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How to Make 2 Onion Flowers Garnish With Tips

Onion flower with olives

       Onion flower is so nice garnish to many dishes, edible and beautiful! On the page, I am sharing 2 techniques. With these 2 techniques, we can make different varieties of onion garnish ideas. For example, we can use just one layer of cut into shape onion for the flower as a bowl the photo above. Or it can be a nice little bowl for a salad for the single serving with a few layers, the example in the photo below. On the photo below, I served a tuna salad sandwich with onion flower with green onion salad.

      The tip with a piece of bread (techniques below) is great if you need perfect onion rings to garnish a salad. Also it a great idea for teaching kids cut onion to prevent sliding it on a cutting board.

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Onion flower stuffed with green onion salad

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       I like to marinade onion for the flowers because of taste marinaded onion better than raw onion. The onion flowers are a great garnish for broiled meat dishes, roasted meat, appetizers, marinaded food and many other dishes for holidays or impress family and friends.

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We need:



Cutting Board

Slice of Bread

Onion Flowers Example Photo

Onion flower with olives

Very simple flower from onion easy to make and very common garnish idea. On the photo above, I used one layer from the flower. A very common use for the onion flower in Russia where I from, marinaded onion flower on the plate with meat kebab. Marinated meat on metal sticks cooked above hot coil call shashlik. Marinaded onion flower so good pairing with meat.

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  1. Put a slice of bread under onion, this way your onion will stay in place. When we make a flower is important to check where the middle of onion will be on knife’s blade.

Onion Flower Photo

2. Make zigzag cuts with the knife around the onion, but only halfway deep.

Onion Flower Photo

3. Separate 2 halfs and we have 2 onion flowers.

Onion flower almost done Photo

4. We have already nice simple flowers, but we can make our flowers more beautiful.

Photo Onion Flower Separated

5. Separate layers and put together again interesting way. This way flower more beautiful and looks close to peony!

Onion Flower Peony Photo

On the photo I use only one layer to garnish the platter with onion flower.

Onion flower with olives

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Photo Onion Flower Garnish

  1. Orange knife is going inside of the onion. The orange knife will be preventing the red knife to go too far.

Onion Flower Tulip Step 1

2. The red knife is going under an angle to orange knife.

Onion Flower Tulip Step 3

3. Flip orange knife and cut the same angle with the red knife again on the other site.

Onion Flower Step 4

4. We have very nice shape and already can use for garnish! On the second photo example from small marinated onion cut this way.

Onion Flower Tulip Step 5  Photo

On the photo below I garnished with small marinated onion cut this way the pickled vegetable plate .

Pretty Garnish Onion Flower Photo

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5. Separate layers of the onion and put together like in the photo. We have flower looks like a tulip!

Tulip Onion Garnish Photo

We can use this technique many ways to garnish food with tulip from onion garnish.

Photo Onion Flower Garnish

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Video How to Make Onion Flower Garnish

Tips How To Cut Onion 

I learned the differents in onion cuts just recently from one chef. I don’t think, it makes a huge differents when we cooking. However, great to know and improve our cooking skills.

  1. Cut onion into rings is the best for salads or marinades for example. Onion rings cuts released more onion juice.

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How to cut onion for salad Photo

2. The best way to cut onion and keep it juicier for stew or other dishes to slice in stripes as on the photo.

How to cut onion for stew Photo

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