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Beliefs about Siberian Pelmeni in Russian Culture

Pelmeni is wonderful Russian dish that has many beliefs and traditions associated with it. I am originally from Siberia and pelmeni is a standard dish to have in every Russian family. Even the quality of the pelmeni was considered when choosing a wife in old days.

Pelmeni are Improving Health

Siberian pelmeni Gala's kitchen 1 PhotoPreparation of pelmeni is a time-consuming process and usually involves the whole family. It is a great time to get together share and discuss news or stories with family. People make pelmeni ones in a while and a great amount. We freeze and store them in covered large pot. Siberian winter replaces freezer for many months, what is explains the popularity of this dish in old days when freezer didn’t exist. It is a very convenient meal, just drop freeze pelmeni in boiling water 10-15 min and it ready to serve. In addition, pelmeni is a good solution, if you have unexpected hungry guests at your house. Every pelmeni has individual attention and if you attach Love to them, they became not only delicious meal and effective remedy also. My grandmother told me and it is the common belief in Russia if wife making a meal with love for husband, man lives longer and it affects his health positive way. Do I believe? Why not? My grandfather passed away 83 years old and one issue with health he has a hearing, he died from the severe cold. This age was not common for his generation.

Pelmeni Help to Get Married

The typical Siberian house has cold room (Seni) in front of the main door, this wise construction has many purposes in the harsh climate and one of the places to freeze pelmeni before store them. Pelmeni placed on wooden trays in cold room to freeze before going to storage and every visitor pass by them. If a family has small size beautiful pelmeni (best size is man’s nail size), people are talking about good cooking skills of women at this household and it was very beneficial for daughters at this house. Siberian pelmeni Gala's kitchen photoDoes pelmeni really help to get married? Well known international proverb, “The way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach.” Maybe this belief about pelmeni is the truth?

Cooking Pelmeni Can be Fun!

This meal also has fun part. When a family makes pelmeni, kids can create one pelmeni with different feelings and make a wish. Like example, mushroom or dough instead of meat, as long it eatable and special pelmeni look like others after boiling. Who is getting special pelmeni is getting something, here any filling works! However, for wish who is going wash dishes a lot of pepper recommended. Very seldom but happen, some people don’t like washing dishes. As result, no any pelmeni left and nobody got special one…

In conclusion, you know now: pelmeni bring the family together, help to get married, improve people health, work well as wish implementation. And you can try all this magic at home, just check recipe!

Sincerely, your Gala

Siberian pelmeni in Galas kitchen PhotoOn the photo luxury size pelmeni. To make pelmeni of this size very time-consuming process. So, if someone serves to you this size of pelmeni, you are a very special guest at this house.

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