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How To Make Butterfly Topper For Cupcakes With Mini Marshmallows

       Marshmallow butterflies are simple cupcake toppers to impress! We don’t need additional ingredients, just fine enough scissors. However, marshmallows are so soft and we do need to know how to cut out wings without smashing them. This project is for people with any skill level in making decor out of marshmallows. If I can make it, you can make it! These adorable butterfly cupcake toppers are easy decor for summer Birthday parties, baby showers, or just fun baking with kids. Learn how to make these super cute and easy cupcake toppers with step-by-step directions and my on the bottom of the page video.

*We can make this butterfly with antennas too if you are looking for more details in your topper. At the bottom of the page, I am sharing how I did it and the photo of my butterfly with antennas.

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How To Make Quick and Easy Mini Marshmallow Butterflies for Cupcakes

Here are just a few simple steps on how to make butterfly cupcake toppers using mini marshmallows. It is easy to make decor but marshmallows are soft and some attention may needed. To make a butterfly we need just scissors and a mini marshmallow. I used pink minis to make the butterflies in my photos because pink is my favorite. Follow my step-by-step instructions and create these charming tiny butterflies.

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  1. I used a mini pink marshmallow.

2. Make a pinch on the side.

3. Place the scissors on the opposite side and press. The marshmallow should look like a half-butterfly and if we turn it will look like a heart.

4.  Cut the top of the wing and then the bottom separately. Then cut between the wings but not through. One side will be wider, we need to cut the excess off. We need to cut off it the same way as we cut wings, separately.

*If my explanation is confusing, watch the video at the bottom of the page. In my video, I explain and show how to do it.

5. Open as a book and the butterfly is ready.

The marshmallow butterfly is so easy to make and cute with marshmallow flowers! It is also a perfect topper as is for small cupcakes.

How To Make Mini Marshmallow Butterflies With Antennas Cupcake Topper


     Fresh marshmallows are soft and when I try to cut antennas for my butterfly, it is impossible to cut very thin. As you can see in the photos I cut pretty fine antennas for my butterfly. I let my butterfly to dry a little. I needed only on the edges dry, so I could make fine cuts. The result you can see in the photo above. The antennas are so fine and my butterfly looks so cute on a chocolate cupcake.

Video How To Make Mini Marshmallow Butterfly

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