5 Easy Fish Shape Paper Napkin Folding Idea

         Fish made out of paper napkins will give a party table a special look. Fish is the perfect decor for nautical baby showers, beach parties, fishing theme parties for kids, summer parties, swimming pool parties, seafood feasts, and other marine events. Every napkin fold on the page can be made in advance and just add it to the plate when we need it. Great project to involve kids in party preparation. Each technique has photos but it is just simple examples of how to get your imagination started to decorate your summer party.

      Plates decorated with fish made out of paper napkins are a solution if we don’t have themed paper plates or table covers. No secret, paper plates without design are less expensive than those with marine designs on them. We can easily use simply designed paper plates or plastic plates from large stores like Costco or Sam’s club which is the best buy where I live. By adding different napkin folds, we make the party table appearance different every time with the same plates and napkins. Just one element a fish from a napkin is going to change immediately the appearance of the table. We don’t need theme plates if we host a nautical party with these napkin folds. Just decorate plates with a simple paper napkin fish. Check out the techniques!

To make napkin foldings in the shape of fish I use 13′ x 13′ (33 cm x 33 cm) size square paper napkins.

On this page 5 techniques:

1. Fish napkin folding from 2 napkins. (Very easy and almost no time to make!)

2. The fish shape from one paper napkin. (Easy technique)

3. Fish in the shape of a triangle. (Can be used as utensils holder as well)

4. Origami fish shape paper napkin. (Can be used as an animal face as well if we turn the tail to the top)

5. Napkin fold in the shape of fish with fins and tails. (most detailed fish in the list)

To make more realistic looks I added candy eyeballs to my fish. They are 100% edible and a great small addition to any table! I used “Wilton” company candy eyeballs and they have a variety of sizes. We can also make themselves edible eyeballs by using candy melds.

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1. Easy Fish Fold From 2 Paper Napkins

    This idea of how to fold paper napkins into a fish is super easy! We can make this fish with an open mouth and with a closed mouth. This is beneficial if we want to add a name place card or other additional decors. For example, we can place a name card in a fish mouth, as an example. Our imagination is only the limit!

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We need:

2 paper napkins ( I used 13″ napkins )

1 candy eye (optional)


  1. Unfold the napkin half way. The napkin should looks like on the photo withopen edges at the bottom. ( Repeat on second napkin the same steps )

Napkin folding fish step 1

2. Fold the upper left corner up to the center as on the photo.

3. Fold the right side the same way and close as a book, so we have a smaller triangle.

4. Turn both triangles as on the photo and insert one triangle inside the other.

We can make the triangles in advance and assemble when need it.

Napkin folding fish step 4

5. We can insert the top napkin inside the bottom napkin triangle as on the photo below or opposite order as on the photo below with the plate.

* I use a candy eyeball for more realistic looks for the fish.

Photo Napkin folding fish

The fish fold is easy and makes great marine decor for kids’ parties. In my opinion, the candy eyeball is just a must for cute looks in this folding technique!

Fish paper napkin folding Photo

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2. Fish Paper Napkin Folding From One Napkin

Fish Napkin Fold From One Napkin

This fish napkin folding is an option to make almost the same fish as the above technique but by using only one napkin.


  1. Fold the napkin in half to form triangle. The top fold towards the bottom.

2. Fold the left side and right side towards the top.

3. The fish has a small triangle left. We can leave as is but I like fold it under the fish.

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My fish look cute and come out with one tooth looks like because the 2 sides of the napkin have different colors. Up to you which technique you like more and use for your party, they are both so easy!

Fish Napkin Fold From One Napkin

3. Fish Folding In The Triangle Shape From Paper Napkin

This fish napkin fold in a triangle shape and has a small tail. It is an easy technique but needs little practice. One more option to choose when you will prepare for your party. This napkin fold is great to use as a holder for plastic utensils if we place utensils inside the fish. Looks like too many steps to make this fish but if you make one successfully, the next will be so easy. Can be great decor for a marine party or seafood dinner!

*Choose a napkin with the same color on both sides.

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  1. Fold each corner of the napkin towards the center.

2. The left corner fold inside the napkin.

3. The top of the left corner folds as in the photo and makes the left size of the tail.

4. From the left side of the napkin, we will make the right side of the tail. Fold the left corner, so the right side of the tail looks like the left side. The white line on the photo shows we have a small excess outside the fish.

5. Fold in this side, so the fish looks symmetrical. Turn the fish on the other side and decorate the plate.

This fish great look with eye and without! For the eye I used a small candy eyeball.

Photo Red Fish From Paper Napkin

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4. Fish Origami Folded Paper Napkin

Photo Origami Fish

This napkin fold in the shape of a fish is origami-style and super easy to make. It gives us one more option to decorate a table with a fish shape from the napkin for a fishing theme party or a summertime seafood dinner. We can add to this fish candy eye or without as you can see in the photo below. I really like this method because the fish has a head and a tail. To make a fish takes just a few steps and we can make them in advance.

Photo Origami Fish From Napkin

*Choose a napkin with the same color on both sides.

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  1. Fold the napkin in half diagonally.

Photo Origami Fish From Napkin 1

2. Fold up a cuff on the bottom of the napkin. Turn upside down.

Photo Origami Fish From Napkin 2

3. Fold one side as on the photo.

Photo Origami Fish From Napkin 3

4. Fold the second side the same way.

Photo Origami Fish From Napkin 4

5. Now we ready to make the tail. Fold the top as on the photo. Turn upside down and our fish is ready!

Photo Origami Fish From Napkin 5

These fish make a very fun presentation for so many events. Kids party, marine party, and much more! If you turn around, it can be an animal face as well!

Photo Origami Pink Fish From Napkin

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5. Fish Paper Napkin Folding With Fins

       This fish from napkin is so detailed and I like to add it to my list. The fish has fins and a tail. Really, it is not complicated folding if you have little practice. Check out a very detailed direction on how to make this fish. If you decided to decorate your party table with this folding technique, it will be an immediate impression and your effort definitely will be noticed!

*if have any questions feel free to ask. If we need I can add more details for this technique.


  1. Fold the napkin as a book as you can see the direction on the photo.

Photo Fish Shape Napkin With Fins 1

2. Fold up the top. The point A ⇒C and B ⇒D. Make the same with the bottom.

Photo Fish Shape Napkin With Fins 2

Photo Fish Shape Napkin With Fins 3

3. Turn the napkin 90 degrees. The right side will be the head of my fish. The left will be the tail of the fish.

4. This step is to make the tail of the fish. Turn the small triangle on the bottom of left side right, so it points towards left side.

5. Fold the bottom left side towards the center.

6. Fold towards the bottom the top and half of the tail are ready. Repeat the same way with the top and the tail is ready.

7. Now I am going to make a fin.

8. Fold the bottom of the right side towards the center. Do the same with the top. Turn the napkin over for presentation.

This step is important. Turn around the fish and make sure the tail line and the fin line has space.

This fish napkin fold has a tail and fins too! Great project to do with kids! Takes a little longer than other fish napkin folds but very impressive result because fish has so many details!

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