5 Ways How I Use Wilton Edible Color Markers To Draw On Foods

    Photo Ways To Use Wilton Edible Color Markers

         I like to use Wilton edible color markers to draw on foods, mostly drawing faces on fruits or custom messages on food, for example, cinnamon sticks for cocktails. Markers are designed to use for food items and are safe to use for food decor. Especially important to use FoodWriters for food that we garnish for kids. Children like everything to try and sometimes we don’t expect them to put it in their mouth garnish but it ends up there. Every mom knows! So, better even if we decorate the skin of an orange use food-safe markers. Of course, we can find other food-safe markers on the market but I am sharing what I use and know.

       The markers are inexpensive and I bought them at the local Walmart store and another set at the HobbyLobby store. I have Wilton edible markers in 5 different colors and a package of 2 black markers. The package of 2 black markers has different tips. One is a bold tip and another is a fine tip. The package of Wilton colorful markers has fine tips.

Photo Wilton FoodWriter Uses

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How To Use Wilton FoodWriter

Photo Wilton Foodwriter

       I use FoodWriters as I use ink markers I didn’t notice any difference. Wipe the tip with a paper towel after each use to wipe off traces of food.

       If we use around beverages Wilton markers, keep notes dry. For example, writing on cinnamon sticks. The edible ink is soluble.

       Try don’t use it on an acidic surface because it is going to destroy (discolored) the tip.

1. Using Wilton Marker To Drow Eyes For Orange Dessert For Kids

    Fun and easy idea to serve orange! The easiest way to make eyes for these cute animals is to draw it. With this technique, I made a cat, bear, and bunny. The page has step by step photos and video how to make a bear.

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Photo Fun desserts for kids step 5

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2. Using Wilton Marker To Drow Face For Strawberry Faces

Photo Faces from strawberry with melon baller

Wilton marker is great to use on cute faces from strawberry. Just 2 dots but because it is edible garnish very important to use edible markers to draw on it. I used a melon baller tool to make round faces.

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Photo Fruit face with melon baller step 4

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3. Using Wilton Marker To Write On Bananas

Photo How to draw on bananas

      So much fun to write on bananas messages for loved ones! For kids surprise in the lunch box will be so much fun! The best and safe way to use edible markers because when kids peel the banana ink can get on hands and the mouth as well.

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4. Using Wilton Marker To Drow Face For Mandarins Snails

Photo Ways To Use Wilton Edible Color Markers

       Fun food for kids idea how to serve mandarins in the shape of snails! So nice and fun addition to a fruit platter. Cutting the shape takes time if you want a simple platter but fun from mandarins just draw cute faces and serve!

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5. Using Wilton Marker To Drow Face On Green Olives

       A martini garnish idea for Halloween alien faces or other designs is easy to make and can be made in advance. Of course, we can decorate green olives for appetizers as well. The technique is so easy! Check out the technique here ⇒ 3 Ideas How To Garnish Martini For Holidays Creative Ways

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6. Using Wilton Marker To Write Words On Cinnamon Sticks

       Cinnamon sticks used for cold beverages can be decorated too with Wilton food markers as long it not touch the beverage it looks good. However, if it gets wet the color not stable but most important it safe to use.

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Photo Cinnamon stick garnish with Wilton markers

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