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5 Celery Garnish Ideas, Tips and Techniques

Photo Easy Celery Garnish Ideas Flower

        To make an attractive celery flower we don’t need to have curving skills. It is so easy! When I cut celery for my family I always feel great making a flower from the bottom for a vegetable platter. Of course, I tried a few times but it never comes out pretty. So I gave up trying to make celery garnish. Just recently I saw on the Internet a simple celery garnish technique to make a flower. It was late at night and I was lucky I had celery. I tried my flower and it comes out so pretty! I place it in cold water in the refrigerator overnight. Oh, the next day my celery flower even became more beautiful because open up. I was so impressed! In the photo above I decorated the plate with celery curls. To make celery curls, cut thin ribbons and place them in ice water to curl. Nice garnish idea for different dishes, charcuterie board, appetizers, and beverages.

On the page:

  1. How to make a flower from celery. (easy garnish for vegetable platter garnish)
  2. How to cut fancy celery for vegetable platter idea.
  3. Garnish from the celery stalk for a cheese ball idea (turkey tail decor)
  4. Feather from celery garnish idea.
  5. Pretty celery slices ( great for appetizers, sandwiches and more)

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Photo Celery garnish idea cute flower on plate

How Long in Advance We Can Make Celery Garnish

         I am going to describe what I learned from my personal experience. Celery flowers for sure are good for 2 days. The flower in the photo above was in the water a little longer than 2 days. I tried to adjust the bottom petals and they come off. Don’t worry! Cut the bottom at an angle and place them back. I feel like celery garnishes became more fragile after 2 days. My personal suggestion is no more than 2 days. However, some chefs say 3-4 days is fine. A smaller design like a leaf is the best for 1 day, longer becomes too fragile and tips fall off so easily.

1. Garnish Flower from Celery

So easy and impressive flower from the base of celery! This part we can’t use this for serving but it is great for decoration! We can make celery flowers a few days in advance. Actually, best to leave it for the night, so it opens up more.


  1. Cut the bottom off the celery but make sure the leaves stay intact.

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas flower Step 1

2. Cut on angle each future petal at an angle towards the base. See the photo below.

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas flower Step 2

3. The flower pretty to go on the plate now. However, if you place in water in the refrigerator overnight, the flower will open and will be more attractive.

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas flower Step 3

3. Place for a few hours in water in the refrigerator and the celery flower will open more. For the best effect leave celery flower overnight. Celery is a very solid vegetable and can stay in the water 2 days and still looks so presentable.

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas flower Step 4

The beautiful butterfly I made with my cookie cutter from carrot. Read more about ⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

Photo Celery garnish idea cute flower

     With the same technique, we can make a flower from ⇒ Chinese cabbage  ⇐ Oh, so pretty, just take a look! I also learn a tip from professionals, best if we bring vegetables to room temperature before start cut for garnishes, vegetables more fragile when cold especially it applies to a carrot.

Photo Pretty flower from chinese cabbage napa garnish

Flower From Chinese Cabbage Napa

  • On the photo Celery flower with stuffed celery sticks snack, I garnished with different shapes from carrot. I make the cute carrot shapes I use cookie cutters if you interested read more here ⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes


Video Celery Flower Food Decoration Idea

         Celery Cooking Tip

The bottom of celery what we can’t use in appetizers or other dishes we can use in chicken stock. Very important separate each stalk of celery from the bottom and wash very well before use.

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2. How To Cut Celery For A Veggie Tray Fancy

         One my favorite way how to cut celery for a veggie tray is using a wavy knife. I use it a lot and you can see so many platters decorated with a wavy knife on my website! The fancy wavy celery looks much more interesting on the vegetable platter than we just cut into strips. We use crinkle knife like a chef knife and it does not slow down the process when we making vegetable platter preparation.

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      1. Wash celery well and dry. Remove strings if you need. Cut with chef knife into pieces size not longer than your wavy knife.

  2. Cut into pieces. So fancy cut celery sticks idea!

  I use OXO crinkle cutter on the photo. I have this knife for about 6 years and love it. Very good quality!

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     Celery or other vegetables or fruits cut with a wavy knife look so nice and adding the WOW factor to your vegetable plate presentation.

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3. Garnish From Celery Stalk For Cheese Ball Idea

Turkey shaped cheese ball celery

         Very easy and fun idea to garnish with celery cheese ball for Thanksgiving! Celery goes very well with any appetizer and we decorate the cheese ball absolutely appropriate with celery sticks. We can make the tail rich and use 2 layers of celery sticks and slices as you can see in the photo above. I also added slices of almond as the tail decor and wings made out of pecan. The head for turkey I used red bell pepper. So easy and cute idea!

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  1. Cut 3-4 inch piece of celery stalk, the best works the middle part.  I cut off the inside of the celery stalk and cut the top of on the angle. The bottom make sharp, so it will be easy to stick into cheese ball.

  2. Pull strings out of celery stalk. Slice under the angle. We have so beautiful feather-like celery garnish slices.

          We can just use longer celery sticks and it is looks cute and complited as well. You can see the example on the photo below.

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4. Feather or Leaf Celery Garnish Technique

Photo Celery garnish idea

This celery garnish leaf is like little interesting touch to a vegetable platter or can be used to garnish salad as well.

*On the photo above, the reddish flower I made with handmade garnish tool. Read more ⇒ How to make handmade garnish tool

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  1. Cut the string in half.

Photo Cute Celery Garnish step 1

2. Make angle cuts on the side where you cut celery stalk, the blue arrow on the photo above.

Photo Cute celery garnish technique step 2

3. Place for a few hours in water in the refrigerator. For this design, I suggest keeping in water no longer than 1 day because if you keep longer these beautiful leaves will be too fragile.

Photo Cute celery garnish technique step 3

Photo Celery garnish idea

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5. Pretty And Simple Slices Celery Garnish

Photo How to decorate dishes with celery

My celery flowers garnish.

         When I use celery in salads, I remove tough strings. Most of the time I used a vegetable peeler, what is convenient and fast. However, if we remove strings with a knife by pulling it, it creates so nice designs. This technique takes little longer but celery stalk will be with very nice waves and makes a great garnish for out dish when we slice it. I tried julienne vegetable slicer and serrated swivel vegetable peeler for thin skin vegetables and fruits, both tools don’t create a nice design like if we make with just pulling strings with a knife.

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas salad

Chicken salad garnished with celery slices, chives and chives flower on the top


      Make a small horizontal cut with a knife on the top of celery stalk and pull strings. Strings separate very easily and create stripes on a celery stalk. When we slice celery stack, the slices look so cute.

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas slices

      It so cute in salads, soups or other dishes with celery!

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas slices

     Another idea for celery slices to make great decor for a sandwich. I just spread slices on the toothpick and it looks like a pinwheel to me.

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Photo Easy celery garnish ideas sandwich

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Celery Tip

       Don’t place strings from celery in the disposal. I read this tip on the Internet, I never try to place celery at my disposal and didn’t know it. So, I test on my disposal with celery stripes, just for curiosity and it really so hard on disposal.

Photo Kitchen Celery Joke

Photo Sharing is caring, reminder

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