5 Ways How To Make Easy Sailboat From Paper Napkin For Nautical Party


     Sailboats are a festive and classic nautical party addition. We can make sailboats from one color of napkins or in a combination of 2 colors, both will be cute and impressive. This is an inexpensive way to make decor for a Nautical-themed party. Use solid colored napkins to make boats and you can even use leftover napkins for other party themes. Check out these easy techniques on how to make boats out of paper napkins.

5 Nautical Sailboat Techniques:

  1. Boat Napkin Fold.
  2. Easiest Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold.
  3. Ship Napkin Fold.
  4. Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold (adds dimension to the table, the photo above)
  5. Yacht Paper Napkin Folding.

For these paper napkin folds techniques, you need luncheons 13″ X 13″ paper napkins and cocktail paper napkins 10″ x 10″.

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1. Boat Paper Napkin Folding Technique


       This technique I call a ship paper napkin fold. The reason it is larger from all boats on the page. In the photo above you see the ship on an 11″ diameter plate. It will be great on large plates or we can place it next to the plate with utensils on the table. The best nautical cutlery holder napkin fold. The ship napkin fold is great to place utensils in because large enough for any size of utensil, plastic, or silverware.

    This ship boat napkin folding with silverware inside works for any size of silverware as you can see in the photo, it fits very well. How I made 2 colors ship from a napkin, I explain at the bottom of the technique.


We need:

One 13″ X 13″ paper napkin


  1. Fold the top of an unfolded napkin in two.


2. Fold the corner on the top of the napkin. Repeat the same on the other side and it will be the top of the ship.


3. Fold the bottom of the napkin.


4. Turn the napkin around. Fold the corners of the napkin.


5. Turn around and the ship is ready to decorate a nautical theme party table!


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Ship Paper Napkin Fold Tip

The ship napkin fold will be interesting if we use 2 colors of napkins. I used white and blue napkins folded the same way. Place the white ship inside the blue ship and as a result, you see the ship with a white top and blue bottom napkin folding. Two colors ship more interesting visually, in my opinion.


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2. Easiest Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold


     The sailboat paper napkin folding technique is the easiest technique on the page! I call it the origami sailboat technique because found the technique on one of the origami websites. We can use one napkin and it will be one color boat or we can use 2 colors napkins or make a sail in one color and the boat’s body (the bottom) another color. I used a 13″ X 13″ paper napkin but we can use beverage napkins as well to make this sailboat, the boat will be slightly smaller but looks better on the 9-inch paper plate.


Sailsboat Napkin Fold Steps:

  1. Unfold napkin.


2. Fold the napkin in two diagonally.


3. Fold the napkin in two again as a book.


4. Fold the bottom of the napkin horizontally. Corner N2 is placed higher than corner N1 for more resembles a sailboat.


In the photo below larger sailboat is from a napkin size 13″ X 13″ and the smaller beverage napkin is 10″ X 10″.


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3. Ship Paper Napkin Folding


       This boat paper napkin folding reminds me pirate ship with 2 sails, so I call this technique ship napkin fold. I used a 13″ X 13″ paper napkin to make this sailboat. The technique has a few more steps than others but the result is impressive and worth it!

Ship Napkin Fold Steps:

  1. Unfold napkin.


2. Fold the top and bottom as I show in the photo.


3. Bring together the left side and right side by holding the corners from the left and right sides. Then fold together point A+B and C+D



4. At this point we can choose, we leave the sails the same size both or slightly different. If you like the same size sails skip the next step.


5. One of the sails I fold in partially and now each sail has a different length.



6. Turn around and fold the bottom.


This is one of my favorite nautical napkin folding techniques. So Impressive!


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4. Sailboat Paper Napkin Fold


      This is a super easy sailboat paper napkin fold. Just two simple steps and the sailboat is ready to decorate any Nautical party table. I like this sailboat napkin fold for simplicity. We need just 2 steps to make this sailboat from a paper napkin. It is 3 dimensions paper napkin fold and gives the table elevation and an impressive look. If you look for simplicity, check out this Nautical napkin folding technique from 13″ X 13″ napkin.

We need:

One 13″ X 13″ paper napkin

Sailboat Napkin Fold Steps:

  1. Fold the napkin in two.


2. Roll the napkin as I show in the photo. We fold the napkin in four but without crease. It should have the shape of a cone.


3. Make a pleat by folding the bottom towards the top.


4. For a more realistic look the front is better made slightly taller than the back.


It will be great in any color of a napkin. The color depends on your theme. It can be colorful or just blue for the sailor party theme, boat theme, or other nautical theme party tables.


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5. Yacht Paper Napkin Folding


       This boat paper napkin folding reminds me small yacht with 2 sails, so I call this technique yacht napkin fold. I used a 13″ X 13″ paper napkin to make this sailboat. One color or two colors easy design nautical napkin folding technique in just a few steps. 

Yacht Napkin Fold Steps:

  1. Fold the napkin in two as I show in the photo.


2. Fold in two vertically.


3. Fold the top layer of the napkin in half.


3. Fold the bottom towards the top and our yacht is ready.



4. We can make two colored boats with this technique if we use 2 colors napkins. I fold the same way 2 color boats. Then I fold the yellow napkin’s corners behind and I have a triangle. I placed the triangle inside the blue napkin and have in two colors boat and on the bottom we can’t see the yellow napkin. Of course, we can make it easy and place one inside the other.



6. How To Make Easy Sailboat From 5 inch Square Paper Napkin

       This paper napkin folding in the shape of a sailboat is fun and so easy to make. I am using a beverage or cocktail paper napkin 5″ x 5″ to make the boat. We can make from the boat a name place card if we use a solid color napkin. We can make a sailboat napkin fold in 2 easy steps. Check out this easy technique!


  1. Fold the napkin in half.

2. Fold the left top corner towards the bottom. Do the same with the left side.

3. Fold the bottom halfway toward the top of the triangle. The boat is ready to decorate the plate or table. It is a great nautical paper napkin folding technique for a party.

Cute and nice idea to decorate the plate with the boat from a napkin for a party or just to bring a smile to your guests!

Photo Boat From Paper Napkin

Experiment with different folding techniques, and colors of napkins. Make your unique sailboats.

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