The top of the leaf must be round, so the flower has pretty petals. Start from outside and go around with each leaf same cut.

4. Don’t be afraid to try. I really don’t have curving skills but it every time comes out perfect! If you have any questions about this technique, just ask. However, I suggest don’t do first time this flower before the event to avoid stress.

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Video How To Make Flower From Chinese Cabbage Napa

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3. Pretty Aster Garnish Flower from Chinese Cabbage Napa

Photo From Chinese Cabbage Napa

            The cabbage garnish flower is so pretty as you can see! This flower looks to me like an aster. It takes one extra step, more time and more effort than other two flowers but it worth it. It is so sophisticated for elegant vegetable presentation for a special event or makes a casual meal special by adding just little touch.

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Technique 3

  1. The technique same as flower above, just cut into stripes each petal.

Photo How to make peony from Chinese cabbage napa

2. Our peony from cabbage napa can stay great in the refrigerator in water overnight. Tips of this flower became little fragile because thin but still looks so pretty. On the photo, flower after overnight in the refrigerator.

Photo Chinese cabbage napa flower garnish like peony

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Important Napa Cabbage Tip

                I need to mention, very seldom but napa cabbage has black spots on it. It absolutely does not effects the taste and cabbage is perfectly edible and safe to eat, as I read from a few sources. However, garnishing food will be not acceptable. If you cook napa often, you may know what I am talking about. My advice is to cut the bottom day in advance before the event, to be sure the cabbage is spotless and nice inside. I did learn my lesson I can say the hard way. I bought absolutely perfect looking Napa cabbage and was ready to make a flower for decoration. After I cut my cabbage, was so disappointed! The center of the cabbage had so many black spots, so it was impossible to cut them out and make a flower. I asked my son to go to the store and buy Chinese cabbage call also napa, I thought it was enough information. He brought me white cabbage instead… What I can say, we learn something new every day. If you ask someone to buy napa cabbage, be specific. For someone cabbage is cabbage.

Make sure, you check on the bottom of the page how used one of this technique my online friends Leny, and Melisa. They shared on social media. It is so pleasant for me to know someone found my content useful!

       Bright green Chinese cabbage Napa is so eye-catching vegetable. It is delicious and very easy to cook. Also, it is just perfectly made for garnish cabbage! Chinese cabbage leaves are probably the more common way to use for a salad garnish or other garnish ideas. Napa’s leaves are great to serve as plates for a salad, they wide enough and can make a great pairing with many salads or other dishes. Or we can simply cut the top of a few leaves and make a border for a salad on the plate like on the photo below. It is a very beautiful way to present our dish, in my opinion.

Photo Salad from Cabbage Napa 1

 I used this flower as a garnish in the video recipe on this salad. Check how pretty in motion this flower is →

⇒ Chinese napa cabbage salad⇐

Photo Pretty flower from chinese cabbage napa garnish

Chinese Cabbage Napa Flower Garnished Vegetable Platter

This is another technique to make Chinese cabbage napa flower is simple too just takes a few more minutes to make. So it will be your choice, both flower so pretty but each own way! Great garnish for ⇒ Crab Imitation Salad With Chinese cabbage Napa

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Another Way To Use Napa Cabbage For Food Garnish

The Napa cabbage leaves look great if we decorate the salad plate. I place the top of leaves around on the plate before adding a salad to the plate. For example, I decorated Napa Cabbage Chicken Salad in the photo below. Check the recipe here ⇒ Russian Layered Napa Cabbage Chicken Salad

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Photo Sharing is caring, reminder

    On the photos, a flower from Chinese cabbage napa made by Leny Hornales, my online friend. She cooked dinner for her husband and decorated her vegetable platter with a flower from cabbage napa a few days after I shared the technique. Leny shared these photos on Instagram. It made me so happy to see her photos.

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On the photo below, a flower from Chinese cabbage napa made by the owner theglasspantry.com Melisa Smith. Melisa decorated shrimp summer roll platter with this lovely cabbage napa flower and shared on Twitter. I really appreciate! It is really made my day!Photo Chinese Cabbage Napa Flower on Rolls Platter

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