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5 Lime And Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Ideas With Photos

       I like to share these unique drink garnishes from lime and orange peel to decorate cocktails. I usually garnish with orange zest coconut water and really it makes a difference in taste when I infuse it with orange flavor. Like we do with plain water just a small wedge of lime or orange makes a big difference.

      We can use these garnishes to decorate many drinks and cocktails. Most of the time I garnish my coconut water with orange peel cut out but if you looking for something unique to dress up your cocktail party and are willing to spend a few extra minutes to make it check out these fun cocktail garnish ideas. Especially great for a summer party, so much fun to brighten up your drink presentation or impress someone you love!

        On this page cocktail garnish techniques:

  1. The Sun from Lime (video)
  2. Flower from orange skin (video)
  3. Pinwheel from orange peel
  4. Heart from orange (can stay on glass without skewer)
  5. Fun lips from orange skin

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1. Fun Margarita Garnish Idea From Lime In Shape Of The Sun


     The best margarita garnish with lime I ever see on glass is the sun! So easy to make this sunshine garnish from lime and so cute. From one lime we can make 2 sun garnishes. Really the best lime garnish idea I ever see on the Internet! I was very skeptical at first, how to turn out the ring, so try to buy different limes and all were working for me great! However to make the same garnish from orange or lemon can be tricky, it really can’t be for all citrus garnish ideas. I make the orange one but sunshine does not stay stable on the half of orange as lime does, so I secure with decorative umbrella stick. We can use cupcakes toppers as well for this purpose. I used the cupcake topper fiesta flag to make more fun decor for my margarita glass.

       Another way to garnish with this margarita lime garnish technique we can make instead of sun funny face and lime is the hair. The tongue made from cake sprinkles in the shape of a heart, the eyes from black sesame seeds. If you are interested in margarita garnish ideas, check more ideas here → 5 Fun Margarita Cocktail Garnish Ideas With Photos

Photo How to garnish drink with lime

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What we need



Kitchen shears

Cutting board

   Photo How to make margarita garnish

Technique 1

  1. Cut lime into the half.

2. Slice from each half 1/4 inch thick slice.

3. Make cuts inside the slice diagonally and remove some pith to make pretty. I like to cut the lime flash with shears but a knife works great too.

4. Gently turn out the lime inner part, I can call it lime’s sunshine.

5. Place out sunshine on the half on lime what we have left.

6. Press it gently towards cutting board.

7. Make a cut on the lime half.

8. Attach to the glass.

 Our sun lime garnish is ready for sunshine our party! So cute!


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Video Cute Margarita Garnish from Lime

2. Flower Orange Garnish For Cocktail

        This is another cute cocktail garnish idea from orange zest. A flower so easy to make and we can use this technique for other fruit and vegetables as well. The flower makes more attractive so many cocktails, drinks, and beverages. So pretty on a glass of sangria because of contrast, so nice on glass champagne cocktail or tropical drinks. Of course, it is so many other ways to use this technique for garnishing not only beverages. The flower does not look like a very common flower from orange peel, what I see on Instagram and Pinterest and definitely is going to add the “WOW” factor to your presentation.

Technique 2

  1. Cut from orange zest ribbon and a round piece like you see on the photo. Remove a pith as much as possible. It gives flexibility for our flower.

Photo How To Make Flower For Cocktail Step 1

2. Make a cut out in the shape of a flower with a cookie cutter. I use my cookie cutter for a more pretty effect and simplicity. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, the base of the flower we can cut with a paring knife as well it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Photo How To Make Flower For Cocktail Step 2

I am using 1 1/2 inch cookie cutter in this progect.

Photo How To Make Flower For Cocktail Step 5

3. Make a small cross on the center of the flower base. The cross works better for me than cut out small circle because of holds together flower better.

Photo How To Make Flower For Cocktail Step 3

4. Roll ribbon as tight as possible.

Photo How To Make Flower For Cocktail Step 4

5. Insert the rolled ribbon inside the base. Our flower is ready! Flower stay together pretty good if you place it in cocktails with a lot of ice. For more security use a decorative skewer or freeze the flower.

Photo Flower Orange For Cocktail


Video Cute Margarita Garnish from Lime

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2. Sun Orange Cocktail Garnish

          Photo Sun From Orange Cocktail Decor

          The sun cocktail garnish idea is super simple and so cute! We can make it from most citruses. This garnish can brighten up any party! Great on smoothies, cocktails, desserts, a cup of tea (lemon) and much more! The sun great garnish on a glass of sangria or summer cocktails. There is no limit when it comes to garnishes. I am not an expert about drinks but I am sure you can use in so many ways for your party drinks garnishing!

Technique 3

  1. Cut a slice of orange and make cuts like in the photo. Remember, leave a small amount of zest on the top of the sun rises.

The sun is so cute and attractive on a cocktail glass decor!


The sun garnish from the lemon is so cute on a cup of tea! We just need to use a lemon with thick skin.

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4. Pinwheel Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish

The pinwheel garnish is so easy to make and great if you serve at a summer party. With pinwheel, we can garnish much more than glasses with drinks. So cute! I just refresh my childhood memories, how to make it.

Photo Pinwheel garnish from orange

In the photo, I garnish my coconut water. So good with an orange flavor! I deep orange peel in coconut water and leave it for a few minutes. This simple step improves the taste of coconut water. I love infused coconut water! The pinwheel orange garnish brights up the beverage and has the purpose at the same time.

Photo Pin wheel garnish from orange

*I suggest using a large and very noticeable skewer if you serve garnish in drinks.

Technique 4

  1. Cut peel from orange (lemon) and remove as much as possible pulp, so peel will be flexible and thin.

Photo How to make garnish from orange Pinwheel

2. Make cuts from the corners 2/3 towards the center.

Photo How to make pinwheel from orange peel

Photo How to make pinwheel garnish from orange

3. Attach the pick in the center from fancy side of orange peel. Very careful attach corners to the center in the order A ⇒ B ⇒C ⇒ D.

Photo How to make pinwheel from orange peel 1

Photo How to make pinwheel from orange 3

 Our pinwheel from orange is ready to garnish cocktail, infuse water or maybe fruits dessert! So summery and fun!

Photo How to make orange cocktail garnish pinwheel

This photo from Instagram @ka_ho_lo. I asked permission to feature owner’s photo on my website. I like this little touch around pinwheel with hearts!

Photo Pinwheel cocktail garnish idea

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5. Heart Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Without Pick

Photo The heart from orange for cocktail

         I like this simple heart from orange peel because so easy to make and we don’t need picks or something to hold it on a glass. So romantic touch to your Valentine’s Day cocktail party or dinner with this orange-skin heart. Or just express your love to someone special on another occasion. The heart is not the only decor for a glass it complements and enriches the flavor of the drink.

Technique 5

  1. Cut zest in the diamond shape like on the photo.

Photo Garnish glass with heart zest step 1

2. Remove pith as much as possible, so our heart will be flexible.

Photo Glass Garnish Easy and Fun Ideas

3. Make vertical inside cut.

Photo Glass Garnish Easy and Fun Ideas

4. The top is like a clip is holding heart on a glass.

Photo Glass Garnish Easy and Fun Ideas

The orange peel heart so impressive and fun cocktail garnish!

Photo Glass Garnish Easy and Fun Ideas

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Video Easy Cocktail Garnish Orange Zest Shaped Heart

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6. Fun Lips Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish

It is a fun idea to decorate the cocktail. Not much time and no carving skills we need! Great idea for a summer outside party.

Gif Fun Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Idea Lips

Technique 6

  1. Cut off big enough orange peel to cup desirable size of lips.

Photo Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Ideas Step 1

2. Remove pith from orange skin as much as possible.

Photo Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Lips Step 2

3. Make cut off in shape of cartoon lips.

Photo Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Lips Step 3

The lips from orange peel is so fun cocktail garnish for summer outside party!

Photo Fun Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Ideas


   1. Great choice oranges for juicing are oranges with thin skin like Valencia oranges. For making zest thick skin naval oranges are the best.

  2. When we use orange zest for garnish, we need to wash out the wax what some oranges covered to preserve it from spoilage. I use warm water with baking soda. I read organic oranges don’t have wax on them, so it is fine just wash with water.

3. Use Sharp Knife When Cutting Zest Off From Orange. A sharp knife is very important when cutting garnishes. A dull knife is dangerous because a blade can slip off the orange skin and cut our hand instead of fruit. I personally, often use a knife with a small wave on the blade, it catches skin of fruit so good and less chance to slip.

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