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How to Make 9 Easy Strawberry Garnishes

Photo Strawberry Garnish Ideas title

               My collection of strawberries garnishes ideas that are easy to make and no art skills are needed. However, some garnishes need practice before making it to guests. Practice and make sure, you know how to make flowers or hearts from strawberries. Strawberry garnishes are so good to decorate food for kids! The best companion for strawberry garnish is green mint, in my opinion, because it resembles strawberry leaves and makes a great pairing with a strawberry. Serving food attractively takes sometimes no time but the little touch will be so noticeable and it reflects our love for our family and friends. Check out the techniques on the page! I am sure, you will find interesting techniques on how to make attractive garnish out of a strawberry!

Strawberry garnishes on the page:

  1. Strawberry slices in the shape of the heart (video)
  2. Strawberry in the shape of the heart (very easy)
  3. Strawberry in the shape of the rose
  4. How to make a strawberry and apple mushrooms garnish (video)
  5. Fanning a strawberry (very easy)
  6. A simple strawberry flower.
  7. Strawberry rose from a peel.
  8. Strawberry spiral (video).
  9. Cute faces from a strawberry (fun garnish for kids)

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1. Heart Strawberry Garnish Idea

Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideas

          The strawberry heart is so impressive garnish for someone special for Valentine’s Day or just make a cute dessert. In the photo, I served for breakfast cottage cheese with strawberries and blueberries. I had a large strawberry and tried to make a heart. I was so surprised by how easy and impressive it comes out. We can use this strawberry technique for other desserts as well. For example, dessert strawberry with whipped cream is great for this strawberry garnish idea too. The limit is our fantasy!

What we need:

  1. Strawberry
  2. Paring knife
  3. Cutting board

       To choose the right strawberry is very important. The strawberry much to be a normal shape with even sides. The best is a large size of berry personally for me because small size is hard to shape and for a smaller size, I have much more easy next technique on the page. We need to choose a bright red strawberry preferably without any white or pink areas. In the photo, I used with pink spots strawberry and it is pretty but with red strawberry will be much more impressive!

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Technique How To Make a Heart Out Of Strawberry:

  1. Cut a strawberry into equal 2 pieces and each slice as thin as possible.

Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideas step 1

2. Spread each strawberry half as shown in the photo. The bottom of the strawberry heart is coming out so easy! The top round with both hands in same time. Try stay as close as possible to center and when the heart is ready to spread it wider. This way you don’t clean around the heart much and juices stay in the center where are berries go.

Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideas step 2

3. The bottom of the strawberry heart is coming out so easy! The top round with both hands in same time and adjust as you like.

Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideas step 3

Video Heart Shaped Strawberry For Simple Romantic Dessert

2. How To Make A Heart Out Of A Strawberry

        Photo Strawberry heart garnish with spoon

        A simple way to decorate the dessert with a touch of love is to add fresh heart-shaped strawberries. No time to make the heart and a great surprise for someone special. The direction is so simple to make this adorable edible art!

*In the photo above, I decorated it with strawberry heart fruits made in the shape of small balls and served with a yummy chocolate spoon. To make these cute balls I used a garnish tool a melon baller.

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Direction How To Make A Heart Out Of A Strawberry

        To make a heart out of a strawberry we need a certain shape of strawberries. The strawberry should look like a heart shape on the bottom and the best is red inside. It is very simple, just make the simple cut at an angle like on the picture and cut in the middle, we have 2 hearts ready. Or leave it as is and use it as decor for a glass of a drink. If make more slices, we have a few hearts and can use them in beverages. This method is good for decorating desserts for Valentine’s Day or just to impress loved ones. Desserts, Jello, pastry, beverages, and more. Cover a strawberry heart with chocolate and the heart-shaped candy is ready.

Heart from Strawberry Photo

Hearts are the perfect strawberry garnish for cake. I just added a few leaves of mint to the hearts and my cake looks so good!

Strawberry Heart Garnish. Photo.

In the photo below I decorated with strawberry hearts and blueberries crapes for breakfast. The sauce is condensed milk.

Crapes is one of the most desirable breakfasts for my family!

Russian blini garnish with strawberry hearts Photo

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3. How To Make Strawberry Rose Garnish

Rose From Strawberry Photo

Rose from Strawberry

        The technique of how to make a strawberry rose garnish I learned many years ago from a Russian chef. It is one more way how to cut a strawberry fancy to garnish desserts. The rose is so elegant, realistic, and very cute on any dessert.

*This technique can be used also to make a rose from vegetables and other fruits. I have step by step technique on a lemon example and a video with an example on orange. I used roses from strawberries to decorate desserts, ice cream, cheesecake or just simply decorate small fruit plates.

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      Strawberry Flower Garnish Puding Photo

Technique How To Make a Rose From a Strawberry

  1. Cut a strawberry into halves.

        Photo Strawberry rose garnish step 1

  2. Slice strawberry half into thin slices like on the photo. The slices will be petals for our strawberry rose.

Photo Strawberry rose garnish step 2

  3. Spread the strawberry slices like on the photo.

        Photo Strawberry rose garnish step 4

  4. Roll the strawberry slices into a spiral.

        Photo Strawberry rose garnish step 5

  5. 4 large slices of strawberry place under each other on dessert.

The base of the strawberry flower I made from 4 slices from another half of the strawberry.

        Photo Strawberry rose garnish step 6

  6. Place strawberry rolled into a spiral on the center of the 4 petals of the strawberry rose.

        Photo Strawberry rose garnish with kiwi

The rose is the perfect strawberry garnish for cheesecake!

Photo Strawberry Rose Garnish

Rose from Strawberry

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Strawberry Mushroom Garnish Photo

Strawberry Mushroom Garnish

4. Strawberry Mushroom Kids Dessert Garnish

Strawberry Garnish on cottage cheese Photo

The strawberry mushroom garnishes are cute on desserts for kids, to decorate fruit platters or just sweet garnish. The mushrooms make your kids and family eat more fruits! My husband doesn’t eat kiwi. At least I thought so for many years. I was practicing to make my strawberry mushrooms and served it with a cottage cheese for my husband. I don’t want to remove kiwi because the mushrooms were so cute. He ate my mushrooms and of course, kiwi!

We can make raspberries mushrooms as well. They are so cute too!

Look a few more ideas raspberry garnish ideas → 4 Cute Raspberry Garnish Ideas

Raspberry Garnish for kids Photo

We need:




Fruit corer 0.5 inch

*Corer is a very useful tool if you like to garnish food!

Read more about corers →  Uses of Vegetable Corer in My Kitchen

Photo Strawberry Garnish Tool Corer Photo

Photo Make Strawberry Garnish With Fruit Corer

  1. Make a stem for strawberry mushroom from apple with the corer.

Photo Strawberry Desserts for Kids Photo

2. Make an opening in strawberry with the corer.

Photo Strawberry Desserts for Kids 2 Photo

3. Attach the stem to strawberry and our cute garnish is ready!

Photo Strawberry Desserts for Kids 3 Photo

Kids Desserts Strawberry Garnish Photo

⇓ For more stability, we can make openings in kiwi too (Raspberry mushrooms) ⇓

Photo Raspberry Mushroom Garnish for kids photo

Video Fun Strawberry Garnish for Kids Dessert

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5. How To Fan A Strawberry For Garnish

             Fanning a strawberry for garnish is a good way to increase the visual impact of the strawberry on dessert. The most common strawberry garnish we can see at restaurants is fan out of a strawberry because of the simplicity of the technique. A fan is a great strawberry garnish on glass if we attach it to a skewer on the bottom of the berry. Fanning a strawberry technique is an easy and impressive strawberry garnish for many drinks. Some people like to leave the hull attached, some remove it. I like to remove the strawberry leafy part most of the time and replace it with mint leaves. I have mint available all year round in my mini garden. Mint leaves pleasant and edible garnish by itself and makes a great parring with strawberry.

           The fanning a strawberry technique is so easy! Remove the leaves from the strawberry or leave on, it is up to you. Make vertical cuts, but not all way through. Spread it and you have a beautiful fan to decorate desserts, pastries, and beverages. You can use skewers to control the deepness of the cuts for convenience.

Photo strawberry Fan Garnish

6. Simple Strawberry Flower Garnish

 Strawberry cut into flower easiest way is just make a zig-zag cut with handmade garnish tool from a can lid. Good to garnish desserts and glass with a beverage. Easy jello decor, fruit salad, dessert or freeze in ice and it will be simple but cute ice cubes for a beverage.

How to make flower from strawberry Gif

We can cut the flower with a small paring knife or make very simple handmade disposable garnish tool (video).

⇓ Check out how to make handmade garnish tool super easy ⇓

⇒ How to make handmade garnish tool⇐

7. Flower from Strawberry Peel

           Here is another technique to make a strawberry flower. I like very much the technique to make tomato or orange flowers, but sometimes I make from strawberry too. The best take large strawberry to make this flower. It can be used to decorate desserts, pastries, and jello.

⇒Link to How to make a rose from orange peel⇐

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8. How to Cut Strawberry for Garnish in Spiral

Photo Strawberry spiral garnish

       Strawberry spiral is a very interesting garnish and not a common idea to decorate desserts or beverages. It is a very impressive garnish technique to cut strawberries for a drink. We need a skewer to hold strawberries and a knife. Not easy to make a spiral from strawberry without skewer unless you are a chef with excellent knife skills. However, with a skewer, it is so simple way to make this garnish out of strawberry! Check out my video below.

Check out the spiral out of strawberry technique with step by step photos here ⇒ 7 Fun And Easy Margarita Cocktail Garnish Techniques

      Photo Spiral strawberry garnish on ice cream


Video How to Cut Strawberry for Garnish in Spiral

The spiral on the milkshake glass looks like a ribbon to me, so cute!

Strawberry Spiral Garnish Photo

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9. Cute Faces From Strawberry

Photo Faces from strawberry with melon baller

      So cute strawberry garnish idea for kid’s dessert! We need a garnishing tool call a melon baller if you don’t have one, you can use some measuring spoons instead. I used papaya to make these strawberry faces but we can make faces from so many different fruits. The eyes I draw with an edible marker but we can use edible seeds instead. To make the smiley mouth we can make with a spoon, just press it in.

Check out more details on how I make the strawberry faces with step by step photos photos ⇒ How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

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10. Strawberry Twist Garnish

I like the twists strawberry garnish because just from one berry we can garnish a few desserts. Super easy and very nice decor on desserts!

 Photo Strawberry garnish

Photo Dessert garnished with melon ballerRecommended ⇒ How To Use Melon Baller 13 Ideas With Photos

Photo Sharing is caring, reminder

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