5 Ideas How to Put Paper Napkins in a Napkin Holder

Double fold napkin holder Photo

        A great way to dress up the table is to place paper napkins in a standing napkin holder. Napkin stand holders can be very simple for example, wire napkin holders or fancy crystal. The holder will be a great addition to a special occasion table or casual setting table. We can try to experiment by using a combination of different color napkins or mixing patterned napkins and solid color napkins. Depending on the napkin’s colors and designs the same napkin holder has a different appearance. For example, I used a neutral pinwheel crystal napkin holder and it looks cheerful and fun with dots pattern napkins but Halloween napkin colors in the same holder look different. Then the simple design of the napkin holder then more options for combinations with different pattern napkins. If you like to keep simplicity, I suggest buying made out of glass – so universal and goes with any napkin design and color. As you can see my cute and colorful napkin holder with strawberries looks great with white napkins. However, we will be limited to other color napkins to put in it. However, some designs of napkin holders are so much fun to put on the table and I can’t resist buying this one! Take a look at my cute cow napkin folder at the bottom of the page!

Paper Napkins Foldings in a Napkin Holder on This Page:

  1. The crown method is to fold napkins in a napkin holder.
  2. Triangle folding napkins in a napkin holder.
  3. Double fanned out napkins in a napkin holder.
  4. Castle napkins folding in a napkin holding.
  5. Pine tree shape napkins in a napkin holder. (faster method)
  6.  Glass is a great substitute for a napkin holder.

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1. The Crown Napkins Folding in a Napkin Holder Idea

         This method to place napkins in a napkin folder is easiest and great for everyday or special occasion table. It is my favorite technique. I am using solid white napkins and napkins with dots design to show the technique as an example, but we can use napkins that we have available and it always looks nice in different styles of napkin holders.

The photo below is the same napkins in a wire napkin holder.

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     Another look :) The same napkins are in my stainless steel napkin holder. It looks so similar to a vintage chrome napkin holder by Irvin Ware. I like this holder because it is so cute and charming and goes well with many tableware designs well.

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  1. Fold napkins in half in the shape of a triangle.

2. Place napkins on each other in the order – one patterned and one solid color. Divide in two and one side turn, as on the photo, opposite way.

3. Place the right side on the top of the left side.

4. Place folded napkins in a napkin holder.

This method to place paper napkins slightly different. Just each individual napkin place like a mirror image on the top next napkin. The view from the front and the back of a napkin folder is the same as the previous technique. The difference is the view from the top.

I use this technique mostly to place paper napkins in my napkin holders to display napkins for every day. Easy and looks nice!

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2. Triangle Napkins Folding in a Napkin Holder Idea

         A super simple and very common way to place napkins in a napkin holder. A perfect choice when we have a few napkins to use. This technique is great with any amount of napkins in a napkin holder. For example, we used half of the napkins, and napkins folded in triangles will be the same look without any additional correction. Maybe not the fanciest way to put napkins in a napkin folder, but great for the everyday table setting for sure.

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  1. Fold napkins in half in the shape of a triangle. Place napkins on the top of each other and inside the napkin holder.

Easy and very simple folding napkins in the wire napkin holder!

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3. Double Faned Out Napkins Folding Idea in a Napkin Holder

Double fold napkin holder Photo

          This is a definitely fancy way to present napkins in a napkin holder. This charming and impressive method to put napkins in a napkin holder can be for the special occasion table setting or for everyday table serving. For the best effect and attractive presentation better to use solid colored and contrasting colored napkins. I used a very summery and cute napkin holder with strawberries in the photo above and my napkins are white and red colors. The downside of this technique is when someone takes one or two napkins it is not pretty anymore.

          For the technique direction, I used orange and black napkins to place napkins in the crystal napkin folder. As an example, I use Halloween table decor but with the clear napkin holder, we can use napkins of any color. The crystal napkin holder is the best napkin holder for every day or for a holiday table setting. Looks nice with any napkin patterns.

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  1. I am going to use napkins 2 colors.

2. Fold in half on diagonal the napkin into a triangle.

*If I do have not too many napkins, I like to make crease only halfway, so faned out napkins have more volume.

3. Place napkins on each other with the creas on the top. Faned out napkins as on the photo.

4. One fan turn around.

5. Place faned out napkins in the napkin folder. I like to add on the front and on the back napkins folded in a triangle.

Faned out napkins in napkin folder looks nice with 2 colors napkins or one color napkins.

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4. Castle Napkins Folding in a Napkin Holder Idea

       For this tabletop decoration with a pinwheel crystal napkin holder, I used fall theme napkins. The technique is very easy and impressive in most napkin holders. Try this simple fold on a holiday, a special occasion, or just a table setting for an everyday meal. It works equally well for napkins with patterns and for solid colored napkins. At the bottom of the page, I have the photo with a variation of the technique and I use a combination of solid color napkins and napkins with the pattern.

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  1. Fold the bottom of the napkin up to the shape with 5 corners as on the photo.

2. To make even folds place the napkin on the top of already folded napkins. This way will be easy to match napkins folds.

Place napkins in the napkin folder. The look is very nice and easy to take out for guests one by one napkin.

One of the variations of this napkin fold on the photo below. I just added the front and back napkins folded in a triangle. Look good if we use different pattern napkins. Really, my favorite napkin holder is made out of glass or crystal because we can easy to see the beauty of patterned napkins!

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5. Pine Tree Shape Technique To Place Napkins In A Napkin Folder

Photo Christmas Tree Napkin holder

       I call this technique placing napkins in a napkin holder Christmas tree because it is on the top looks like a Christmas tree shape. It looks great in any napkin holder. One of the easiest and faster techniques is to place napkins in a napkin holder. Takes just a few seconds to display napkins on the table. Just one downside of this method is we can’t make both sides equally pretty. This is a great technique for napkin holders with 2 different sides when the front is different than the back. For example, my cow napkin holder is on the bottom of the page photos. One side is with the head of a cow and another side is with the back of the cow. Oh, so many variations for every technique!


  1. Choosing the right side for the top to place napkins is important. I like to make the top the side where is the center of the napkin and crease. On the opposite side, the napkin has 4 sides and will be not easy to choose just one napkin at a time.

2. Spread slightly napkins as on the photo below. This simple step important because for guests will be easy to take one napkin at a time and don’t try to separate one napkin from others.

3. Fold napkins approximately 1″ from the top of the other side.

4. The photo below how the “fancy” side looks like.

5. Place napkins inside the napkin holder and it is ready for entertaining!

As you can see I used in my photos 2 color napkins in the napkin holder, the same color napkins and napkins with design and they look great. Great way to place napkins in a napkin holder for a buffet table, if the table is next to the wall because the back is more attractive than the front.

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6. Glass Is Substitute For A Napkin Holder

Photo Fan Paper Napkins In Glass

     Don’t have a napkin holder, use a substitute instead! The best substitute for a napkin holder is a glass! We don’t have to put one napkin after another in the glass to make a beautiful look as you can see in the photo. Much faster to fan a small stack of napkins with a great quick technique and then roll it and place it in a glass.

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Beautiful Napkins in a Napkin Holder

For pretty napkins with beautiful patterns, I don’t have to do anything! Just place it in the napkins folder as is without any folding. Very important to have a napkin holder with a neutral design! I like very much my chrome napkin holder with a scalloped cut-out as a fan. Of course, it will be beautiful in a clear glass napkin holder as well.

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Fun Cow Napkin Holder

My fun cow napkin standing holder I bought just recently. I love it because it brings me a smile every time I see it. I love kitchen cow themed decor! Check your local stores and you can find so cute napkin holders and the same time decor for your kitchen table.

I show different techniques and different colors of napkins. Works well if we choose the right tablecloth with our cute napkin holder.

I like all choices but the pink one is my favorite! What is your favorite? Leave in the comments below, please!

Photo Cow Napkin Folder

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