3 Easy Ways How To Make Flowers From Marshmallows For Cupcakes And Cakes

       Making edible flowers out of marshmallows is a creative way to decorate cakes, cupcakes, or other desserts. Marshmallow flowers are a very inexpensive decor because a bag of marshmallows does not cost much. With these techniques, we can transform simple marshmallows into beautiful flowers. Add your creativity to the techniques to master the art of making marshmallow flowers and you will impress your family and friends for sure!

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  1. How to make easy flowers out of colorful marshmallows.
  2. Daisy flower cake decor out of white marshmallows.
  3. Easy cupcake topper marshmallow flower out of small marshmallow.

How Do You Keep Marshmallows From Sticking Together Or Your Fingers?

      Use powdered sugar or cornstarch. I mostly use powdered sugar when making marshmallow decor for cakes or cupcakes.

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1. How To Make Easy Flowers Out Of Mini Colorful Marshmallows

      These are my favorite marshmallow flower techniques. You can see how I transform just a plain cake into a summery flower cake! These marshmallow flowers are so easy to make. To add more visual interest I added heart-shaped sprinkles. I used a colorful marshmallow but we can use white marshmallows as well (see example photo below). With colorful marshmallows, the cake decorating process is much faster and less expensive than using sugar fondant. I made leaves from green marshmallows as well, just cut them into fourths.

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The flower in the white and yellow center is an adorable cupcake topper!

We need

1. 1 yellow and 6 pink marshmallow

2. Kitchen shears (you can use a knife but shears work much better for me)

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Technique 1

      1. The center of the flower. Cut yellow marshmallow into the half. We can use cut side as well, just sprinkle with yellow sugar and it sticks to the surface. See picture with daisies.

   2. The petals of the flower. Cut diagonally pink marshmallow. It will be 2 petals from each marshmallow.

   3. Place the petals around the center. Leaves – I cut green marshmallow into half at first and the half cut into half again.

   We can make petals with piping tips and icing as well. If you don’t have piping tips, make yourself (Easy!) Check the link below.

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DIY Cake decorating tip to make leaves

 5. The green decor on the bottom of the cake I made the same way as my petals. I cut it in half diagonally.

Photo How to decorate cake with marshmallow

Nadia shared the photo of the flowers below. She decorated Russian sweet Easter bread. She made her flowers using this technique. Making petals and centers in different colors is an interesting idea. So cute!

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2. How To Make Easy Daisy Flower Out Of Mini Marshmallow

        These marshmallow daisies are very cute on cakes, cupcakes, decorating chocolate pudding or other desserts. Very summery and cute inexpensive marshmallow topper for a cupcake or cake decor! I used white small marshmallows and yellow sugar to make the center of my flower.

Technique 2

      The technique is very similar to what I described step by step above. The difference is petals. To make my marshmallow daisies petals I cut diagonally marshmallow as technique above. Then cut again the top to make thin and long slices. The center of the daisy is sticky and yellow sugar sticks so well to it.


The marshmallow daisy very cute on a contrasting background!


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3. Cute And Easy Mini Cupcake Marshmallow Flowers

       My tiny cupcake marshmallow flowers are the perfect topper for small cupcakes, especially, cute with marshmallow butterflies. We can also use them in combination with other marshmallow flowers. The technique is so easy and we just need small scissors to cut petals. I made my flowers with mini marshmallows and added colorful sprinkles to the top of cupcakes. I am going to show 2 ways, how to make the center of the flowers and you choose your favorite way to make these cute cupcake decor.

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How To Make Easy Mini Marshmallow Flowers With Fingers

Technique 3

  1. Take a small marshmallow with two fingers as I show.

2. Press but try to smash only the center. The side around the center should be round, so our petals have valume.

3. Cut sides as I show in the photo and my flower is ready. This is the easiest marshmallow cupcake toppers DIY.

How To Make Easy Mini Marshmallow Flowers With Straw

In this technique, the difference is I used instead of my fingers straw to make the center of the flower. The final result is absolutely the same.

  1. Press the straw in the center of the marshmallow.

2. Cut the petals with scissors.

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