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7 Pepper Flower Garnish Ideas And How To Keep Them For Event

Photo Pepper Flower Garnish Title 1

         Pepper flower garnish is so simple to make and very pretty! I made flowers from chili peppers, orange habanero, and small bell peppers. Pepper colorful blossoms are very eye-pleasing Holiday table decorations. In my opinion, small bell peppers are probably the best to use because they are not spicy. However, if your family and friends like spicy peppers, why not try them? Spicy pepper flowers will cheer up the party and build up memories. However, just remember, when making flowers from hot peppers wear gloves.

On the page:

  1. How to make sweet bell pepper flowers.
  2. Flowers from chili peppers.
  3. Habanero pepper flowers.
  4. Jalapeno base for flowers.
  5. Bell pepper bowl idea.
  6. Simple bell pepper flower.
  7. Fun pepper garnish for Halloween.
  8. Thanksgiving cheese ball turkey tail and neck made out of pepper (so easy and cute)
  9. Fun cocktail garnish from the pepper.
  10. How to store pepper flowers for the event for 2-3 days  (photo).

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Photo Pepper flower garnish idea bell pepper

1. Pepper Flower Garnish Out Of Bell Pepper

         Bell pepper flower is so beautiful garnish for a vegetable platter! I used small bell peppers to make flowers. Bell pepper garnish is so impressive on appetizers too! The best is red pepper, of course, but orange works pretty too. Great add it to the buffet because immediately brings color to display or just a vegetable platter. In the photo below I added a tiny flower from celery. Flower from celery also makes a great garnish. The base of the celery we don’t use in cooking but it makes a great garnish! Super simple bell pepper garnish ideas!

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  1. Make vertical cuts on pepper with a paring knife or kitchen shears. Remove septum, so it won’t hold strips and it curling outward.

Photo How to make pepper flower blossom

2. Place in cold or ice water and in few hours or overnight our pepper blossoms garnish is going to bloom. Time really depends on the thickness of the pepper. On the photo below you can see the pepper flower after 4 hours.

This is flower after 4 hours! It is so bright and beautiful addition to any Holiday table!

Photo Pepper flower garnish bloosom

       The flower on the photo bellow slightly different than photos above because I just made 5 petals for my pepper flower blossom and round.

Photo Pepper flower garnish round cut

The flower made out of pepper makes so pretty food presentation!

Photo Orange pepper flower garnish idea

Easy Bell Pepper Flower For Vase Arrangements

      I had in my vase mint but it was so boring! Here is an idea of how to brighten up your bouquet with flowers made out of bell peppers. I wish I have a variety of colors of bell peppers, it makes them much more attractive for my bouquet! I had only yellow peppers and it makes my bouquet pretty too. Of course, for the best result use fresh peppers. My peppers in the photo stay in the refrigerator for a week or so when I come up with the idea to use them for arrangement. I can say for 2-3 hours in the air-conditioned room they are still attractive.

To make a simple and easy garden arrangement with bell peppers flowers we need:

  1. Small bell peppers
  2. Wood skewers long
  3. Green onion
  4. Any garden greens (I used mint)
  5. Vase

How I Make Pepper Flowers For The Bouquet

  1. Make flowers as I show in the technique above and place flowers on a wooden skewer.

*Usually skewers are not the perfect size for the vase we use. Make sure you check what tools to use to cut skewers easily, the link below.

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2. I place the skewer inside the green onion because my vase is clear glass and the skewers so visible. The green skewer blends in with my mint greens so well.

The whole project to make my flower bouquet with bell peppers took me a few minutes! This is a simple solution to brighten up your greens in a vase! Looks will be great on a buffet or BBQ food. It is another way to add brightness and fun to food!


Video How to Make Pepper Garnish Flower

2. Pepper Flower Garnish from Chili Pepper

         This pepper garnish is so cute with any cold cut meat. Great decoration for meat platter, finger food or other dishes. Flower from a flavorful jalapeno, chili pepper, habanero or sweet peppers. For all peppers flowers we making with the same technique as a bell pepper. I read somewhere chili pepper garnish is very common Chinese food garnish. Really pretty food decor.

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3. Habanero Pepper Flower Garnish

        The Habanero pepper flower is so beautiful, I wish I am a better photographer! I made them the same way as sweet bell peppers, so no reason to show the technique again. Just remember habanero is a very hot pepper before choosing this pretty garnish. I tried to make an African chicken recipe with habanero pepper. Great garnish for this dish or other dishes includes this pepper. I have a friend, she can eat so hot food like it is normal food. Not me! However, I keep trying dishes with hot peppers because I like to learn new flavors.

      The flowers in the top photo after a few hours in cold water and in the bottom photo are the same flowers after a night in a refrigerator. So big difference! I have to mention after night in the refrigerator habanero flowers are much more fragile. Great idea to make extra flowers, so if the petals break in one flower you can use spare flowers instead. Habanero flower garnish really pretty as a food decor but very spicy!

*Use gloves when making habanero flowers!

It is so beautiful and easy to make hot pepper decor on a chicken plate!

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4. Simple Jalapeno Pepper Flower Garnish

Photo Peppers Roses Garnish with Turkey Bacon

       This idea great on cooked and fresh peppers. I show on cooked jalapeno pepper example. Petals we can make with bacon, ham, salami and other cold cuts meat. Really cute pepper garnish on meat platters or trays! The technique is super easy! Just cut the pepper with the zigzag cut closer to the bottom. For the flower base, we use the part with the stem. Meat roll in shape of flower and place into the pepper. I assemble the flowers before place it in the oven.

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Photo Stuffed jalapenos with cheese garnish

      On the photo below, ham jalapeno pepper flower garnish. Great on the cold meat platter garnish.

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5. Bell Pepper Bowl In Shape Of Flower Garnish Idea

       This is one of simple bell pepper garnish ideas! Almost no time to make. Works great for a simple veggie tray or fancy veggie tray. However to make even the scalloped pepper bowl is not an easy task when we make it with a knife. I made the flower on the photo with a handmade carving tool from a can lid. Also when we use garnish tool it takes less time to make the pepper bowl. Super easy for everyone to make!

Check out this technique and video ⇒ How to Make Handmade Garnish Tool

Handmade Garnish Tool Photo

⇓ On the photo, I decorated the small bowl with a bell pepper flower. ⇓

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6. Simple Bell Pepper Flower Garnish Idea

       This bell pepper flower is the most practical way to make bell pepper flower garnish. We don’t use much of pepper, just the bottom. I decorated the center of the flower on the photo with mayonnaise and egg yolk crumbles but we can leave seeds in the center as well.

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Photo Stuffed Eggs with Crab Meat

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7. Fun And Cute Halloween Bell Pepper Garnish Idea

      Looking for a simple garnish for a vegetable platter for Halloween party table? Check out this cute bell pepper garnish idea! Not much time to make and super simple bell pepper carving project to do.

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8. Thanksgiving Garnish Idea Out Of Bell Pepper

       Bell pepper is a great ingredient to make the tail to decorate the turkey for Thanksgiving cheese platter. I cut orange pepper into 5 ovals and place to imitate feathers. In front of the pepper, I make one layer of almond slices. The turkey neck and head I made out of red pepper.

        I have 6 more ideas with photos to make different tails for the bird shaped cheese ball. Take a look → How To Make Cheese Ball Into Turkey Thanksgiving Garnish

Turkey shaped cheese ball bell pepper

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9. Fun Bell Pepper Garnish Idea For Cocktails

     2  super simple and fun garnish ideas for cocktail. To make the bird and fun face out of small bell pepper. Definately brings smile and will be great subject for a conversation on your party.

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How To Store Flowers Made Out Of Peppers For Event

In the photo above I placed my pepper flowers in a glass, with height they stand up better on the platter.

     Pepper flowers we can make 2-3 days in advance. Place in water and wait when open up to shape you like. Then cover with a wet paper towel and place in an airtight plastic bag. The photo below sweet pepper flowers after 2 days.

My advice is any garnish needs to try out before an important event if you didn’t make it before. Make a test before the event and you will be stress-free. To make sure how you like and get a feel for how it will be looking at the event. Of course, make a few extra flowers just in case some flowers will be broken in the process of serving.


Don’t leave flowers in the water! If we leave them in water they became fragile and open too much. I have 2 photos on the page of flowers the next day I kept in the water. The first is a bell pepper photo just above the video. The flower almost looks flat, still beautiful. The second photo is habanero pepper flowers on the bottom. Pretty but looks again flat to me.

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